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APMS 2011: Stavanger, Norway

Advances in Production Management Systems. Value Networks: Innovation, Technologies, and Management - IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2011, Stavanger, Norway, September 26-28, 2011, Revised Selected Papers

Jan Frick, Bjørge Timenes Laugen

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 384, ISBN: 978-3-642-33979-0


Production Process

Centralization or Decentralization of Remanufacturing Facilities in an After-Market Service Supply Chain.

Kris Lieckens, Pieter J. Colen, Marc Lambrecht


Energy Implications of Production Planning Decisions.

Laura Bettoni, Simone Zanoni


Cyclic Steady State Refinement: Multimodal Processes Perspective.

Grzegorz Bocewicz, Peter Nielsen, Zbigniew A. Banaszak, Quang-Vinh Dang


A World Class Order Picking Methodology: An Empirical Validation.

Claudia Chackelson, Ander Errasti, Martín Tanco


Mathematical Formulation for Mobile Robot Scheduling Problem in a Manufacturing Cell.

Quang-Vinh Dang, Izabela Nielsen, Kenn Steger-Jensen


A Proposed Approach to Extend the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model Using Discrete Event Simulation.

Giovanni Davoli, Riccardo Melloni


A Conceptual Model for Integrating Transport Planning: MRP IV.

Josefa Mula, Manuel Díaz-Madroñero, David Peidro


The Generic Materials and Operations Planning (GMOP) Problem Solved Iteratively: A Case Study in Multi-site Context.

Julien Maheut, José Pedro García-Sabater, Josefa Mula


Two Distinct Theories of Production: Lean and Toyota Management System.

Rikke Matthiesen


Order Quantity Distributions in Make-to-Order Manufacturing: At What Level of Aggregation Do They Respect Standard Assumptions?

Poul Svante Eriksen, Peter Nielsen


Simulation Study of the Volatility of Order Sizes and Their Impact on the Stability of a Simple Manufacturing Environment.

Peter Nielsen, Grzegorz Bocewicz


Game Theoretic Analysis of Production Structures in the Japanese Animation Industry: Comparison of Conventional and Production Committee Systems.

Nariaki Nishino, Satoshi Kawabe


An Efficient Heuristic Algorithm for Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem with Overtime Decisions.

Cagatay Iris, Mehmet Mutlu Yenisey


ERP Support for Lean Production.

Daryl Powell, Erlend Alfnes, Jan Ola Strandhagen, Heidi C. Dreyer


High Resolution Supply Chain Management - A Structural Model for Optimized Planning Processes Based on Real-Time Data.

Volker Stich, Tobias Brosze, Fabian Bauhoff, Florian Gläsner, Simone Runge, Marcel Groten


A Framework Based on OEE and Wireless Technology for Improving Overall Manufacturing Operations.

Martha-Patricia García, Javier Santos, Mikel Arcelus, Elisabeth Viles


Consideration of Changing Impact Factors for Optimization of Post-series Supply.

Uwe Dombrowski, Sebastian Weckenborg, Christian Engel


Loss Prevention in Transportation to Ensure Product Quality: Insights from the Cargo Insurance Sector.

Alexander C. H. Skorna, Elgar Fleisch


The Staff Assignment Graph - Planning, Evaluating and Improving Personnel Deployment in Assembly Systems.

Gert Zülch, Michael Leupold, Thilo Gamber


Remanufacturing/Refurbishment with RFID-Generated Item-Level Information.

Wei Zhou, Selwyn Piramuthu


Manufacturing Cell Simulation Environment for Automated Visual Inspection Using Robot First Report: Fundamental System.

Hironori Hibino, Toshihiro Inukai, Yukishige Yoshida


Application of the Advanced Quality Improvement Techniques: Case Study.

Vidosav D. Majstorovic, Tatjana V. Sibalija


Analyzing the Effects of Production Control on Logistic Targets with Web-Based Simulation Model.

Guenther Schuh, Till Potente, Sascha Fuchs, Christina Thomas


Management of Tags and Tag-Related Technical Information in Small and Large Scale Modifications: An Application for a Drilling Rig.

Jawad Raza, R. M. Chandima Ratnayake


Extending the Service Life Span of Ageing Oil and Gas Offshore Production Facilities.

Sushil Palkar, Tore Markeset


Assessing Maintenance Time, Cost and Uncertainty for Offshore Production Facilities in Arctic Environment.

Eirik Homlong, Dina Kayrbekova, Sukhvir Singh Panesar, Tore Markeset


Identifying the Drivers of Economic Globalization and the Effects on Companies' Competitive Situation.

Knut Erik Bang, Tore Markeset


Mapping Factors Influencing the Selection of Subsea Petroleum Production Systems.

Jorge Moreno-Trejo, Tore Markeset


Identifying Challenges in the Maintenance of Subsea Petroleum Production Systems.

Jorge Moreno-Trejo, Tore Markeset


Improving Periodic Preventive Maintenance Strategies Using Condition Monitoring Data.

Guro Ravnestad, Sukhvir Singh Panesar, Dina Kayrbekova, Tore Markeset


Identification of Factors Causing Time and Cost Overruns in Offshore Petroleum Modification Projects.

Dina Kayrbekova, Tore Markeset, Sukhvir Singh Panesar


Impact of Globalization on Model of Competition and Companies' Competitive Situation.

Knut Erik Bang, Tore Markeset


Identifying Challenges in the Development of Subsea Petroleum Production Systems.

Jorge Moreno-Trejo, Tore Markeset


Supply Chain Management

A Multi-agent Based Negotiation for Supply Chain Network Using Game Theory.

Fang Yu, Toshiya Kaihara, Nobutada Fujii


Integration Alternatives for Ship Designers and Shipyards.

Dag E. Gotteberg Haartveit, Marco Semini, Erlend Alfnes


Two Multi-criteria Approaches to Supplier Segmentation.

Jafar Rezaei, Roland Ortt


Review on Collaborative Decision Making in Supply Chain: The Relationship between E-Collaboration Technology and Development of Inter-organizational Trust.

Nora Azima Noordin, Umit S. Bititci, Robert Van der Meer


Quality Management to Support Single Companies to Overcome Organisational Challenges in Collaborative Enterprise Networks.

Patrick Sitek, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


Toward Comprehensive Security Policy Governance in Collaborative Enterprise.

Ziyi Su, Frédérique Biennier


Framework for Improving the Design and Configuration Process of an International Manufacturing Network: An Empirical Study.

Sandra Martínez, Ander Errasti


Value Chain Based Framework for Assessing the Ferdows' Strategic Plant Role: An Empirical Study.

Miguel Mediavilla, Ander Errasti, R. Domingo, Sandra Martínez



Sustainability Risk for Global Production Networks in the Automobile Industry: A Case of Supplier Networks.

Jakob E. Beer, Jayantha P. Liyanage


Benchmarking Concept for Energy Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry - A Holistic Energy Efficiency Model.

Volker Stich, Ulrich Brandenburg, Sebastian Kropp


Developing Environmental Thinking in Manufacturing Companies.

Ana Maria Munoz-Marin, Astrid Heidemann Lassen


Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Its Awareness in Brazil.

Aline Rodrigues Sacomano, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira Costa Neto


Ambiguity: A Useful Component of "Fuzziness" in Innovation.

Eric Brun


Dynamic Capabilities in New Product Development Process: The Case of Small Software Developing Companies.

Tatiana Iakovleva, Alexey Rudshin


Assessment of Sustainable Practices in New Product Development.

Gökan May, Marco Taisch, Endris Kerga


Bringing about Sustainable Change in Product Development: Theory versus Practice.

Elli Verhulst, Casper Boks


Collaborative Innovation: Internal and External Involvement in New Product Development.

Bjørge Timenes Laugen, Astrid Heidemann Lassen


3D Printing for Rapid Manufacturing: Study of Dimensional and Geometrical Accuracy.

Hirpa G. Lemu, Safet Kurtovic


Securing Collaborative Business Processes: A Methodology for Security Management in Service-Based Infrastructure.

Pascal Bou Nassar, Youakim Badr, Frédérique Biennier, Kablan Barbar


Information Management for Manufacturing SMEs.

Thorsten Wuest, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


Enterprise Information Systems as a Service: Re-engineering Enterprise Software as Product-Service System.

Johan C. Wortmann, Hans Don, Jan Hasselman, Alex Wilbrink


An Agile Governance Method for Multi-tier Industrial Architecture.

Juan Li, Frédérique Biennier, Chirine Ghedira


Influence of AHP Methodology and Human Behaviour on e-Scouting Process.

Lucio Compagno, Diego D'Urso, Antonio G. Latora, Natalia Trapani


The Evaluation of Mobile Sector in Turkey in Terms of Mobile Supply Chain Management Practices.

Zumrut Ecevit Sati, Burak Oclu


A Framework for the Transfer of Knowledge between Universities and Industry.

Allen T. Alexander, Stephen J. Childe


Leadership Redundancy in a Multiteam System.

Idar A. Johannessen, Philip W. McArthur, Jan R. Jonassen


Study on Need Assessment of Mechatronics Education in Norway and Poland.

Hirpa G. Lemu, Jan Frick, Tadeusz Uhl, Wojciech Lisowski, Piotr Piwowarczyk


Innovation Processes - Reference Model, Collaboration via Innovative Zone and Integration into Enterprise Environment.

Iveta Zolotová, Peter Kubicko, Lenka Landryová, Rastislav Hosák


Boundaries Matter - The Pros and Cons of Vertical Integration in BIM Implementation.

Teemu Lehtinen


How Innovation and Improvement Ideas Are Created for a Production System by a Kaizen Team: A Protocol Analysis.

Hajime Mizuyama


How to Implement Product Requirements for Market Niches with Innovative Business Processes.

Rosanna Fornasiero, Andrea Zangiacomi


Innovations through the Supply Chain and Increased Production: The Case of Aquaculture.

Frank Asche, Kristin H. Roll, Ragnar Tveteras


Innovations and Productivity Performance in Salmon Aquaculture.

Frank Asche, Kristin H. Roll, Ragnar Tveteras