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Broadband Satellite Comunication Systems 2004: Toulouse, France

Broadband Satellite Comunication Systems and the Challenges of Mobility - IFIP TC6 Workshops on Broadband Satellite Communication Systems and Challenges of Mobility, World Computer Congress, August 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, France

Thierry Gayraud, Michel Mazzella, Fernando Boavida, Edmundo Monteiro, João Orvalho

Springer, IFIP 169, ISBN: 978-0-387-23993-4


Broadband Satellite Multimedia (BSM) Architectures - A Framework for Standards Activity in ETSI.

R. Goodings, Marie-José Montpetit


Satlabs Group: Leading the DVB-RCS Standard to a Commercial Success.

Xavier Lobao


COST272: Packet-Oriented Service Delivery Via Satellites.

Erina Ferro, Haitham S. Cruickshank, L. Franck


Removing Barriers, Integrating Research, Spreading Excellence: The European Satellite Communications Network of Excellence "SatNEx".

Markus Werner, Anton Donner, Michel Bousquet, Giovanni Emanuele Corazza, Barry G. Evans, Yim-Fun Hu, Erich Lutz, Gérard Maral, Robert Rumeau, Ray E. Sheriff


Integrating Satellite Digital Radio Broadcasting (S-DB), Terrestrial Cellular Technology and EGNOS Satellite Navigation - The Rely project.

O. Courseille, P. Poiré, M. C. Durand, Michel Mazzella


SATIP6 : Next Generation Satellite System Demonstrator.

Olivier Alphand, Pascal Berthou, Thierry Gayraud, Sébastien Josset, Eddy Fromentin


S-DMB System Architecture and the MoDiS Demo.

Thibault Gallet, C. Selier, N. Chuberre, Michel Mazzella, Kanagasabapathy Narenthiran, Merkourios Karaliopoulos, Rahim Tafazolli, Barry G. Evans, A. Jacobs, L. Zaccheo, Michael Dieudonne, F. Rible, K. Petit, Ali Nazif, M. Wolf, Laurent Roullet, Avraam Pouliakis, Ilias Andrikopoulos, Ioannis Mertzanis


Store and Forward for Real-Enough-Time Services in Satellite Constellations.

Laurent Franck


Predicting Performance of ROHC over the Ultra Lightweight Encapsulation Protocol.

Mahesh Sooriyabandara, Michael Forrest, Gorry Fairhurst


GEO Satellites and Their Applications: Service Integration over DVB Systems.

Julien Fasson, Emmanuel Chaput, Christian Fraboul


Group Size Estimation for Hybrid Satellite/Terrestrial Reliable Multicast.

Florestan de Belleville, Laurent Dairaine, Christian Fraboul, Jean-Yves Tourneret


Satellite IP Sec: An Optimized Way of Securing Multicast Wireless Communications.

Sébastien Josset, Laurence Duquerroy


Providing Holistic Security in Sensor Networks.

Stephan Olariu, Ashraf Wadaa, Larry Wilson, Qingwen Xu, Mohamed Eltoweissy, K. Jones


MPEG-21 Session Mobility in a Broadcasting Environment.

Davy De Schrijver, Frederik De Keukelaere, Rik Van de Walle


Research Challenges in Mobility and Moving Networks: An Ambient Networks View.

Ville Typpö, Jochen Eisl, Jan Höller, Ramón Agüero Calvo, Holger Karl


Unified Local Mobility Management.

Jukka Manner, Tapio Suihko, Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen


A New Scenario and Techniques for Content Prefetching in 3G Networks.

Ricardo Romeral, David Larrabeiti, Manuel Urueña, Arturo Azcorra, Santiago Gallego


Two-Stage Wireless Network Emulation.

Tanguy Pérennou, Emmanuel Conchon, Laurent Dairaine, Michel Diaz


Quality of Service Model and Signaling for Cellular IP Access Network.

Suraj Jaiswal, Fernando Boavida, João Orvalho, Sukumar Nandi


Towards Hotspot Networks Management Using Policy Based Management Approach.

Idir Fodil, Vincent Jardin, Guy Pujolle


A Scalable Service Discovery Framework with Load Sharing Capabilities.

Manuel Urueña, David Larrabeiti, Pablo Serrano


Middleware Services for Information Sharing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks - Challenges and Approach.

Thomas Plagemann, Jon Andersson, Ovidiu Valentin Drugan, Vera Goebel, Carsten Griwodz, Pål Halvorsen, Ellen Munthe-Kaas, Matija Puzar, Norun Sanderson, Katrine Stemland Skjelsvik


Mobility and Appliance Networks - A New Mobility Model.

Bob Askwith, Madjid Merabti, Anirach Mingkhwan