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System Modelling and Optimization 2007: Cracow, Poland

System Modeling and Optimization, 23rd IFIP TC 7 Conference, Cracow, Poland, July 23-27, 2007, Revised Selected Papers

Adam Korytowski, Kazimierz Malanowski, Wojciech Mitkowski, Maciej Szymkat

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 312, ISBN: 978-3-642-04801-2


Plenary Papers

Performance-Based Design as a Strategy for Risk Reduction: Application to Seismic Risk Assessment of Composite Steel-Concrete Frames.

Giuliano Augusti, Marcello Ciampoli


Efficient Nonlinear Programming Algorithms for Chemical Process Control and Operations.

Lorenz T. Biegler


Application of Evolutionary Optimization in Structural Engineering.

Hitoshi Furuta, Koichiro Nakatsu, Takahiro Kameda, Dan M. Frangopol


Sufficient Conditions and Sensitivity Analysis for Optimal Bang-Bang Control Problems with State Constraints.

Helmut Maurer, Georg Vossen


New Applications of Variational Analysis to Optimization and Control.

Boris S. Mordukhovich


Problems of Mathematical Finance by Stochastic Control Methods.

Lukasz Stettner


Complete Shape Metric and Geodesic.

Jean-Paul Zolésio


Regular Papers

Galerkin Strategy for Level Set Shape Analysis: Application to Geodesic Tube.

Louis Blanchard, Jean-Paul Zolésio


Remarks on 0-1 Optimization Problems with Superincreasing and Superdecreasing Objective Functions.

Marian Chudy


A Hierarchical Multiobjective Routing Model for MPLS Networks with Two Service Classes.

José M. F. Craveirinha, Rita Girão-Silva, João C. N. Clímaco, Lúcia Martins


Comparison of the Exact and Approximate Algorithms in the Random Shortest Path Problem.

Jacek Czekaj, Leslaw Socha


Free Material Optimization for Plates and Shells.

Stefanie Gaile, Günter Leugering, Michael Stingl


Elliptic Control by Penalty Techniques with Control Reduction.

Christian Grossmann, Holger Kunz, Robert Meischner


Applications of Topological Derivatives and Neural Networks for Inverse Problems.

Marta Grzanek, Katarzyna Szulc


Factorization by Invariant Embedding of a Boundary Value Problem for the Laplace Operator.

Jacques Henry, Bento Louro, Maria C. Soares


Nonlinear Cross Gramians.

Tudor Corneliu Ionescu, Jacquelien M. A. Scherpen


Estimation of Regularization Parameters in Elliptic Optimal Control Problems by POD Model Reduction.

Martin Kahlbacher, Stefan Volkwein


Identification of Material Models of Nanocoatings System Using the Metamodeling Approach.

Magdalena Kopernik, Andrzej Stanislawczyk, Jan Kusiak, Maciej Pietrzyk


Using Self-adjoint Extensions in Shape Optimization.

Antoine Laurain, Katarzyna Szulc


Fundamental Solutions and Optimal Control of Neutral Systems.

Kai Liu


Approximate Subgradient Methods for Lagrangian Relaxations on Networks.

Eugenio Mijangos


A Sample Time Optimization Problem in a Digital Control System.

Wojciech Mitkowski, Krzysztof Oprzedkiewicz


Level Set Method for Shape and Topology Optimization of Contact Problems.

Andrzej Myslinski


Second Order Sufficient Optimality Conditions for a Control Problem with Continuous and Bang-Bang Control Components: Riccati Approach.

Nikolai P. Osmolovskii, Helmut Maurer


Shape Sensitivity Analysis for Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations.

Pavel I. Plotnikov, Evgenya V. Ruban, Jan Sokolowski


Conservative Control Systems Described by the Schrödinger Equation.

Salah-Eddine Rebiai


Topological Derivatives in Plane Elasticity.

Jan Sokolowski, Antoni Zochowski


Model Order Reduction for Nonlinear IC Models.

Arie Verhoeven, E. Jan W. ter Maten, Michael Striebel, Robert M. M. Mattheij


Boundary Smoothness of the Solution of Maxwell's Equations of Electromagnetics.

Jean-Paul Zolésio, Michel C. Delfour