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Information and Communication Technologies and Real-Life Learning 2004: Melbourne, Australia

Information and Communication Technologies and Real-Life Learning, New Education for the Knowledge Society, December 2004, Melbourne, Australia, working conference organised by IFIP Working Group 3.2 (Informatics and ICT in Higher Education) and IFIP Working Group 3.4 (Professional and Vocational Education in Information Technology)

Tom J. van Weert, Arthur Tatnall

Springer, IFIP 182, ISBN: 0-387-25996-1


Real-Life Learning: Why, What and How?

Peter Juliff


Virtual Corporate Training Systems.

Marina Keiko Nakayama, Christine da Silva Schröeder, Bianca Smith Pilla, Daniel Garcia Haro, Erlaine Binotto


Issues in the Assessment of Real-Life Learning with ICT.

Anne McDougall


Knowledge Work Management.

Till Becker, Alexander Karapidis


Communities of Practice in Higher Education.

Marijke Hezemans, Magda Ritzen


Knowledge Acquisition in Small Businesses.

Stephen Burgess, Carmine Sellitto


Experiences and Practices in Modeling Distance Learning Curricula for Capillary Approaches and Limited ICT Resource Scenarios.

Joberto Martins, Teresinha Quadros


The Use of ICT in the Delivery of Online Services.

Kevin Leung, John Byrne, France Cheong


From Graduate to Undergraduate.

Paul Darbyshire, Geoffrey A. Sandy


Encapsulating Real-Life Experience.

David Kelly, Bill Davey


Getting Interactive Media into Schools.

Stephan Schwan, Anton Knierzinger, Caroline Weigner


Intelligent Learning Objects.

Ricardo Azambuja Silveira, Eduardo Rodrigues Gomes, Rosa Maria Vicari


Using ICT in a Problem-Based Learning Approach.

Gina Reyes, Roger Gabb


Real-Life Learning in Higher Education.

Paul Nicholson, Geoff White


Higher Education: Learning in Real-Life.

Tom J. van Weert


In Real-Life Learning, What is Meant by 'Real'?

Arthur Tatnall


Learning from the ICT Industry Real-Life Context.

Mikko J. Ruohonen


Pathways in Real-Life Learning.

Julia Walsh, John Cripps Clark


Real-Life Learning in Virtual Communities of Technology.

Luiz A. M. Palazzo, Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa, Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro, Fernando Schirmbeck


Teacher Training on the Job.

H. M. Dekeyser, F. H. M. Van Rijn, D. Jansen


Exploring the Role of Informal Learning in Real-Life Learning.

Mike Kendall


Simulating Real-Life Problems.

John Bentley


A Model for University Seminars held in Companies.

Peeter Normak


Customization of Industrial Training.

Timo Lainema, Sami Nurmi


Work Integrated Learning in Information Technology Education.

Patrick Poppins, Mohini Singh


Providing Masters Level Computing Students with Real-Life Learning Experiences Via Capstone Projects.

J. Barrie Thompson, Helen M. Edwards, Colin J. Hardy


A Structural Model of the Information Systems Professional.

Rodney Turner, Glenn Lowry, Julie Fisher


The Industry and Education Nexus.

Andrew Stein, Con Nikakis, John Bentley, Rob Jovanovic


Experiences and Challenges in Fostering Industry and University Collaborations.

Mikko J. Ruohonen, Peter Normak, J. Barrie Thompson, John Bentley, Till Becker, Maria Nakayama, Rodney Turner, Lu Yan, Cindy Bin


Real Life Learning: The Developing Importance of Formal and Informal Professional Communities of Practice.

Magda Ritzen, Anne McDougall, Mike Kendall, Alexander Karapadis, Barbara Bamberger, Hannelore Dekeyser, Gina Reyes, Julia Walsh


Real Life Learning: The Challenge of Creating and Establishing the Role of Online and Virtual Learning Environments for All.

Anton Knierzinger, Marijke Hezemans, Paul Nicholson, Joberto Martins, Ricardo Azambuja Silveira