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IFIP CAI 2009: Harbin, China

Growth and Development of Computer-Aided Innovation - Third IFIP WG 5.4 Working Conference, CAI 2009, Harbin, China, August 20-21, 2009. Proceedings

Runhua Tan, Guozhong Cao, Noel León

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 304, ISBN: 978-3-642-03345-2


Monitoring the Impact of Solution Concepts within a Given Problematic.

Denis Cavallucci, François Rousselot, Cecilia Zanni


Predicting Innovation Acceptance by Simulation in Virtual Environments (Theoretical Foundations).

Noel León, Roberto Duran-Novoa, Humberto Aguayo Téllez, Myrna Flores


Method for PE Pipes Fusion Jointing Based on TRIZ Contradictions Theory.

Jianguang Sun, Runhua Tan, Jinyong Gao, Zihui Wei


Computer-Aided TRIZ Ideality and Level of Invention Estimation Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Christopher Adams, Derrick Tate


A Novel Paradigm for Computer-Aided Design: TRIZ-Based Hybridization of Topologically Optimized Density Distributions.

Alessandro Cardillo, Gaetano Cascini, Francesco Saverio Frillici, Federico Rotini


UXDs-Driven Transferring Method from TRIZ Solution to Domain Solution.

Lihui Ma, Guozhong Cao, Yunxia Chang, Zihui Wei, Kai Ma


Product Integrated Innovation Based on Function.

Qinghai Li, Guozhong Cao, Haixia Guo, Jiang Yu


Towards an Automatic Extraction of Generalized System of Contradictions Out of Solutionless Design of Experiments.

Sébastien Dubois, Ivana Rasovska, Roland De Guio


TRIZ Tool for Optimization of Airport Runway.

K. Venkata Rao, V. Selladurai, R. Saravanan


The Research of Platform-Based Product Configuration Model.

Huiqiang Yan, Qunsheng Guan, Qinghai Li, Fei Lu, Xiujuan Wang


The Research of Improving the Particleboard Glue Dosing Process Based on TRIZ Analysis.

Huiling Yu, Delin Fan, Yizhuo Zhang


The Prompt Design of CNC Grinder Based on Flexible Product Platform.

Dequan Gan, Ping Jiang, Huangao Zhang, Zishun Chen


A Planning Approach of Engineering Characteristics Based on QFD-TRIZ Integrated.

Shang Liu, Dongyan Shi, Ying Zhang


Effective New Product Ideation: IDEATRIZ Methodology.

Marco A. de Carvalho


Study of 3D Model Function-Coded Genome in Evolutionary Design.

Jihua Wang, Hong Liu


Research on Computer Aided Innovation Model of Weapon Equipment Requirement Demonstration.

Yong Li, Qisheng Guo, Rui Wang, Liang Li


Study on Product Innovative Design Process Driven by Ideal Solution.

Fuying Zhang, Ximei Lu, Ping Wang, Hui Liu


Application of TRIZ Theory in Patternless Casting Manufacturing Technique.

Weidong Yang, Dequan Gan, Ping Jiang, Yumei Tian


A Study on the Application of the Extended Matrices Based on TRIZ in Constructing a Collaborative Model of Enterprise Network.

Yan Yang, Yunfei Shao, Xiaowo Tang


The Evolvement of Automobile Steering System Based on TRIZ.

Xinjun Zhao, Shuang Zhang


Research on TRIZ and CAIs Application Problems for Technology Innovation.

Xiangdong Li, Qinghai Li, Zhonghang Bai, Lixiao Geng


Research on Product Conceptual Design Based on Integrated of TRIZ and HOQ.

Jianmin Xie, Xiaowo Tang, Yunfei Shao


Innovating Method of Existing Mechanical Product Based on TRIZ Theory.

Cunyou Zhao, Dongyan Shi, Han Wu


Construction of the Dependence Matrix Based on the TRIZ Contradiction Matrix in OOD.

Jianhong Ma, Quan Zhang, Yanling Wang, Tao Luo


Creative Conceptual Design Based on Evolutionary DNA Computing Technique.

Xiyu Liu, Hong Liu, Yangyang Zheng


Development of an Eco-Friendly Electrical Discharge Machine (E-EDM) Using TRIZ Approach.

V. S. Sreebalaji, R. Saravanan


Understanding Innovation as Change of Value Systems.

John S. Gero, Udo Kannengiesser


The Innovative Solution of Typical Engineering Based on Function Model.

Dongyan Shi, Xianjie Shi, Cunyou Zhao


The Application of LT-Table in TRIZ Contradiction Resolving Process.

Zihui Wei, Qinghai Li, Donglin Wang, Yumei Tian


Research and Development for Technology Evolution Potential Forecasting System.

Changqing Gao, Shukun Cao, Yuzeng Wang, Changsheng Ai, Xiangbo Ze


Study on Capturing Functional Requirements of the New Product Based on Evolution.

Fang Liu, Liya Song, Zhonghang Bai, Peng Zhang


Computer-Aided Analysis of Patents for Product Technology Maturity Forecasting.

Yanhong Liang, Dequan Gan, Yingchun Guo, Peng Zhang


Implementation of Complexity Analyzing Based on Additional Effect.

Peng Zhang, Na Li, Yanhong Liang, Fang Liu


Optimization and Innovation of Screw Joints of Micron-Wood-Fiber Molded Products.

Chengyi Pan, Jianyi Zhang


Problem Solving Process Research of Everyone Involved in Innovation Based on CAI Technology.

Tao Chen, Yunfei Shao, Xiaowo Tang