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IPAS 2008: Chamonix, France

Micro-Assembly Technologies and Applications, IFIP TC5 WG5.5 Fourth International Precision Assembly Seminar (IPAS'2008), Chamonix, France, February 10-13, 2008

Svetan M. Ratchev, Sandra Koelemeijer

Springer, IFIP 260, ISBN: 978-0-387-77402-2


PART I - Design of Micro Products

Chapter 1. Methods for Design for Micro-Assembly

Application of a DFµA Methodology to facilitate the assembly of a Micro/Nano Measurement Device.

Carsten Tietje, Richard K. Leach, Michele Turitto, Ronaldo Ronaldo, Svetan M. Ratchev


A DFA Framework for Hybrid Microsystems.

Marcel Tichem, Dafina Tanase


Statistical Assemblies with form Errors - A 2D Example.

Pierre-Antoine Adragna, Hugues Favrelière, Serge Samper, Maurice Pillet


Chapter 2. Methods and Solutions for Micro-Product Design

A Classification and Coding System for Micro-Assembly.

Amar Kumar Behera, Shiv G. Kapoor, Richard E. DeVor


A Method for Three Dimensional Tolerance Analysis and Synthesis Applied to Complex and Precise Assemblies.

Frédéric Germain, Dimitri Denimal, Max Giordano


New Designs for Submillimetric Press-Fitting.

Ludovic Charvier, Fabien Bourgeois, Jacques Jacot, Grégoire Genolet, Hubert Lorenz


Design and Testing of an Ortho-Planar Micro-Valve.

Olivier Smal, Benoît Raucent, Frederik Ceyssens, Robert Puers, Michaël De Volder, Dominiek Reynaerts


Robust Design of a Lens System of Variable Refraction Power with Respect to the Assembly Process.

Ingo Sieber, Ulrich Gengenbach, Rudolf Scharnowell


PART II - Micro-Assembly Processes and Applications

Chapter 3. Process Modelling for Micro-Assembly

Product-Process Ontology for Managing Assembly Specific Knowledge Between Product Design and Assembly System Simulation.

Minna Lanz, Fernando Garcia, Timo Kallela, Reijo Tuokko


Bridging the Gap - from Process Related Documentation to an Integrated Process and Application Knowledge Management in Micro Systems Technology.

Markus Dickerhof, Anna Parusel


Distributed Simulation in Manufacturing Using High Level Architecture.

J. Rodríguez Alvarado, Ricardo Velez Osuna, Reijo Tuokko


Chapter 4. High Precision Packaging and Assembly Processes

Adaptive Packaging Solution for a Microlens Array Placed Over a Micro-UV-LED Array.

Markus Luetzelschwab, Dominik Weiland, Marc P. Y. Desmulliez


Solder Bumping - A Flexible Joining Approach for the Precision Assembly of Optoelectronical Systems.

Erik Beckert, Thomas Burkhardt, Ramona Eberhardt, Andreas Tünnermann


Fluidassem - A New Method of Fluidic-Based Assembly with Surface Tension.

Nourdin Boufercha, Joachim Sägebarth, Matthias Burgard, Nabih Othman, Dirk Schlenker, Wolfgang Schäfer, Hermann Sandmaier


Concepts for Hybrid Micro Assembly Using Hot Melt Joining.

Sven Rathmann, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesselbach


Application of Microstereolithography Technology in Micromanufacturing.

Hongyi Yang, Gregory Tsiklos, Ronaldo Ronaldo, Svetan M. Ratchev


In Situ Microassembly.

Ronaldo Ronaldo, Thomas Papastathis, Hongyi Yang, Carsten Tietje, Michele Turitto, Svetan M. Ratchev


Chapter 5. Micro-Assembly Applications

Interest of the Inertial Tolerancing Method in the Case of Watch Making Micro Assembly.

Maurice Pillet, Dimitri Denimal, Pierre-Antoine Adragna, Serge Samper


Precision Assembly of Active Microsystems with a Size-Adapted Assembly System.

Kerstin Schöttler, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesselbach


Assembly of Osseous Fragments in Orthopaedic Surgery: The Need for New Standards of Evaluation.

Olivier Cartiaux, Laurent Paul, Pierre-Louis Docquier, Xavier Banse, Benoît Raucent


PART III - Gripping and Feeding Solutions for Micro-Assembly

Chapter 6. Micro-Gripping Methods and Applications

A Critical Review of Releasing Strategies in Microparts Handling.

Gualtiero Fantoni, Marcello Porta


A Low Cost Coarse/Fine Piezoelectrically Actuated Microgripper with Force Measurement Adapted to Eupass Control Structure.

Kanty Rabenorosoa, Yassine Haddab, Philippe Lutz


Development of A Monolithic Shape Memory Alloy Manipulator.

Kostyantyn Malukhin, Kornel Ehmann


Statically Determined Gripper Construction.

Ronald Plak, Roger Görtzen, Erik Puik


Precision Positioning down to Single Nanometres Based on Micro Harmonic Drive Systems.

Andreas Staiger, Reinhard Degen


Assembly of a Micro Ball-Bearing using a Capillary Gripper and a Microcomponent Feeder.

Cyrille Lenders, Jean-Baptiste Valsamis, Maxime Desaedeleer, Alain Delchambre, Pascal Lambert


Chapter 7. High Precision Positioning and Feeding Techniques

Pneumatic Contactless Microfeeder, Design Optimisation and Experimental Validation.

Michele Turitto, Carsten Tietje, Svetan M. Ratchev


Pneumatic Positioning System for Precision Assembly.

Martin Freundt, Christian Brecher, Christian Wenzel, Nicolas Pyschny


Manufacturing of Devices for the Parallel Precision Alignment of Multiple Micro Components.

Christian Brecher, Martin Weinzierl


Chapters. Micro-Metrology

Towards a Traceable Infrastructure for Low Force Measurements.

Richard K. Leach, Christopher W. Jones


When Manufacturing Capability Exceeds Control Capability: The Paradox of High Precision Products, or is it Possible to Assemble Functional Products out of Components we are Unable to Measure?

Sabdra Koelemeijer Chollet, M. Braun, Fabien Bourgeois, Jacques Jacot, F. Chautems


Impact Forces Reduction for High-Speed Micro-Assembly.

Ronald Plak, Roger Görtzen, Erik Puik


PART IV - Development of Micro-Assembly Production Systems

Chapter 9. Design of Modular Reconfigurable Micro-Assembly Systems

Strategies and Devices for a Modular Desktop Factory.

Arne Burisch, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesselbach


A Decision Making Tool for Reconfigurable Assembly Lines - Eupass Project.

F. Wehrli, S. Dufey, Sabdra Koelemeijer Chollet, Jacques Jacot


Standardised Interface and Construction Kit for Micro-Assembly.

Matthias Haag, Samuel Härer, Andreas Hoch, Florian Simons


Towards a Publish / Subscribe Control Architecture for Precision Assembly with the Data Distribution Service.

Marco Ryll, Svetan M. Ratchev


Smart Assembly - Data and Model Driven.

Juhani Heilala, Heli Helaakoski, Irina Peltomaa


Chapter 10. Assembly System Integration

Man-Robot Cooperation - New Technologies and New Solutions.

Timo Salmi, Ilari Marstio, Timo Malm, Esa Laine


Integration of Design and Assembly Using Augmented Reality.

Juha Sääski, Tapio Salonen, Mika Hakkarainen, Sanni Siltanen, Charles Woodward, Juhani Lempiäinen


Concept for an Industrial Ubiquitous Assembly Robot.

Juhani Heilala, Mikko Sallinen