IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

System Modelling and Optimization 2011: Berlin, Germany

System Modeling and Optimization - 25th IFIP TC 7 Conference, CSMO 2011, Berlin, Germany, September 12-16, 2011, Revised Selected Papers

Dietmar Hömberg, Fredi Tröltzsch

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 391, ISBN: 978-3-642-36061-9


Plenary Talks

Second Order Conditions for L 2 Local Optimality in PDE Control.

Eduardo Casas


Quadratic ODE and PDE Models of Drug Release Kinetics from Biodegradable Polymers.

Michel C. Delfour, André Garon


A Critical Note on Empirical (Sample Average, Monte Carlo) Approximation of Solutions to Chance Constrained Programs.

René Henrion


Convergence Rates for the Iteratively Regularized Landweber Iteration in Banach Space.

Barbara Kaltenbacher


Control of Distributed Parameter Systems

Weak Compactness in the Space of Operator Valued Measures and Optimal Control.

Nasiruddin Ahmed


Adaptive Methods for Control Problems with Finite-Dimensional Control Space.

Saheed Akindeinde, Daniel Wachsmuth


Dynamic Contact Problem for Viscoelastic von Kármán-Donnell Shells.

Igor Bock, Jirí Jarusek


On Existence, Uniqueness, and Convergence of Optimal Control Problems Governed by Parabolic Variational Inequalities.

Mahdi Boukrouche, Domingo A. Tarzia


A Note on Linear Differential Variational Inequalities in Hilbert Space.

Joachim Gwinner


Model Order Reduction for Networks of ODE and PDE Systems.

Michael Hinze, Ulrich Matthes


Path-Planning with Collision Avoidance in Automotive Industry.

Chantal Landry, Matthias Gerdts, René Henrion, Dietmar Hömberg


Regularized Extremal Shift in Problems of Stable Control.

Vyacheslav Maksimov


New Necessary Conditions for Optimal Control Problems in Discontinuous Dynamic Systems.

Ekaterina Kostina, Olga Kostyukova, Werner Schmidt


Numerical Methods for the Optimal Control of Scalar Conservation Laws.

Sonja Steffensen, Michael Herty, Lorenzo Pareschi


Necessary Conditions for Convergence Rates of Regularizations of Optimal Control Problems.

Daniel Wachsmuth, Gerd Wachsmuth


Stochastic Optimization and Control

Robustness Analysis of Stochastic Programs with Joint Probabilistic Constraints.

Jitka Dupacová


State Estimation for Control Systems with a Multiplicative Uncertainty through Polyhedral Techniques.

Elena K. Kostousova


An Algorithm for Two-Stage Stochastic Quadratic Problems.

Eugenio Mijangos


Risk Minimizing Strategies for Tracking a Stochastic Target.

Andrzej Palczewski


Harvesting in Stochastic Environments: Optimal Policies in a Relaxed Model.

Richard H. Stockbridge, Chao Zhu


Estimation of Loan Portfolio Risk on the Basis of Markov Chain Model.

Nikolay Timofeev, Galina Timofeeva


Stabilization, Feedback, and Model Predictive Control

MPC/LQG for Infinite-Dimensional Systems Using Time-Invariant Linearizations.

Peter Benner, Sabine Hein


On an Algorithm for Dynamic Reconstruction in Systems with Delay in Control.

Marina Blizorukova


Computation of Value Functions in Nonlinear Differential Games with State Constraints.

Nikolai D. Botkin, Karl-Heinz Hoffmann, Natalie Mayer, Varvara L. Turova


Geometric Conditions for Regularity of Viscosity Solution to the Simplest Hamilton-Jacobi Equation.

Vladimir V. Goncharov, Fátima F. Pereira


Stabilization of the Gas Flow in Star-Shaped Networks by Feedback Controls with Varying Delay.

Martin Gugat, Markus Dick, Günter Leugering


Real-Time Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Glass Forming Process Using a Finite Element Model.

Janko Petereit, Thomas Bernard


Exponential Stability of the System of Transmission of the Wave Equation with a Delay Term in the Boundary Feedback.

Salah-Eddine Rebiai


Nonlinear Stabilizers in Optimal Control Problems with Infinite Time Horizon.

Alexander Tarasyev, Anastasia Usova


Combined Feedforward/Model Predictive Tracking Control Design for Nonlinear Diffusion-Convection-Reaction-Systems.

Tilman Utz, Knut Graichen, Andreas Kugi


Temporal and One-Step Stabilizability and Detectability of Time-Varying Discrete-Time Linear Systems.

Gerard van Willigenburg, Willem L. De Koning


Flow Control

Optimal Control of Unsteady Flows Using a Discrete and a Continuous Adjoint Approach.

Angelo Carnarius, Frank Thiele, Emre Özkaya, Anil Nemili, Nicolas R. Gauger


Well-Posedness and Long Time Behavior for a Class of Fluid-Plate Interaction Models.

Igor Chueshov, Iryna Ryzhkova


On the Normal Semilinear Parabolic Equations Corresponding to 3D Navier-Stokes System.

Andrei Fursikov


A Nonlinear Model Predictive Concept for Control of Two-Phase Flows Governed by the Cahn-Hilliard Navier-Stokes System.

Michael Hinze, Christian Kahle


Embedding Domain Technique for a Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem.

Cornel Marius Murea, Andrei Halanay


Shape and Structural Optimization

Note on Level Set Functions.

Piotr Fulmanski, Alicja Miniak-Górecka


Fixed Domain Algorithms in Shape Optimization for Stationary Navier-Stokes Equations.

Andrei Halanay, Cornel Marius Murea


An Electrohydrodynamic Equilibrium Shape Problem for Polymer Electrolyte Membranes in Fuel Cells.

Sven-Joachim Kimmerle, Peter Berg, Arian Novruzi


Reduction Strategies for Shape Dependent Inverse Problems in Haemodynamics.

Toni Lassila, Andrea Manzoni, Gianluigi Rozza


Structural Optimization of Variational Inequalities Using Piecewise Constant Level Set Method.

Andrzej Myslinski


Numerical Shape Optimization via Dynamic Programming.

Jan Pustelnik


Shape Sensitivity Analysis of Incompressible Non-Newtonian Fluids.

Jan Sokolowski, Jan Stebel


Finite Element Discretization in Shape Optimization Problems for the Stationary Navier-Stokes Equation.

Dan Tiba


Strong Shape Derivative for the Wave Equation with Neumann Boundary Condition.

Jean-Paul Zolésio, Lorena Bociu


Applications and Control of Lumped Parameter Systems

The Exact l 1 Penalty Function Method for Constrained Nonsmooth Invex Optimization Problems.

Tadeusz Antczak


The Minimum Energy Building Temperature Control.

Marek Dlugosz


Introducing Periodic Parameters in a Marine Ecosystem Model Using Discrete Linear Quadratic Control.

Mustapha El Jarbi, Thomas Slawig, Andreas Oschlies


Avoidance Trajectories Using Reachable Sets and Parametric Sensitivity Analysis.

Matthias Gerdts, Ilaria Xausa


Theoretical Analysis and Optimization of Nonlinear ODE Systems for Marine Ecosystem Models.

Anna Heinle, Thomas Slawig


Solving Electric Market Quadratic Problems by Branch and Fix Coordination Methods.

F.-Javier Heredia, Cristina Corchero, Eugenio Mijangos


Asymptotic Behavior of Nonlinear Transmission Plate Problem.

Mykhailo Potomkin


p-th Order Optimality Conditions for Singular Lagrange Problem in Calculus of Variations. Elements of p-Regularity Theory.

Agnieszka Prusinska, Ewa Szczepanik, Alexey Tret'yakov


Mathematical and Implementation Challenges Associated with Testing of the Dynamical Systems.

Pawel Skruch


Numerical Parameters Estimation in Models of Pollutant Transport with Chemical Reaction.

Fabiana Zama, Roberta Ciavarelli, Dario Frascari, Davide Pinelli


N Dimensional Crowd Motion.

Jean-Paul Zolésio, Paola Goatin