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Grid-Based Problem Solving Environments 2006: Prescott, Arizona, USA

Grid-Based Problem Solving Environments - IFIP TC2/ WG 2.5 Working Conference on Grid-Based Problem Solving Environments: Implications for Development and Deployment of Numerical Software July 17-21, 2006, Prescott, Arizona, USA

Patrick W. Gaffney, James C. T. Pool

Springer, IFIP 239, ISBN: 978-0-387-73658-7


Programming Paradigms for Scientific Problem Solving Environments.

Dennis Gannon, Marcus Christie, Suresh Marru, Satoshi Shirasuna, Aleksander Slominski


Why Performance Models Matter for Grid Computing.

Ken Kennedy


Automation of Network-Based Scientific Workflows.

Mladen A. Vouk, Ilkay Altintas, Roselyne Barreto, J. Blondin, Zhengang Cheng, Terence Critchlow, Ayla Khan, Scott Klasky, J. Ligon, Bertram Ludäscher, Pierre Mouallem, Steve Parker, Norbert Podhorszki, Arie Shoshani, Cláudio T. Silva


Virtual Manufacturing A Vision for Virtual Paint Operations.

Patrick Gaffney, Tim Hopkins


Service-oriented Computation in Magnetic Fusion Research.

David P. Schissel


Lessons Learned from the GECEM Project.

David W. Walker


Open Grid Services Architecture.

Jem Treadwell


Middleware for Dynamic Adaptation of Component Applications.

Boyana Norris, Sanjukta Bhowmick, Dinesh K. Kaushik, Lois Curfman McInnes


A Virtual Organisation deployed on a Service Orientated Architecture for Distributed Data Mining applications.

Thomas Jackson, Mark Jessop, Martyn Fletcher, Jim Austin


THCORE: A Parallel Computation Services Model and Runtime System.

Qingxuan Yin, Xiaoge Wang


PythonCLServiceTool: A Utility for Wrapping Command-Line Applications for The Grid.

David E. Konerding, Keith R. Jackson


GridSolve: The Evolution of A Network Enabled Solver.

Asim YarKhan, Jack Dongarra, Keith Seymour


A Test Harness TH for Numerical Applications and Libraries.

Brian T. Smith


Dynamic Data-Driven Application Systems for Empty Houses, Contaminat Tracking, and Wildland Fireline Prediction.

Craig C. Douglas, Divya Bansal, Jonathan D. Beezley, Lynn S. Bennethum, Soham Chakraborty, Janice L. Coen, Yalchin Efendiev, Richard E. Ewing, Jay Hatcher, Mohamed Iskandarani, Christopher R. Johnson, Deng Li, Minjeong Kim, Robert A. Lodder, Jan Mandel, Guan Qin, Anthony Vodacek


Designing a Dynamic Data Driven Application System for Coastal and Environmental Modeling.

Gabrielle Allen, Philip Bogden, Richard A. Luettich, Edward Seidel, Robert Twilley


SPRUCE: A System for Supporting Urgent High-Performance Computing.

Peter H. Beckman, Suman Nadella, Nick Trebon, Ivan Beschastnikh


Data Management in Dynamic Environment-driven Computational Science.

Yogesh L. Simmhan, Sangmi Lee Pallickara, Nithya N. Vijayakumar, Beth Plale


Efficient Algorithm to Compute PDEs on the Grid.

Marc Garbey


On the Use of Services to Support Numerical Weather Prediction.

Jay Alameda, Albert L. Rossi, Shawn Hampton


Mathematical Service Discovery.

Julian Padget, Omer Rana


A Problem Solving Environment based on Grid Services: NAREGI-PSE.

Hitohide Usami, Hiroyuki Kanazawa, Shigeo Kawata


Grid Enabling of Nano-Science Applications in NAREGI.

Mutsumi Aoyagi


Grid Architecture for Scientitic Communities.

Sebastien Goasguen


Scientific Software Frameworks and Grid Computing - Improving Programming Productivity.

Bill F. Appelbe, Louis Moresi, Steve Quenette, Patrick Simter


Monitoring and Migration of a PETSc-based Parallel Application for Medical Imaging in a Grid computing PSE.

Almerico Murli, Vania Boccia, Luisa Carracciuolo, Luisa D'Amore, Giuliano Laccetti, Marco Lapegna


Grid-based Image Registration.

William Gropp, Eldad Haber, Stefan Heldmann, David E. Keyes, Neill Miller, Jennifer M. Schopf, Tianzhi Yang


Observations on WoCo9.

William D. Gropp


Future Directions for Numerical Software Research - Comments during Discussions at WoCo9, Prescott, AZ, July 16-21, 2006.

Brian T. Smith