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IFIP CAI@WCC 2008: Milano, Italy

Computer-Aided Innovation (CAI), IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, Proceedings of the Second Topical Session on Computer-Aided Innovation, WG 5.4/TC 5 Computer-Aided Innovation, September 7-10, 2008, Milano, Italy

Gaetano Cascini

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 277, ISBN: 978-0-387-09696-4, 978-0-387-09697-1


Podium Presentations

Optimization with Genetic Algorithms and Splines as a way for Computer Aided Innovation.

Albert Albers, Noel León Rovira, Humberto Aguayo Téllez, Thomas Maier


Methodology development of human task simulation as PLM solution related to OCRA ergonomic analysis.

M. Annarumma, M. Pappalardo, A. Naddeo


Measuring patent similarity by comparing inventions functional trees.

Gaetano Cascini, Manuel Zini


Representing and selecting problems through contradictions clouds.

Denis Cavallucci, François Rousselot, Cecilia Zanni


How an ontology can infer knowledge to be used in product conceptual design.

David Cebrian-Tarrason, Rosario Vidal


Developing DA Applications in SMEs Industrial Context.

Giorgio Colombo, Dante Pugliese, Caterina Rizzi


Comparison of non solvable problem solving principles issued from CSP and TRIZ.

Sébastien Dubois, Ivana Rasovska, Roland De Guio


Engineering Optimisation by Means of Knowledge Sharing and Reuse.

Olivier Kuhn, Harald Liese, Josip Stjepandic


Innovation in Information Systems applied to the Shoes Retail Business.

Vasco F. Teles, Francisco J. Restivo


Virtual Product Development Models: Characterization of Global Geographic Issues.

Alyssa Walker, Jordan J. Cox


Poster Presentations

DEPUIS project: Design of Environmentally-friendly Products Using Information Standards.

Anna Amato, Anna Moreno, Norman Swindells


PML, an Object Oriented Process Modeling Language.

Reiner Anderl, Jochen Raßler


Innovative PLM-based approach for collaborative design between OEM and suppliers: Case study of aeronautic industry.

Farouk Belkadi, Nadege Troussier, Frederic Huet, Thierry Gidel, Eric Bonjour, Benoît Eynard


Development of the ALIS IP Ontology: Merging Legal and Technical Perspectives.

Claudia Cevenini, Giuseppe Contissa, Migle Laukyte, Régis Riveret, Rossella Rubino


A systematic innovation case study: new concepts of domestic appliance drying cycle.

S. Graziosi, D. Polverini, P. Faraldi, F. Mandorli


Towards a Framework for Collaborative Innovation.

Heiko Duin, Jacob Jaskov, Alexander Hesmer, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


Communication and Creative Thinking in Agile Software Development.

Broderick Crawford, Claudio León de la Barra, Patricio Letelier


Product Lifestyle Design: Innovation for Sustainability.

Rinaldo C. Michelini, Roberto P. Razzoli


Web-based Platform for Computer Aided Innovation.

Nora Dörr, Edda Behnken, Tobias Müller-Prothmann


A Conceptual Framework of the Cooperative Analyses in Computer-Aided Engineering.

Min-Hwan Ok, Tae-Soo Kwon


TRIZ-Based Patent Investigation by Evaluating Inventiveness.

Daniele Regazzoni, Roberto Nani