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System Modelling and Optimization 2005: Turin, Italy

System Modeling and Optimization, Proceedings of the 22nd IFIP TC7 Conference held from July 18-22, 2005, in Turin, Italy

F. Ceragioli, Asen L. Dontchev, H. Futura, K. Marti, Luciano Pandolfi

Springer, IFIP International Federation for Information Processing 199, ISBN: 0-387-32774-6


The Legacy of Camillo Possio to Unsteady Aerodynamics.

R. Voss


The Possio Integral Equation of Aeroelasticity: A Modern View.

A. V. Balakrishnan


Beyond Possio Equation: The Legacy of Camillo Possio to Flight Dynamics and Hydrodynamics.

G. Avanzini, A. De Santis


One Hundred Years Since the Introduction of the Set Distance by Dimitrie Pompeiu.

T. Birsan, Dan Tiba


Analysis of a PDE Model for Sandpile Growth.

Patrick Cannarsa


On Warm Starts for Interior Methods.

Anders Forsgren


Recent Advances in Bound Constrained Optimization.

William W. Hager, Hongchao Zhang


P-Factor-Approach to Degenerate Optimization Problems.

Olga Brezhneva, Alexey Tret'yakov


Non Monotone Algorithms for Unconstrained Minimization: Upper Bounds on Function Values.

Ubaldo M. García-Palomares


On the Efficiency of the epsilon-Subgradient Methods Over Nonlinearly Constrained Networks.

E. Mijangos


Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithms for Nonconvex Problems with Box Constraints.

Radoslaw Pytlak, Tomasz Tarnawski


Multiobjective Optimization for Risk-Based Maintenance and Life-Cycle Cost of Civil Infrastructure Systems.

Dan M. Frangopol, Min Liu


Application of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm to Bridge Maintenance.

Hitoshi Furuta, Takahiro Kameda


A Method for the Mixed Discrete Non-Linear Problems by Particle Swarm Optimization.

Satoshi Kitayama, Masao Arakawa, Koetsu Yamazaki


Optimization of Cooling Pipe System of Plastic Molding.

T. Matsumori, K. Yamazaki, Y. Matsui


Optimum Design of Cooling Pipe Systems by Branching Tree Model in Nature.

K. Yamazaki, X. Ding


Implementation of Multiobjective Optimization Procedures at the Product Design Planning Stage.

Masayoshi Yoshimura


On the Numerical Solution of Stochastic Optimization Problems.

J. Mayer


Parameter Estimation of Parabolic Type Factor Model and Empirical Study of US Treasury Bonds.

Shin'ichi Aihara, Arunabha Bagchi


Multi-Stage Stochastic Electricity Portfolio Optimization in Liberalized Energy Markets.

Ronald Hochreiter, Georg Ch. Pflug, David Wozabal


SSD Consistent Criteria and Coherent Risk Measures.

Wlodzimierz Ogryczak, M. Opolska-Rutkowska


Optimal Policies Under Different Pricing Strategies in a Production System with Markov-Modulated Demand.

E. Lerzan Örmeci, J. P. Gayon, I. Talay-Degirmenci, Fikri Karaesmen


An Adaptation of Bicgstab for Nonlinear Biological Systems.

Ezio Venturino, P. R. Graves-Morris, Alessandra De Rossi


Numerical Approximation of a Control Problem for Advection-Diffusion Processes.

Alfio Quarteroni, Gianluigi Rozza, L. Dedè, Annalisa Quaini


A New Low Rank Quasi-Newton Update Scheme for Nonlinear Programming.

R. Fletcher


Reliability in Computer Networks.

Saulius Minkevicius, Genadijus Kulvietis