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HCIS 2008: Milano, Italy

part of IFIP World Congress 2008

Human-Computer Interaction Symposium - IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, Proceedings of the 1st TC 13 Human-Computer Interaction Symposium (HCIS 2008), September 7-10, 2008, Milano, Italy

Peter Forbrig, Fabio Paternò, Annelise Mark Pejtersen

Springer, IFIP 272, ISBN: 978-0-387-09677-3


Interacting with Visual Interfaces on Mobile Devices - Invited Talk.

Luca Chittaro


Identification Criteria in Task Modeling.

Josefina Guerrero García, Jean Vanderdonckt, Christophe Lemaigre


HCI-Task Models and Smart Environments.

Maik Wurdel, Stefan Propp, Peter Forbrig


Themes in Human Work Interaction Design.

Rikke Orngreen, Annelise Mark Pejtersen, Torkil Clemmensen


Evaluating User Experience in Technology Pilots.

Minna Isomursu


Interface Model Elicitation from Textual Scenarios.

Christophe Lemaigre, Josefina Guerrero García, Jean Vanderdonckt


Virtual Fixtures for Secondary Tasks.

G. Lefemine, G. Pedrini, Cristian Secchi, Francesco Tesauri, Stefano Marzani


How 'learnable' are CASE tools in diverse user communities?

Brenda Scholtz, Janet Wesson


A Prospect of Websites Evaluation Tools Based on Event Logs.

Vagner Figuerêdo de Santana, Maria Cecília Calani Baranauskas


Habbo Hotel - Academic Studies in Mixed Feelings.

Raija Halonen, Eeva Leinonen


Improving Accessibility to Governmental Forms1.

Norbert Kuhn, Stefan Richter 0003, Michael Schmidt, Andreas Truar


Communicability in multicultural contexts: A study with the International Children's Digital Library.

Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza, Robin Fred Laffon, Carla Faria Leitão


Facing the digital divide in a participatory way - an exploratory study.

Elaine Cristina Saito Hayashi, Maria Cecília Calani Baranauskas


User Interface Input by Device Movement.

Ryosuke Kokaji, Takako Nonaka, Tomohiro Hase


An End User Development Model to Augment Usability of Rule Association Mining Systems.

Elisa Albergaria, Fernando Mourão, Raquel O. Prates, Wagner Meira Jr.


Investigating Entertainment and Learning in a Multi-User 3D Virtual Environment.

Nicoletta Di Blas, Caterina Poggi


Openphone User Engagement and Requirements Solicitation in Low Literacy Users.

Tembalethu Jama Ndwe, Etienne Barnard, Mqhele E. Dlodlo, Daniel J. Mashao, Christiaan Kuun, Aditi Sharma Grover


Complex and Dynamic Data Representation by Sonification.

Maher Chemseddine, Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture


Collaborative Knowledge Building for Decision Support System Development.

Helena Lindgren


Multitouch Sensing for Collaborative Interactive Walls.

Alessandro Soro, Gavino Paddeu, Mirko Luca Lobina


Visualization of Personalized Faceted Browsing.

Michal Tvarozek, Mária Bieliková