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Digital Forensics 2011: Orlando, FL, USA

Advances in Digital Forensics VII - 7th IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference on Digital Forensics, Orlando, FL, USA, January 31 - February 2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers

Gilbert L. Peterson, Sujeet Shenoi

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 361, ISBN: 978-3-642-24211-3


Themes and Issues

The State of the Science of Digital Evidence Examination.

Frederick Cohen, Julie Lowrie, Charles Preston


An Investigative Framework for Incident Analysis.

Clive Blackwell


Cloud Forensics.

Keyun Ruan, Joe Carthy, M. Tahar Kechadi, Mark Crosbie


Forensic Techniques

Searching Massive Data Streams Using Multipattern Regular Expressions.

Jon Stewart, Joel Uckelman


Fast Content-Based File Type Identification.

Irfan Ahmed, Kyung-suk Lhee, Hyunjung Shin, Manpyo Hong


Case-Based Reasoning in Live Forensics.

Bruno W. P. Hoelz, Célia Ghedini Ralha, Frederico Mesquita


Assembling Metadata for Database Forensics.

Hector Beyers, Martin S. Olivier, Gerhard P. Hancke


Forensic Leak Detection for Business Process Models.

Rafael Accorsi, Claus Wonnemann


Analyzing Stylometric Approaches to Author Obfuscation.

Patrick Juola, Darren Vescovi


Fraud and Malware Investigations

Detecting Fraud Using Modified Benford Analysis.

Christian Winter, Markus Schneider 0002, York Yannikos


Detecting Collusive Fraud in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems.

Asadul K. Islam, Malcolm Corney, George M. Mohay, Andrew J. Clark, Shane Bracher, Tobias Raub, Ulrich Flegel


Analysis of Back-Doored Phishing Kits.

Heather McCalley, Brad Wardman, Gary Warner


Identifying Malware Using Cross-Evidence Correlation.

Anders Flaglien, Katrin Franke, André Årnes


Detecting Mobile Spam Botnets Using Artificial immune Systems.

Ickin Vural, Hein S. Venter


Network Forensics

An FPGA System for Detecting Malicious DNS Network Traffic.

Brennon Thomas, Barry E. Mullins, Gilbert L. Peterson, Robert F. Mills


Router and Interface Marking for Network Forensics.

Emmanuel S. Pilli, Ramesh Chandra Joshi, Rajdeep Niyogi


Extracting Evidence Related to VoIP Calls.

David Irwin, Jill Slay


Advanced Forensic Techniques

Sensitivity Analysis of Bayesian Networks Used in Forensic Investigations.

Michael Y. K. Kwan, Richard E. Overill, Kam-Pui Chow, Hayson Tse, Frank Y. W. Law, Pierre K. Y. Lai


Steganographic Techniques for Hiding Data in SWF Files.

Mark-Anthony Fouche, Martin S. Olivier


Evaluating Digital Forensic Options for the Apple iPad.

Andrew Hay, Dennis Krill, Benjamin Kuhar, Gilbert L. Peterson


Forensic Analysis of Plug Computers.

Scott Conrad, Greg Dorn, Philip Craiger