IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

IFIP CAI 2007: Michigan, USA

Trends in Computer Aided Innovation - Second IFIP Working Conference on Computer Aided Innovation, October 8-9 2007, Michigan, USA

Noel León

Springer, IFIP 250, ISBN: 978-0-387-75455-0


UXDs-Driven Contradiction Solving For Conceptual Design Using CAIs.

Tan Runhua


Computational Explorations of Compatibility and Innovation.

Ricardo Sosa, John S. Gero


Emergent contradictions: A synthesis of TRIZ and complex systems theory.

Darrell Mann


Creative Tower Generated by Computational Intelligence.

Xiyu Liu, Hong Liu


General Theory of Innovation - An Overview.

Greg Yezersky


Locating Creativity in a Framework of Designing for Innovation.

John S. Gero, Udo Kannengiesser


Research and Implementation of Product Functional Design Based on Effect.

Guozhong Cao, Runhua Tan, Benning Lian


OTSM Network of Problems for representing and analysing problem situations with computer support.

Nikolai Khomenko, Roland De Guio


A Text-Mining-based Patent Analysis in Product Innovative Process.

Yanhong Liang, Runhua Tan


Technology Innovation of Product Using CAI System Based on TRIZ.

Jianhui Zhang, Bojun Yang, Yumei Tian, Runhua Tan


Axiom-based Potential Functional Failure Analysis for Risk-free Design.

Benning Lian, Guozhong Cao, Zhonghang Bai, Runhua Tan


Using the CAI Software (InventionTool 3.0) to solve complexity problem.

Peng Zhang, Runhua Tan


Generative Art Images by Complex Functions Based Genetic Algorithm.

Hong Liu, Xiyu Liu


Supporting the Sytematization of Early-Stage-Innovation by Means of Collaborative Working Environments.

Alexander Hesmer, Karl Hribernik, Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


Constraint based modelling as a mean to link dialectical thinking and corporate data. Application to the Design of Experiments.

Thomas Eltzer, Roland De Guio


Development of Standard Solutions CAI System with UML and XML.

Bojun Yang, Jianhui Zhang, Runhua Tan, Yumei Tian, Jianhong Ma


Computer-Aided Patent Analysis: finding invention peculiarities.

Gaetano Cascini, Davide Russo, Manuel Zini


Automatic shape variations for optimization and innovation - Shape Optimization of Cylinderhead Gasket using CFD.

Noel León Rovira, Jose Maria Cueva, Cesar Villarreal, Sergio Hutron, German Campero


Enhancing interoperability in the design process, the PROSIT approach.

Umberto Cugini, Gaetano Cascini, Marco Ugolotti


Comparison of Strategies for the Optimization/Innovation of Crankshaft Balance.

Albert Albers, Noel León Rovira, Humberto Aguayo Téllez, Thomas Maier


Collaboration in automotive winter testing - Real-time simulations boosting innovation opportunities.

Mikael Nybacka, Tobias Larsson, Åsa Ericson


Future of CAE and Implication on Engineering Education.

Seung-Hyun Yoo, Eung-Jun Park, Jae-Sil Lee, Joon-Ho Song, Dae-Jin Oh, Woong-Rak Chung, Yeongtae Lee, Dhaneshwar Mishra