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ICEIMT/DIISM 2004: Toronto, Canada

Knowledge Sharing in the Integrated Enterprise - Interoperability Strategies for the Enterprise Architect, 2004 International Conference on Enterprise Integration and Modelling Technology, ICEIMT 2004, The 7th International Conference on Design of Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing, DIISM 2004, 9-11 October 2004, University of Toronto, Canada

Peter Bernus, Mark Fox

Springer, IFIP 183, ISBN: 978-0-387-26608-4


A' standards' Foundation for Interoperability.

Richard A. Martin


Standards in Enterprise Inter- and Intra-Organisational Integration.

Kurt Kosanke


Integrating Enterprise Model Views through Alignment of Metamodels.

David Shorter, I. T. Focus


Semantic Distance and Enterprise Integration.

H. T. Goranson


The Nature of Knowledge and its Sharing through Models.

Peter Bemus, Brane Kalpic


ATHENA Integrated Project and the Mapping to International Standard ISO 15704.

David Chen, Thomas Knothe, Martin Zelm


Architectural Principles for Enterprise Frameworks: Guidance for Interoperability.

Richard A. Martin, Edward L. Robertson, John A. Springer


UEML: a Further Step.

Giuseppe Berio


Connecting EAI-Domains Via SOA - Central vs. Distributed Approaches to Establish Flexible Architectures.

Marten Schönherr


A Meta-methodology for Collaborative Network Organisations: A Case Study and Reflections.

Ovidiu Noran


An Ontological Approach to Characterising Enterprise Architecture Frameworks.

Oddrun Pauline Ohren


Coherent Models of Processes and Human Systems.

Richard H. Weston


If Business Models Could Speak! Efficient: a Framework for Appraisal, Design and Simulation of Electronic Business Transactions.

Michael Schmitt, Bertrand Grégoire, Christophe Incoul, Sophie Ramel, Pierre Brimont, Eric Dubois 0001


Building a Better Team.

Jason Mausberg


A Reference Model for Human Supply Chain Integration: an Interdisciplinary Approach.

Stavros T. Ponis, E. Koronis


A Proposition for Risk Analysis in Manufacturing and Enterprise Modeling.

Vincent Chapurlat, Jacky Montmain, Djamel Gharbi


An Ontology for Static Knowledge Provenance.

Mark S. Fox, Jingwei Huang


Object Model for Planning and Scheduling Integration in Discrete Manufacturing Enterprises.

Yasuyuki Nishioka


B2B Applications, BPEL4WS, Web Services and .NET in the Context of MDA.

Jean Bézivin, Slimane Hammoudi, Denivaldo Lopes, Frédéric Jouault


A Research Framework for Operationalizing Measures of Enterprise Integration.

Ronald E. Giachetti, Paula Hernandez, Alba Nydia Nuñez, Duane P. Truex


A Vision of Enterprise Integration Considerations - A holistic perspective as shown by the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture.

Hong Li, Theodore J. Williams


Enterprise Integration Engineering as an Enabler for Business Process Management.

Arturo Molina, Jorge Garza, Guillermo Jimenez


Deriving Enterprise Engineering and Integration Frameworks from Supply Chain Management Practices.

Ángel Ortiz Bas, Víctor Anaya, Rubén Darío Franco


How to Model Business Processes with GPN.

Günter Schmidt, Oliver Braun


Enterprise Integration and Networking: Issues, Trends and Vision.

Arturo Molina, David Chen, Hervé Panetto, François B. Vernadat, Larry Whitman


Enterprise Integration Approaches in Healthcare: A Decade of Trial and Error.

V. Jagannathan


An Enterprise Modelling Approach to Team Systems Engineering.

Nikita Byer, Richard H. Western


Improving Supply Chain Performance through Business Process Reengineering.

Andréa Wattky Crestan, Gilles Neubert


Toward the Knowledge-based Enterprise.

Raffaello Lepratti, Jing Cai, Ulrich Berger, Michael Weyrich


Strategic Process Integration.

Juan Carlos Méndez


Manufacturing and Engineering in the Information Society: Responding to Global Challenges.

Jan B. M. Goossenaerts, Eiji Arai, John J. Mills, Fumihiko Kimura


Considering Designer's Intention for the Development of Feature Library of a Process Planning System.

Hendry Muljadi, Koichi Ando, Hideaki Takeda, M. Kanamaru


Manipulation Planning for Knotting Linear Objects with One Hand.

Tsunenori Kato, Hidefumi Wakamatsu, Akira Tsumaya, Eiji Arai


Cost Prediction System Using Activity-Based Model for Machine Tool Operation.

Hirohisa Narita, Lian-Yi Chen, Hideo Fujimoto


Information Modeling for Product Lifecycle Management.

Q. Shu, Ch. Wang


Generic Core Life Cycle and Conceptual Architecture for the Development of Collaborative Systems.

Tad Gonsalves, Kiyoshi Itoh


Integrated Process Management System and RFID Directory Services.

Masayuki Takata, Eiji Arai, Junichi Yagi


Seven Tools of Operation Standardization for Mass Production of a New Product.

Kosei Sugitani, Hiroshi Morita, Hiroaki Ishii


Workbench: A Planning Tool for Faster Factory Optimization.

Georg F. Wiesinger