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APMS 2013: State College, PA, USA

Advances in Production Management Systems. Sustainable Production and Service Supply Chains - IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2013, State College, PA, USA, September 9-12, 2013, Proceedings, Part II

Vittal Prabhu, Marco Taisch, Dimitris Kiritsis

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 415, ISBN: 978-3-642-41262-2


Part III: Sustainable Services

Optimum Allocation Method of Standby Taxi Vehicles at Taxi Stands.

Takashi Tanizaki


Improving Labor Productivity and Labor Elasticity at Multiproduct Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Introducing Cell-Production System.

Takeshi Shimamura, Takeshi Takenaka, Syuichi Ohura


Does the Carbon Footprint Enhance the Sustainability Food Production and Transportation Service System? Real Buying Experiment in Japan.

Keiko Aoki, Kenju Akai


Does an Information Service Provider Improve the Market?

Kenju Akai, Keiko Aoki, Nariaki Nishino


Facility Layout Planning of Central Kitchen in Food Service Industry: Application to the Real-Scale Problem.

Nobutada Fujii, Toshiya Kaihara, Minami Uemura, Tomomi Nonaka, Takeshi Shimmura


Finding the Optimal Operating Point for Service Production Processes via Simulation.

Günther Schuh, Philipp Jussen, Christiano Fabry, Gerhard Gudergan


Information - The Hidden Value of Servitization.

David Opresnik, Manuel Hirsch, Christian Zanetti, Marco Taisch


How Advances of ICT will Impact on Service Systems and on the Delivering of Product-Related Services.

Mario Rapaccini, Isabella Porcelli


Requirements for Servitization in Manufacturing Service Ecosystems - Results of a Requirements Analysis of Four Manufacturing Use Cases.

Stefan Wiesner, Michele Sesana, Sergio Gusmeroli, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


Service Supply Chain Planning for Industrial Services - Design and Application of a Decision Support Tool.

Philipp Hertz, Alexander Sproedt


Mass Customization in Supply Chain Level: Development of a Conceptual Framework to Manage and Assess Performance.

Mahnoosh Zebardast, Silvia Malpezi, Marco Taisch


Development of a Training System for Lathe Operation Using a Simulator.

Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Takashi Kawashimo, Toshiyuki Matsumoto, Daisuke Doyo


Using Serious Game in Sustainable Global Manufacturing Education.

Borzoo Pourabdollahian, Marco Taisch, Manuel Fradinho


Simulator Based Training to Improve Tradeoffs Analysis and Decision Making in Lean Development Environment.

Michal Iluz, Avraham Shtub


A Simulation Enabled Procedure for Eco-efficiency Optimization in Production Systems.

Alexander Sproedt, Johannes Plehn, Philipp Hertz


Teaching Supply Chain Management: Mixed vs. Pure Strategies in Simulation Based Training.

Avinoam Tzimerman, Yale T. Herer, Avraham Shtub


Performance Analysis of Reverse Supply Chain Systems by Using Simulation.

Shigeki Umeda


Business Model Canvas as Tool for SME.

Jan Frick, Murshid Mikael Ali


Empirical Evidence of an Efficient Formulation for the Multi-period Setup Carryover Lot Sizing Problem.

Harvey H. Millar, Suzana N. Russell


Multi-level Service Approach for Flexible Support of Design Processes.

Safa Hachani, Lilia Gzara, Hervé Verjus


Simulated Annealing for a Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup-Delivery and Time Windows.

Chao Wang, Fu Zhao, Dong Mu, John W. Sutherland


Development of a Decision Support System to Facilitate Multi-criteria Decision Making during Humanitarian Operation within a Project Life Cycle.

Krittiya Saksrisathaporn, Aurélie Charles, Abdelaziz Bouras


Interactive Business Models to Deliver Product-Services to Global Markets.

Sergio Cavalieri, David Romero, Jan Ola Strandhagen, Paul Schönsleben


Word of Mouth in Hospitality Management: The Case of Luxury Hotels in China.

María José Álvarez Gil, Wei Yan


Application of Design by Customer in Tile Decoration Business.

Supimmas Thienhirun, Pisut Koomsap


Monitoring and Controlling in an Industrial Service Ecosystem.

Marco Taisch, Mohammadreza Heydari Alamdari, Christian Zanetti


Engineering Product-Service Solutions: An Application in the Power and Automation Industry.

Giuditta Pezzotta, Roberto Pinto, Fabiana Pirola, Sergio Cavalieri, Fumiya Akasaka, Yoshiki Shimomura


Service Delivery Process Based on Service Composition Mechanisms.

Thècle Alix, Bruno Vallespir


Servitization of the Manufacturer's Value Chain.

David Opresnik, Christian Zanetti, Marco Taisch


Part IV: ICT and Emerging Technologies

ICT-Enabled Integrated Operations: Towards a Framework for the Integration of Manufacturing- and Maintenance Planning and Control.

Daryl John Powell, Harald Rødseth


Set Based Concurrent Engineering Innovation Roadmap.

Endris Kerga, Marco Taisch, Sergio Terzi


Functional Requirements for a Collaborative Order Management Tool for Use in an Engineering Setting.

Børge Sjøbakk, Ottar Bakås


Supporting Rapid Product Development with Sketch-Based Modeling.

Natthavika Chansri, Pisut Koomsap


Lean and Automate Manufacturing and Logistics.

Bernardo Nicoletti


Proposal of an Interoperability Standard Supporting PLM and Knowledge Sharing.

Simone Parrotta, Jacopo Cassina, Sergio Terzi, Marco Taisch, David Potter, Kary Främling


Is Environmental Innovation Worth It? The Case of the Civil Aviation Industry of Emerging Markets.

María José Álvarez Gil, Wei Yan


Technological Innovation, Ethics and Legislation as Factors for Quality of Life.

Aline Rodrigues Sacomano, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira Costa Neto


Sustainability Impacts in the IT Strategic Alignment.

Antônio Palmeira de Araújo Neto, Ivanir Costa, Andréa Martins Cristóvão, Nilo Costa Serpa


Development of Agile Supply Chains in Brazil.

João Gilberto Mendes dos Reis, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira Costa Neto, José Paulo Alves Fusco, Sivanilza Teixeira Machado


Technical Noncompliance Evaluation Criteria for Sustainable Production of IT Support Services in the Ministry of Work and Employment at Brazil.

Nilo Costa Serpa, Ivanir Costa, Antônio Palmeira de Araújo Neto


Education Mediated by Technology: Strategy to Spread High School Learning in Piauí State, Brazil.

Dalton Oswaldo Buccelli, Herbert Gonçalves Espuny, Jean Carlos Cavaleiro, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira Costa Neto, Reinaldo de Araujo Lopes, Simone Maria Viana Romano


Sustainable Initiatives in Developing Countries.

Antonio René Camargo Aranha de Paula Leite, Jayme de Aranha Machado, José Benedito Sacomano


Prioritization of Research Proposals Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process - AHP.

Deise Rocha Martins dos Santos Oliveira, Irenilza de Alencar Nääs, Flávio Margarito Martins Barros


Sustainability Issues in Brazilian Housing Construction Industry: The Role of Workers' Education.

Carla Caprara Parizi, Irenilza de Alencar Nääs, Solimar Garcia, Eder Moreno Ferragi, Denise Simões Dupont Bernini


An Innovative Way to Add Value to Organizations: People Relationship Modeling.

Robert Ari Waker, Mario Mollo Neto, Antonio Henrique Queiroz Conceição


Reaching Energetic Sustainability through a Self-oriented Battery Charger, Based on Paraconsistent Annotated Evidential Logic Eτ.

Álvaro André Colombero Prado, Cristina Corrêa de Oliveira, Liliam S. Sakamoto, Jair Minoro Abe, Marcelo Nogueira


Program Inovar-Auto, Initiatives toward Innovation and Competitiveness in the Automotive Sector in Brazil.

Renato Perrotta, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Rodrigo Franco Gonçalves, Adilson Rocha, Jorge Monteiro Junior


Increasing the Sustainability of Pasta Production through a Life Cycle Assessment Approach.

Luca Ruini, Emilio Ferrari, Pierluigi Meriggi, Massimo Marino, Filippo Sessa


Is Healthy Eating Healthy for the Environment? Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Double Food Pyramid.

Luca Ruini, Roberto Ciati, Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Ludovica Principato, Massimo Marino, Sonia Pignatelli


Towards a Fast Evaluation of Environmental Impacts.

Daniele Cerri, Marco Taisch, Sergio Terzi, Simone Parrotta


A Concept for Graph-Based LCA Analysis Tool.

Drazen Nadoveza, Andreas Koukias, Fatih Karakoyun, Dimitris Kiritsis


A Decision Making Process for Sustainability in the Textile Sector.

Barbara Resta, Stefano Dotti, Roberto Pinto, Paolo Gaiardelli


Sustainability Assessment Tools - State of Research and Gap Analysis.

Marco Taisch, Vahid Sadr, Gökan May, Bojan Stahl


A Prototype Crowdsourcing Approach for Document Summarization Service.

Hajime Mizuyama, Keishi Yamashita, Kenji Hitomi, Michiko Anse


On the Development of a Reference Framework for ICT for Manufacturing Skills.

Ahmed Bufardi, Dimitris Kiritsis


Intelligent Products: A Spinal Column to Handle Information Exchanges in Supply Chains.

Damien Trentesaux, Bernard Grabot, Yves Sallez


Linked Data Exploration in Product Life-Cycle Management.

Soumaya El Kadiri, Ana Milicic, Dimitris Kiritsis


Ontology-Based Dynamic Forms for Manufacturing Capability Information Collection.

Yun Peng, Yan Kang


Cyber-Physical Production Management.

Guenther Schuh, Till Potente, Christina Thomas, Annika Hauptvogel


Integrating Lean and MRP: A Taxonomy of the Literature.

Daryl John Powell, Ilker Bas, Erlend Alfnes


Supply Chain Integration for Sustainability Faces Sustaining ICT Problems.

Hans Wortmann, Alex Alblas, Paul Buijs, Kristian Peters


Parameter Management in Configuration for the Design of Products Families.

Coraline Deffrenne, Mathieu Bettwy, Aurélie Robert, Karine Deschinkel, Samuel Gomes


Physical Asset Management Practices in Industry: Comparisons between Greece and Other EU Countries.

Christos Emmanouilidis, Kari Komonen


An Effective Policy for Recycling Parts for the Production Management of Consumable Supplies.

Satoshi Ito, Tatsuya Komuro, Tomoaki Yamazaki, Toshiyuki Matsumoto


Research on Recognition Algorithm of Track Substructure Defects Based on Vehicle Dynamic Responses.

Hongmei Shi


Critical Analysis of the Management System of Hazardous Solid Waste Generated in the City of Santos in the State of São Paulo.

Ulysses Martins Moreira Filho, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira Costa Neto


Relevance of Kotter's Model for Change in Successfully Implementing Lean.

Shovan Mishra


Determinants of Smart Energy Demand Management: An Exploratory Analysis.

Zaheer Tariq, Sergio Cavalieri, Roberto Pinto


Process Alignment for Sustainable Product Development: The Essential Role of Supplier and Customer Involvement Processes.

Alex Alblas, Kristian Peters, Hans Wortmann


Global Product Development: Organization and Links with the Supply Chain.

Francesca Faggioli, Riccardo Franzini, Margherita Pero, Monica Rossi, Sergio Terzi


A Study of Sustainability Adoption Trends in the Transportation Market.

Marta Jaen Ventura, Christine Toh, Carlos Parra, Gul Kremer


Sustainability Adoption Trend Analysis.

Simon Walter Miller, Paolo W. Pecorario, Lisa M. Ulan


Eliciting a Mode of Transportation to Improve Product Life Cycle Performance.

Paolo W. Pecorario