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DoCEIS 2012: Costa de Caparica, Portugal

Technological Innovation for Value Creation - Third IFIP WG 5.5/SOCOLNET Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems, DoCEIS 2012, Costa de Caparica, Portugal, February 27-29, 2012. Proceedings

Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Ehsan Shahamatnia, Gonçalo Nunes

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 372, ISBN: 978-3-642-28254-6



Raising Awareness for Value Creation Potential in Engineering Research.

Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, João Goes, Luís Gomes, João André Martins


Collaborative Systems

Emotions in Collaborative Networks: A Monitoring System.

Filipa Ferrada, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


Electronic Negotiation Support Environment in Collaborative Networks.

Ana-Inês Oliveira, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


Control Interfaces for a Collaborative System Using LabView Package.

Alina Ninett Panfir, Alexandra Covaci, Cristian-Cezar Postelnicu, Gheorghe Mogan


Service Orientation

Extending Lifecycle of Legacy Systems - An Approach for SME to Enhance Their Supported Business Processes through a Service-Integration-System.

Florian Gruner, Stephan Kassel


On-Line Change Detection for Resource Allocation in Service-Oriented Systems.

Jakub M. Tomczak


Ensemble Classifier for Solving Credit Scoring Problems.

Maciej Zieba, Jerzy Swiatek


Knowledge and Content Management

Framework for Knowledge Management Based in the Two-Stream Hypothesis.

Fernando Luis-Ferreira, Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves


Information Surfaces in Systems Biology and Applications to Engineering Sustainable Agriculture.

Hesam T. Dashti, Alireza F. Siahpirani, James Driver, Amir H. Assadi


Decentralized Approximation Algorithm for Data Placement Problem in Content Delivery Networks.

Maciej Drwal, Jerzy Józefczyk


Human Interaction

Improving Operator Performance through the Use of a Multivariable Human-Machine Control Strategy.

Rui Antunes, Fernando V. Coito, Hermínio Duarte-Ramos


A Virtual Reality Simulator for Basketball Free-Throw Skills Development.

Alexandra Covaci, Cristian-Cezar Postelnicu, Alina Ninett Panfir, Doru Talaba


Determining Car Driver Interaction Intent through Analysis of Behavior Patterns.

Madalina-Ioana Toma, Dragos Datcu


Petri Nets

A State-Space Based Model-Checking Framework for Embedded System Controllers Specified Using IOPT Petri Nets.

Fernando Pereira, Filipe Moutinho, Luís Gomes


Process Control System Considering the Machines Functional Flexibilities.

Osvaldo Luis Asato, Guilherme M. Dobrianskyj, Fabrício Junqueira, Diolino J. Santos Filho, Paulo E. Miyagi


Asynchronous-Channels and Time-Domains Extending Petri Nets for GALS Systems.

Filipe Moutinho, Luís Gomes


Finding Learning Paths Using Petri Nets Modeling Applicable to E-Learning Platforms.

Rogério Campos-Rebelo, Anikó Costa, Luís Gomes


Smart Systems

Self-organized Holonic Manufacturing Systems Combining Adaptation and Performance Optimization.

José Barbosa, Paulo Leitão, Emmanuel Adam, Damien Trentesaux


Adapter for Self-Learning Production Systems.

Gonçalo Cândido, Giovanni Di Orio, José Barata, Sebastian Scholze


Evaluation of a P300-Based Interface for Smart Home Control.

Cristian-Cezar Postelnicu, Alexandra Covaci, Alina Ninett Panfir, Doru Talaba


Robotic Systems

Kinematics Programming for Cooperating Robotic Systems.

Cristiane P. Tonetto, Carlos R. Rocha, Henrique Simas, Altamir Dias


Measuring Variables Effect to Statistically Model the Multi-Robot Patrolling Problem by Means of ANOVA.

David Portugal, Rui P. Rocha


High Maneuverability Lenticular Airship.

Eduardo Pinto, José Barata


Perceptional Systems

Perception of Motion and Architectural Form: Computational Relationships between Optical Flow and Perspective.

Arash Sangari, Hasti Mirkia, Amir H. Assadi


Online Topological Mapping of a Sparse Camera Network.

Paulo Freitas, Paulo Menezes, Jorge Dias


Probabilistic Classification of Grasping Behaviours Using Visuo-Haptic Perception.

S. Jafar Hosseini, Diego R. Faria, Jorge Lobo 0002, Jorge Dias


Signal Processing

A New Approach to Rational Discrete-Time Approximations to Continuous-Time Fractional-Order Systems.

Carlos Matos, Manuel Duarte Ortigueira


Adaptive Filter and Resonant Controller Applied to Hybrid Series Active Power Filter.

R. B. Gonzatti, S. C. Ferreira, Carlos Henrique da Silva, Luiz Eduardo Borges da Silva, Germano Lambert-Torres, Se Un Ahn


Short Time Fourier Transform and Automatic Visual Scoring for the Detection of Sleep Spindles.

João Caldas da Costa, Manuel Duarte Ortigueira, Arnaldo Batista



Multiple Stress Life Analysis on Underground Power Cables from Distribution Networks.

Larisa Mariut, Elena Helerea


Power Transformers Differential Protection Using the p-q Power Theory.

Luís M. R. Oliveira, António J. Marques Cardoso


Experimental Results of Parallel Active Filter Implementation in Nonideal Power Grid.

Oleksandr Husev, Andrei Blinov, Dmitri Vinnikov


Design of Current Power Sources for a FFC NMR Apparatus: A Comparison.

Antonio Roque, Sónia Ferreira Pinto, João Santana, Duarte M. Sousa, Elmano Margato, José Maia


Renewable Energy

Grid Integration of Offshore Wind Farms Using Modular Marx Multilevel Converters.

Luís Encarnação, José Fernando Silva, Sónia Ferreira Pinto, Luis M. Redondo


Hybrid Evolutionary Neuro-fuzzy Computational Tool to Forecast Wind Power and Electricity Prices.

G. J. Osório, Hugo M. I. Pousinho, J. C. O. Matias, Cláudio Monteiro, João P. S. Catalão


Simulation and Experimental Results for a Photovoltaic System Formed by Monocrystalline Solar Modules.

S. Saraiva, Rui Melício, J. C. O. Matias, C. M. P. Cabrita, João P. S. Catalão


Experimental Analysis of a Standalone Renewable Energy Based Hybrid System.

Nuno Freire, Eunice Ribeiro, António J. Marques Cardoso, Chiara Boccaletti


Energy Smart Grid

Development of Energy Monitoring System for SmartGrid Consumer Application.

Peteris Apse-Apsitis, Ansis Avotins, Leonids Ribickis, Janis Zakis


A Standard-Based Software Infrastructure to Support Power System Protection in Distributed Energy Systems.

José A. Oliveira-Lima, Vasco Delgado-Gomes, João F. Martins, Celson Lima


The Efficient and Stable Charging of Electric Vehicle Batteries: Simplified Instantaneous Regulation.

Rui Medeiros, Stanimir Valtchev, Svilen Valtchev


Solar Trigeneration System Model for Off-Grid Residential Applications.

Pedro Magalhães, João Martins, António Joyce, Luís Coelho, Nelson Tavares, Ricardo Pereira


Power Electronics

Interactive Power Electronics Tool for Undergraduate Laboratories and Research Purposes.

Naji Ama, Lourenco Matakas Junior, Fuad Kassab Junior


Modelling of n-Stage Blumlein Stacked Lines for Bipolar Pulse Generation.

J. P. M. Mendes, Luis M. Redondo, H. Canacsinh, M. Vieira, José O. Rossi


Solid-State Bipolar Marx Converter with Output Transformer and Energy Recovery.

H. Canacsinh, José Fernando Silva, Sónia Ferreira Pinto, Luis M. Redondo, João Santana


Solid-State Bipolar Marx Generator with Voltage Droop Compensation.

H. Canacsinh, José Fernando Silva, Sónia Ferreira Pinto, Luis M. Redondo



Design of Robust CMOS Amplifiers Combining Advanced Low-Voltage and Feedback Techniques.

Somayeh Abdollahvand, António Gomes, David Rodrigues, Fábio Januário, João Goes


A High-Level Model for Capacitive Coupled RC Oscillators.

João Casaleiro, Luís Bica Oliveira


Compact and Power Efficient MOS-NDR Muller C-Elements.

Juan Núñez, Maria J. Avedillo, José M. Quintana


On Implementation Possibilities of High-Voltage IGBTs in Resonant Converters.

Andrei Blinov, Dmitri Vinnikov


Optimization in Electronics

Optimization-Based Design of Nano-CMOS LC-VCOs.

Pedro Pereira, M. Helena Fino, Fernando V. Coito, Mário Ventim-Neves


Robust Optimization-Based High Frequency Gm-C Filter Design.

Pedro M. Vicente Leitão, M. Helena Fino


PSO-Based Design of RF Integrated Inductor.

Pedro Pereira, Fernando V. Coito, M. Helena Fino


Telecommunications and Electronics

Efficient Hybrid Continuous-Time/Discrete-Time ∑ Δ Modulators for Broadband Wireless Telecom Systems.

J. Gerardo García-Sánchez, José Manuel de la Rosa


Interference Distribution of a CDMA Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Network.

Miguel Luis, Rodolfo Oliveira, Rui Dinis, Luis Bernardo


Photonics Active Filters Based on SiC Multilayer Structures: A Two Stage Active Circuit.

Manuel Augusto M. Vieira, Alessandro Fantoni, Paula Louro, Adolfo Steiger-Garção, Manuela Vieira


SiC Multilayer Photonic Structures with Self Optical Bias Amplification.

Manuela Vieira, Manuel Augusto M. Vieira, Paula Louro, Alessandro Fantoni, Manuel Barata, Vitor Silva


Electronic Materials

New Electronic Memory Device Concepts Based on Metal Oxide-Polymer Nanostructures Planer Diodes.

Asal Kiazadeh, Paulo R. F. Rocha, Qian Chen, Henrique L. Gomes


Electroforming Process in Metal-Oxide-Polymer Resistive Switching Memories.

Qian Chen, Henrique L. Gomes, Asal Kiazadeh, Paulo R. F. Rocha, Dago M. De Leeuw, Stefan C. J. Meskers


Dynamic Behavior of Resistive Random Access Memories (RRAMS) Based on Plastic Semiconductor.

Paulo R. F. Rocha, Asal Kiazadeh, Qian Chen, Henrique L. Gomes


Workshop on Data Analysis and Modeling Retina in Health and Disease

Fovea and Optic Disc Detection in Retinal Images with Visible Lesions.

José Pinão, Carlos Manta Oliveira


Pupillometry: Development of Equipment for Studies of Autonomic Nervous System.

Gonçalo Leal, Carlos Neves, Pedro M. Vieira


Automatic Arteriovenous Ratio Computation: Emulating the Experts.

S. G. Vázquez, Noelia Barreira, Manuel G. Penedo, M. Rodriguez-Blanco, Francisco Gómez-Ulla, Ana González, Gabriel Coll de Tuero


Mathematical Analysis and Computational Integration of Massive Heterogeneous Data from the Human Retina.

Arash Sangari, Adel Ardalan, Larry Lambe, Hamid Eghbalnia, Amir H. Assadi


Automated Evaluation of Retinopathies Using Image Cytometry.

K. Staniszewski, R. Sepehr, S. Maleki, C. M. Sorenson, N. Sheibani, M. Ranji


Variability and Repeatability Tests of ARMD Assessment Using the AD3RI Tool.

Andre Damas Mora, José Manuel Fonseca, Pedro M. Vieira