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ITEM 2008: Darwin, Australia

Evolution of Information Technology in Educational Management - 8th IFIP WG 3.7 Conference on Information Technology in Educational Management, ITEM 2008, Darwin, Australia, July, 2008, Revised Papers

Arthur Tatnall, Adrie J. Visscher, Andrew Finegan, Christopher O'Mahony

Springer, IFIP 292, ISBN: 978-0-387-89557-4


Bringing Order into Chaos: Building an Integrated School Management Information System - A Case Study from Germany.

Angelina Lange, Andreas Breiter


ITEM Strategic Planning: Two Approaches.

Christopher D. O'Mahony


University Web Portals: Patterns and Policies.

Audra Lukaitis, Bill Davey


ITEM out of WG 3.7: Is there any life out there?

Javier Osorio, Jacques Bulchand, Jorge Rodríguez


E-Contents for Technological Literacy in a Pre-College Program.

Yukari Kato


On the Utilization of a New Class of School Information Systems: School Performance Feedback Systems.

Adrie J. Visscher


First no Choice, then Some Choice, and Finally Overload: A Reasonable Data Management Evolution?

Don Passey


Information Technology for Educational Management at a Ugandan Public University.

Ronald Bisaso


A New Perspective on Competency Management: Implemented Through Effective Human-Computer Interaction.

Elspeth McKay, Kathy Henschke


Students' Inquiry Learning in the Web 2.0 Age.

Jacky W. C. Pow, Sandy C. Li, Alex C. W. Fung


How and Why Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Defined a New Approach to Build a Next Generation Student and Study Management System.

Tuulikki Paturi


The Role of the School MIS in Pupil Transfer Within England.

Alan Strickley, Sue Allen


Research Management Systems as an Evolutionary Backwater: A Management System for Australian University Research Quality Framework Data.

Arthur Tatnall, Bill Davey


Evolving Forms of Visualisation for Presenting and Viewing Data.

Don Passey


Industry-Based Learning.

Kathy Henschke, Patrick Poppins


The Future of School Performance Feedback Systems: Conference Discussion Group Paper.

Don Passey, Andreas Breiter, Adrie J. Visscher


ITEM Evolution: Conference Discussion Group Paper.

Greg Baker, Christopher D. O'Mahony, Ian D. Selwood, Alan Strickley


Requirements of University ITEM Systems: Conference Discussion Group Paper.

Bill Davey, Tuulikki Paturi, Eduard Kostolansky, Ronald Bisaso