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APMS 2003: Karlsruhe, Germany

Integrating Human Aspects in Production Management - IFIP TC5 / WG5.7 Proceedings of the International Conference on Human Aspects in Production Management 5-9 October 2003, Karlsruhe, Germany

Gert Zülch, Harinder Jagdev, Patricia Stock

Springer, IFIP 160, ISBN: 978-0-387-23065-8


Modelling Human Systems in Support of Process Engineering.

Joseph O. Ajaefobi, Richard H. Weston


Human Aspects of IT-Supported Performance Measurement System.

Sai S. Nudurupati, Umit S. Bititci


Competence and Preference-based Workplace Assignment - An Application of a Weighted, Non-pre-emptive and Pre-emptive Goal Programming Model.

Malte L. Peters, Stephan Zelewski


Personnel Development and Assignment Based upon the Technology Calendar Concept.

Sven Rottinger, Gert Zülch


Reorganising the Working Time System of a Call-Centre with Personnel-oriented Simulation.

Patricia Stock, Gert Zülch


Impact of the Digital Factory on the Production Planning Process.

Eberhard Haller, Emmerich F. Schiller, Ingo Hartel


Integrating Human Aspects into the Digital Factory - New Tools for the Human-oriented Design of Production Systems.

Gert Zülch


Human Aspects in Manufacturing Process Management.

Manuel Geyer, Stefan Linner


Human Factors in Production Planning and Control - How to Change Potential Stumbling Blocks into Reliable Actors.

Hans-Peter Wiendahl, Gregor von Cieminski, Carsten Begemann, Rouven Nickel


Human Factors Aspects in Set-Up Time Reduction.

Dirk Van Goubergen, Thurmon E. Lockhart


Influences of Human Operators on the Logistics of Manufacturing Cells.

Gregor von Cieminski, Peter Nyhuis


Simulation of Disassembly and Re-assembly Processes with Beta-distributed operation Times.

Jörg Fischer, Patricia Stock, Gert Zülch


Strategic Analysis of Products Related to the Integration of Human Judgement into Demand Forecasting.

Séverine Meunier Martins, Naoufel Cheikhrouhou, Rémy Glardon


Workplace Injury Risk Prediction and Risk Reduction Tools for Electronics Assembly Work - A Software Tool for the Non-Ergonomist.

Leonard O'Sullivan, Timothy Gallwey


Effectiveness of Knowledge Management - A process based survey method.

Jürgen Fleischer, Andreas Stepping


Practical Knowledge and Collaboration in Engineering.

Päivi Pöyry, Markus Mäkelä, Jouni Meriluoto, Marju Luoma


Work Process Knowledge - A Keyword of Modern Competence Development Focussed on the Chemical Industry.

Thomas Scheib


Knowledge Management Issues For Maintenance of Automated Production Systems.

Jacek Reiner, Jan Koch, Irene Krebs, Stefan Schnabel, Thomas Siech


Factory Planning Modules for Knowledge Sharing among Different Locations.

Michael F. Zaeh, Wolfgang Wagner


A Competence Approach in the Experience Feedback Process.

Jorge Hermosillo Worley, Holitiana Rakoto, Bernard Grabot, Laurent Geneste


Learning for an Agile Manufacturing.

Heinz-Hermann Erbe


Competency Development in Distributed Work Environments.

Pamela Meil, Eckhard Heidling


New Approach for Global Education - Simulating Supply Chains by Applying World Wide Web.

Graf Karl-Robert, Siegfried Augustin, Konstantinos Terzidis


Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Distributed Work Environments - A comprehensive, internet-based concept.

Ralf Lossack, Matthias Sander


Developing a Web Enabled Gaming Approach to Mediate Performance Skills in Interorganisational Learning and Collaboration to Engineers.

Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Max Schwesig


A Platform for Technical Consultation of Service Providers in Rapid Prototyping.

Claus Aumund-Kopp, Frank Ellebrecht, Holger Fricke, Holm Gottschalch, Christian Panse


The Evolution of Outsourced Operations - A Five-Phase Model - A Case Based Approach.

Kimmo Pekkola, Riitta Smeds, Heli Syväoja, Pekka Turunen


Implementing the Service Concept through Value Engineering.

Alastair Nicholson, Katarzyna Zdunczyk


Service Management in Production Companies.

Alexander Karapidis