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AIAI 2005: Beijing, China

Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations - IFIP TC12 WG12.5 - Second IFIP Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI2005), September 7-9, 2005, Beijing, China

Daoliang Li, Baoji Wang

Springer, IFIP 187, ISBN: 978-0-387-28318-0


Implementation of an Application Ontology - A Comparison of Two Tools.

Robert Harrison, Christine W. Chan


An Algorithm for MADM Based on Subjective Preference.

Feng Kong, Hongyan Liu


Application of Particle Swarm Optimization to the Mixed Discrete Non-Linear Problems.

Satoshi Kitayama, Koetsu Yamazaki, Masao Arakawa


Fuzzy Logic Model for Multi - Purpose Multi - Reservoir System.

Mynepally Anjaneya Prasad, S. Mohan


Automated Identification of Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) Wingbeat Waveform by Artificial Neural Network.

Zhenyu Li, Zuji Zhou, Zuorui Shen, Qing Yao


A Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Enhance Web-Based Training on Internet Marketing.

Y. Duan, P. Burrell, R. Mullins, H. Jin


A Decision Support System (Dss) for Price Risk Management in Vegetable, China.

Xiaomei Guo, Zetian Fu, Weisong Mu, Xiaoshuan Zhang


A Dynamic Constraint Solving Scheme for Semi On-Line Scheduling Problems.

Juyang Zhang, Jigui Sun, Yonggang Zhang


A Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring System.

Zhiping Li, Yu Sun 0005, Minkun Liu


An Approach to Automated Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics.

Junjun Ouyang, A. Fazel Famili, Weiling Xu


An Expert System for Deficit Irrigation in the North China Region Based on PDA.

Jianhui Lin, Yurui Sun, Shaoyun Feng, Risheng Ding, Qiushi Hou


Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Evaluating Electrical Conductivity of Greenhouse Substrate.

Junning Zhang, Minzan Li, Dexiu Kong, Qizhang Zou


Automatic Guidance of Agricultural Vehicles Based on Global Positioning System.

Lan Yao, Li Li, Miao Zhang, Li Minzan


Bestcity: Developing Clean Cities - By Intelligently Management of Information.

L. C. Jayawardhana, Ajith De Alwis, Sumith Pilapitiya, Malik Ransinghe


Determining of the Delay Time for a Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Plant Using Multi-Weights Neurons Approach.

Mengdi Hu, Hao Feng, Wenming Cao, Shoujue Wang


Development of an Expert System for Landfilling Applications in sri Lanka.

Asanga Manamperi, L. C. Jayawardhana, Ajith De Alwis, Sumith Pilapitiya


Development of an Intelligent Adapter for Field Computer.

Wei Yang, Minzan Li, Hui Liu


Development of an Intelligent Yield Monitor for Grain Combine Harvester.

Minzan Li, Peng Li, Qi Wang, Jianqing Fang, Maohua Wang


Feature Fusion with Neighborhood-Oscillating Tabu Search for Oriented Texture Classification.

Yindi Zhao, Liangpei Zhang, Pingxiang Li


Fuzzy Relationship Mapping Inversion and Automatic Reasoning of Crime Detective.

Ping He


Generic Bi-Layered Net Model - General Methodology for Process Simulation.

Gyöngyi Bánkuti, Béla Csukás


Generic Bi-Layered Net Programming - General Software for the Simulation of Hybrid Processes.

Béla Csukás, Sándor Balogh, Gyöngyi Bánkuti


Leaf Image Retrieval Using a Shape Based Method.

Yangcheng Shen, Changle Zhou, Kunhui Lin


Performance Comparison of Language Models for Information Retrieval.

Shuaixiang Dai, Qian Diao, Changle Zhou


Research on Prediction about Fruit Tree Diseases and Insect Pests Based on Neural Network.

Gang Liu, Hongyan Shen, Xuehong Yang, Yinbing Ge


Research on Publishing System of Fruit Tree Diseases and Insect Pests Based on Webgis.

Zhifang Yang, Gang Liu, Yongsheng Si


Research on Wheat Diseases and Insect Pests Geographic Information System.

Hongyan Shen, Gang Liu, Yinbing Ge


Skfd-Isomap for Face Recognition.

Ruifan Li, Cong Wang, Xuyan Tu


Solution of Mdps Using Simulation-Based Value Iteration.

Mohammed Shahid Abdulla, Shalabh Bhatnagar


Study on Applications of Web Mining to Digital Library.

Baoji Wang, Ruiqing Xu, Jinnuo Zhu, Qingsheng Luo, Guoming Cheng, Wenli Yang, Zhihua Xin, Luyan Wang, Qingshui Liu


Study on Controller with Online Decision Support System for Laser-Controlled Leveling.

Yongsheng Si, Gang Liu, Yuliang Chen


Study on Knowledge Reasoning Based on Extended Formulas.

Chunyan Yang, Guanghua Wang, Yang Li, Wen Cai


Study on Photoelectric and Dynamical Control System for Fruit Sizing.

Dongxing Zhang, Jing Li


Study on Web-Based Agricultural Mechanization Decision Support System.

Minli Yang, Feng Yang, Lijuan Shi, Jieqiang Zhuo


The Complex Fuzzy Control - Enhancing tractor automatic steering precision.

Zhenghe Song, Antao Lü, Enrong Mao


ICT Supported Knowledge Transfer for Agricultural Extension - A Case in China.

Weizhe Feng, Yanqing Duan, Zetian Fu, Brian Mathews


Review of Modeling and Stimulating Human Immune Sysytem.

Hongwei Mo


Study and Application of Softman Communication Model.

Zhonggui Ma, Bin Ye, Guangping Zeng, Xuyan Tu


The Adaptive Web Server Based on Ant Behavior.

Ping Guo, Qin Xie


The Validities of PEP and Some Characteristic Formulas in Modal Logic.

Hong Zhang, Huacan He