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APMS 2006: Wroclaw, Poland

Lean Business Systems and Beyond: First IFIP TC 5 Advanced Production Management Systems Conference (APMS'2006), Wroclaw, Poland, September 18-20, 2006

Tomasz Koch

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 257, ISBN: 978-0-387-77248-6


Lean Production Systems for Dynamic Marketplaces

Planning and scheduling

A Basic Study of Auction-based Planning and Scheduling for Cell Manufacturing.

Susumu Fujii, Toshiya Kaihara, Kentaro Sashio, Hiroko Yokose, Masasi Kurahashi, Nobuhiro Hayashi


Sizing of Heijunka-controlled Production Systems with Unreliable Production Processes.

Christian R. Lippolt, Kai Furmans


A New Approach for Finite Capacity Planning in MRP Environment.

Hong-bum Na, Hyoung-Gon Lee, Jinwoo Park


Preemptive Jobs Scheduling on Parallel Machines with Setup Times and Renewable Resources.

Tomasz Sliwinski, Eugeniusz Toczylowski


Dynamic Production Management Architecture Considering Preparative Operation.

Akira Tsumaya, Minoru Koike, Hidefumi Wakamatsu, Eiji Arai


Planning and Balancing of Disassembly Systems.

Gert Zülch, Rainer Schwarz


Demand Planning & Control - Handling Multiple Perspectives Through a Holistic Approach to Hierarchical Planning.

Peter Nielsen, Kenn Steger-Jensen


Review of an ERP System Supporting Lean Manufacturing.

Kenn Steger-Jensen, Hans-Henrik Hvolby


Orders Loading and Release in Flow Shops including Outsourcing Networks.

Ilias P. Tatsiopoulos, A. E. Batsis, A. G. Papadopoulos


Information systems

A Service Oriented Architecture to Support Industrial Information Systems.

Frédérique Biennier, Anne Legait


Development of Promise Data Structure.

Jacopo Cassina, Maurizio Tomasella, Marco Taisch, Micheal Marquard, Altug Metin, Andrea Matta


Streamlining Asset Maintenance throughout Analysis of its Usage Data.

Hong-Bae Jun, Maurice Ruibal, Dimitris Kiritsis, Paul C. Xirouchakis


Development of an Information-interoperable Environment Based on Open Technologies for Lean Production Systems.

Toshiaki Kimura, Hirohisa Tezuka, Yuichi Kanda


Performance measurement

The Operations Excellence Audit Sheet.

Erlend Alfnes, Heidi C. Dreyer, Jan Ola Strandhagen


Comparing Performance Measures for the Trade Off of Flow Time and Throughput in Complex Manufacturing Systems.

M. Macchi


A Method for Measuring Operational and Financial Performance of a Production Value Stream.

Tomasz Sobczyk, Tomasz Koch


Modeling concepts for enterprise and process improvement

Reference Models for Mass Customisation Production of High Fashionable Products: Application to the Shoe Manufacturing Domain.

Yves Ducq, Bruno Vallespir


Lean Manufacturing Systems Optimisation Supported by Metamodelling.

Milan Gregor, Andrej Stefánik, Juraj Hromada


Integration of Factory Planning and ERP/MES Systems: Adaptive Simulation Models.

Kai Mertins, Markus Rabe, Pavel Gocev


Using Simulation-Generated Operating Characteristics Curves for Manufacturing Improvement.

Jan Olhager, Fredrik Persson


Experimental Exploration of Decision Making in Production-inventory System.

Felicjan Rydzak, Agata Sawicka


Building a Reference Model for the PLM Processes in Engineering and Contracting Sector.

Mario Tucci, Romeo Bandinelli, Diego Carli



Integration in Manufacturing Systems.

Krzysztof Santarek


Which Manufacturing Logistics Decisions are Supported by Operational Research? A Literature Survey.

Marco Semini, Hakon Fauske, Jan Ola Strandhagen


Lean implementation

The Selected Problems of Lean Manufacturing Implementation in Mexican SMEs.

Mariusz Bednarek, Luis Fernando Niño Luna


Experiences with Lean Management.

Jan Frick


Implementing Lean Manufacturing in High-mix Production Environment.

Remigiusz Horbal, Robert Kagan, Tomasz Koch


Implementing Lean Management in the Romanian Industry.

Paul Marinescu, Sorin George Toma


Lean Transformation of Multinational Concerns.

Rikke Matthiesen, John Johansen Toma


Orchestrating Lean Implementation.

Jens O. Riis, Hans Mikkelsen, Jesper Rank Andersen


Set-up Reduction for Lean Cells and Multi-Machine Situations.

Dirk Van Goubergen


Lean and Self Directed Teamwork-Differences, Difficulties and Future Developments - A Case Study.

Ina Goller, Manfred Kehr, Christoph Lindinger


Bridging Production Process with Sales and Distribution

Gathering Production Processes of Services and Goods: Towards the Mixed Enterprise.

Thècle Alix, Bruno Vallespir


A Lifecycle Simulation Framework for Production Systems.

Masaru Nakano, Shigetoshi Noritake, Toshio Ohashi


From Order to Delivery: An Integrated Process Approach for Customer Satisfaction.

Gilles Neubert, Andréa Wattky Crestan, Abdelaziz Bouras


Lean Information Processing in the Specification Process.

Carsten Svensson


Value Chains

Exploring Competitive Advantage through Lean Implementation in the Aerospace Supply Chain.

Valerie Crute, Allan Wickham, Richard Johns, Andrew Graves


Intercultural Communication Management and Lean Global Supply Chains.

Bernd Hamacher


Building Global Workflow From The Scratch.

Mayyad Jaber, Youakim Badr, Frédérique Biennier


Review of After-Sales Service Concepts.

Asbjørn Rolstadås, Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Peter Falster


Reducing Turbulences in Industrial Supply Chains.

Stanislaw Strzelczak


Improving Performance of Supply Chains by Leveraged Hard Solutions and Business Cultures.

Stanislaw Strzelczak, Haifeng Huang


Architectural Frameworks for Business Information System Analysis and Design.

Jacques H. Trienekens, Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Kenn Steger-Jensen, Peter Falster


The Lea®n Extended Enterprise.

Alexander Tsigkas, Robert Freund


Modelling Demand-driven Chain Networks using Multiple CODPs.

C. N. Verdouw, Adrie J. M. Beulens, D. Bouwmeester, J. H. Trienekens


Critical Aspects of Information and Communication Technology in Vendor Managed Inventory.

Astrid Vigtil, Heidi C. Dreyer


Hybrid Modeling Approach for Supply-Chain Simulation.

Shigeki Umeda, Fang Zhang


Concept for Quality Control Management Services in Distributed Design Networks - Conceptual Paper.

Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Marcus Seifert, Patrick Sitek, Markus Emde, Roberto Tarditi


Improving Service Processes

Need to Develop Best Practices for Business Related Services (BRS).

Amit Garg, Gerhard Gudergaan


Lean Healthcare. An Experience in Italy.

Alberto Portioli-Staudacher


Working Time Configuration in Hospitals Using Personnel-oriented Simulation.

Gert Zülch, Patricia Stock, Jan Hrdina