IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

Net-Con 2006: Santiago, Chile

Network Control and Engineering for Qos, Security and Mobility, V - IFIP 19th World Computer Congress, TC-6, 5th IFIP International Conference on Network Control and Engineering for QoS, Security and Mobility, August 20-25, 2006, Santiago, Chile

Dominique Gaïti

Springer, IFIP 213, ISBN: 978-0-387-34825-4


A Zero Burst Loss Architecture for star OBS Networks.

Xenia Mountrouidou, Vishwas S. Puttasubbappa, Harry G. Perros


Safeguarding the Transmission of Biometric Measurements Used for Authenticating Individuals.

Ernst L. Leiss


The risks analysis like a practice of secure software development. A revision of models and methodologies.

José Carrillo Verdún, Gloria Gasca Hurtado, Edmundo Tovar Caro, Vianca Vega Zepeda


P3P Semantic Checker of Site Behaviours.

Robson Eduardo De Grande, Sérgio Donizetti Zorzo


A Sliding Window Based Management Traffic Clustering Algorithm for 802.11 WLAN Intrusion Detection.

Wenzhe Zhou, Alan Marshall, Qiang Gu


Secure SCTP against DoS Attacks in Wireless Internet.

Inwhee Joe


Design of an Adaptive-Rate Video-Streaming Service with Different Classes of Users.

Isabel Victoria Martín Faus, Mónica Aguilar-Igartua, Jorge Mata-Díaz


A Novel Architecture for Utility Driven Management.

Issam Aib, Raouf Boutaba, Guy Pujolle


Multiobjective Multicast Routing with Ant Colony Optimization.

Diego Pinto, Benjamín Barán


A Survey of Application-level Multicast Group Communication and a Proposal for Intelligent Reflectors.

Janine Kniess, Célio Vinicius N. Albuquerque


Towards autonomic networking and self-configurating routers - The integration of autonomic agents.

Thomas Bullot, Dominique Gaïti


Analysis of Individual Flows Performance for Delay Sensitive Applications.

Ricardo Nabhen, Edgard Jamhour, Manoel Camillo Penna, Mauro Fonseca


Proportional Service Differentiation with MPLS.

João Neves, Paulo Rogério Pereira, Augusto Casaca


A Model of Signaling for Establishing of LSPs for Multicast Communication over GMPLS Networks.

Rafael P. Esteves, Antonio Jorge Gomes Abelém, Ewerton Vaz, Michael A. Stanton


Agent-Based Self-Management of MPLS DiffServ-TE domain.

Rana Rahim-Amoud, Leïla Merghem-Boulahia, Dominique Gaïti


NSME: A Framework for Network Worm Modeling and Simulation.

Siming Lin, Xueqi Cheng


Algorithms for network service guarantee under minimal link usage information.

Sugwon Hong, Hwang-Kyu Lee, Seonuck Paek


Dynamic Complexity of Autonomic Communication and Software Systems.

Andrei Kirilyuk, Mikaël Salaün