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BASYS 2008: Porto, Portugal

Innovation in Manufacturing Networks - Eighth IFIP International Conference on Information Technology for Balanced Automation Systems, Porto, Portugal, June 23-25, 2008

Américo Azevedo

Springer, IFIP 266, ISBN: 978-0-387-09491-5


Advances in Collaborative Networked Organizations.

Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


New challenges in collaborative virtual factory design.

Stefano Mottura, Giampaolo Viganò, Luca Greci, Marco Sacco, Emanuele Carpanzano


Feeling the pain: Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Markets.

David J. Williams, Oliver Wells, Paul Hourd, Amit Chandra


Torwards a Methodology to Measure the Alignment of Value Systems in Collaborative Networks.

António Abreu, Patrícia Macedo, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


Readiness for Collaboration Assessment Approach in Collaborative Networked Organisations.

David Romero, Nathalíe Galeano, Arturo Molina


Collaborative Networked Enterprises: A Pilot Case in the Footwear Value Chain.

Emanuele Carpanzano, Andrea Ballarino


Modeling Performance Indicators' Selection Process For Vo Partners' Suggestions.

Fabiano Baldo, Ricardo J. Rabelo, Rolando Vargas Vallejos


A Collaboration Readiness Assessment Approach.

João Rosas, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


Process Management In Collaborative Networked Organizations: A Perspective Under The Scope Of Organizational Memory.

Leandro Loss, Leonardo Leocádio Coelho de Souza, Ricardo José Rabelo


Automating Trust Assessment for Configuration of Temporary Partnerships.

Simon Samwel Msanjila, Hamideh Afsarmanesh


A Model For Dynamic Generation Of Collaborative Decision Protocols For Managing The Evolution Of Virtual Enterprises.

Marcus Vinicius Drissen-Silva, Ricardo José Rabelo


Partner Selection In Virtual Enterprises An Exploratory Approach.

José António Crispim, Jorge Pinho de Sousa


EBXML - Overview, Initiatives and Applications.

António Pereira, Frederico Cunha, Pedro Malheiro, Américo Azevedo


An Analytical Approach for Comparing Collaborative Business Frameworks.

Claudia-Melania Chituc, Américo Azevedo, Cesar Toscano


Support of Knowledge Creation Process in a Computer-Based COllaborative System.

Jan Paralic, Frantisek Babic


Efficient Event Handling In Supply Networks Using Q-Learning And K-Means Clustering.

Andre Döring, Wilhelm Dangelmaier, Christoph Laroque


Ontology Development in Home Automation Used in Automatic VE Formation.

Orlando Ribas Fernandes, Ana Paula Rocha, Eugénio C. Oliveira


Towards an Ontology Mapping Process for Business Process Composition.

Célia Talma Martins, Américo Azevedo, H. Sofia Pinto, Eugénio Oliveira


Using Concept Maps For Ontology Development: A Case In The Work Organization Domain.

António Lucas Soares, Cristóvão Sousa


Demand Forecast Method For Build-To-Order Products Using Estimate Information As A Leading Indicator.

Atsushi Shimoda, Hidenori Kosugi, Takafumi Karino, Norihisa Komoda


An Ontology For A Model Of Manufacturing Scheduling Problems To Be Solved On The Web.

Maria Leonilde R. Varela, Sílvio do Carmo Silva


Evolvable Assembly Systems: From Evaluation to Application.

Mauro Onori, Daniel T. Semere, José Barata


Configuration Of An Autonomous Decentralized Sdigital Factory Using Product And Machine Agents.

Michiko Matsuda, Nobuyuki Sakao


Comparing Workload Based Order Release Mechanisms.

N. O. Fernandes, Sílvio do Carmo Silva


Neural Network Modelling And Simulation Of The Scheduling.

Ricardo Lorenzo Avila Rondon, Adriano Silva da Carvalho, Guillermo Infante-Hernandez


Manufacturing Systems Of The Future: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach.

Regina Frei, José Barata


Reliability Evaluation of Failure Delayed Engineering Systems.

Jose A. Faria


MAS and SOA: Complementary Automation Paradigms.

Luis Ribeiro, José Barata, Pedro Mendes


Embodied Intelligence To Turn Evolvable Assembly Systems Reality.

Regina Frei, José Barata


Next Generation of Flexible Assembly Systems.

Rolf Bernhardt, Dragoljub Surdilovic, Volker Katschinski, Gerhard Schreck, Klaus Schröer


Intelligent Optical Sensors Using Artificial Neural Network Approach.

Ireneu Dias, Rui Oliveira, Orlando Frazão


Intelligent Products: Intelligent Beings or Agents?

Paul Valckenaers, Hendrik Van Brussel


A Bio-Inspired Solution for Manufacturing Control Systems.

Paulo Leitão


An Innovative Pattern To Design New Business Models In The Machine Tool Industry.

Giacomo Copani, Silvia Marvulli, Lorenzo Molinari Tosatti


Entrepreneurial Potential In Engineering And Business Courses ... Why Worry Now?

Aurora A. C. Teixeira


Co-Innovation Networks in Industry.

Joana Vilhena


Creative Entrepreneurial Abrasion in Higher Education.

João José Pinto Ferreira, Milton Sousa, José P. O. Oliveira


Innovation And Entrepreneurship: What Professors From Leading Universities Say?

Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira, João José Pinto Ferreira, Hortênsia Barandas