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EUNICE 2005: Colmenarejo, Madrid, Spain

EUNICE 2005: Networks and Applications Towards a Ubiquitously Connected World - IFIP International Workshop on Networked Applications, Colmenarejo, Madrid/Spain, 6-8 July, 2005

Carlos Delgado Kloos, Andrés Marín, David Larrabeiti

Springer, IFIP 196, ISBN: 978-0-387-30815-9


Design and Evaluation of a Burst Assembly Unit for Optical Burst Switching on a Network Processor.

Jochen Kögel, Simon Hauger, Sascha Junghans, Martin Köhn, Marc C. Necker, Sylvain Stanchina


Analyzing Packet Interarrival Times Distribution to Detect Network Bottlenecks.

Pál Varga


Tunable Least Served First - A New Scheduling Algorithm with Tunable Fairness.

Pablo Serrano, David Larrabeiti, Ángel León


Dynamic Routing in QoS-Aware Traffic Engineered Networks.

Stefano Avallone, Fernando A. Kuipers, Giorgio Ventre, Piet Van Mieghem


Implementation of an IPv6 Multihoming Ingress Filtering Compatibility Mechanism Using Automatic Tunnels.

Carlos Barcenilla, Antonio Tapiador, David Fernández, Omar Walid Llorente, Tomás de Miguel


A BGP Solver for Hot-Potato Routing Sensitivity Analysis.

Bruno Quoitin, Sébastien Tandel


A Framework for Cooperative Inter-Domain QoS Routing.

Alexandre Fonte, Edmundo Monteiro, Marcelo Yannuzzi, Xavier Masip-Bruin, Jordi Domingo-Pascual


IPv6 Deployment, Not Only a Network Problem.

Omar Walid Llorente, Tomás Pedro de Miguel Moro, David Fernández Cambronero


Topology Discovery Using an Address Prefix Based Stopping Rule.

Benoit Donnet, Timur Friedman


Practical Evaluation of a Network Mobility Solution.

Antonio de la Oliva, Carlos Jesus Bernardos, María Calderón


Error-Aware Scheduling and its Effect on Efficiency and Fairness.

Pablo Serrano, David Larrabeiti, Manuel Urueña, Antonio G. Marqués


A QoS-Aware Ad Hoc Wireless Network for Isolated Rural Environments.

Francisco-Javier Simó-Reigadas, Joaquín Seoane Pascual, Rodrigo de Salazar


Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobile Base Station.

Dorottya Vass, Zoltán Vincze, Rolland Vida, Attila Vidács


A Survey on MAC Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks with Directional Antennas.

Robert Vilzmann, Christian Bettstetter


Advanced Collaborative Services Provisioning in Next Generation Networks.

Miguel Gómez, Tomás de Miguel, Fermín Galán


The Impact of Content Distribution on Structured P2P Networks in Mobile Scenarios.

Stefan Zöls, Rüdiger Schollmeier, Quirin Hofstätter, Anthony Tarlano, Wolfgang Kellerer


Performance Management of Peer-to-Peer Distributed Hash Tables.

Guillaume Doyen, Emmanuel Nataf, Olivier Festor


Exploiting the Overhead in a DHT to Improve Lookup Latency.

Gerald Kunzmann, Rüdiger Schollmeier


DNS: A Statistical Analysis of Name Server Traffic at Local Network-to-Internet Connections.

Chris J. Brandhorst, Aiko Pras


An API for IPv6 Multihoming.

Isaías Martinez-Yelmo, Alberto García-Martínez, Marcelo Bagnulo Braun


SAMSON: Smart Address Management in Self-Organizing Networks.

Kristof Fodor, Dániel Krupp, Gergely Biczók, János L. Gerevich, Krisztián Sugár