IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

Digital Forensics 2007: Orlando, Florida, USA

Advances in Digital Forensics III - IFIP International Conference on Digital Forensics, National Centre for Forensic Science, Orlando, Florida, January 28-31, 2007

Philip Craiger, Sujeet Shenoi

Springer, IFIP 242, ISBN: 978-0-387-73741-6


Legal Issues

Calibration Testing Of Network Tap Devices.

Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Brian Chee, Deborah A. Frincke


On the Legality of Analyzing Telephone Call Records.

Christopher Swenson, Charles Adams, Anthony Whitledge, Sujeet Shenoi


Survey of Law Enforcement Perceptions Regarding Digital Evidence.

M. Rogers, K. Scarborough, K. Frakes, C. San Martin


Insider Threat Detection

Insider Threat Analysis Using Information-Centric Modeling.

Duc T. Ha, Shambhu J. Upadhyaya, Hung Q. Ngo, Suranjan Pramanik, Ramkumar Chinchani, Sunu Mathew


An Integrated System for Insider Threat Detection.

Daniel A. Ray, Phillip G. Bradford


Rootkit Detection

Analysis of Tools for Detecting Rootkits and Hidden Processes.

Adam D. Todd, J. Benson, Gilbert L. Peterson, T. Franz, M. Stevens, Richard A. Raines


A Method for Detecting Linux Kernel Module Rootkits.

Doug Wampler, James Graham


Authorship Attribution

Future Trends in Authorship Attribution.

Patrick Juola


The Keyboard Dilemma and Authorship Identification.

Carole E. Chaski


Forensic Techniques

Factors Affecting One-Way Hashing of CD-R Media.

Christopher Marberry, Philip Craiger


Disk Drive I/O Commands and Write Blocking.

James R. Lyle, Steven Mead, Kelsey Rider


A New Process Model for Text String Searching.

Nicole Beebe, Glenn B. Dietrich


Detecting Steganography Using Multi-Class Classification.

Benjamin M. Rodriguez, Gilbert L. Peterson


Redacting Digital Information from Electronic Devices.

Alex Barclay, L. Watson, David Greer, John Hale, Gavin Manes


File Systems Forensics

In-Place File Carving.

Golden G. Richard III, Vassil Roussev, Lodovico Marziale


File System Journal Forensics.

Christopher Swenson, Raquel Phillips, Sujeet Shenoi


Network Forensics

Using Search Engines to Acquire Network Forensic Evidence.

Robert McGrew 0002, Rayford B. Vaughn


A Framework for Investigating Railroad Accidents.

Mark Hartong, Rajni Goel, Duminda Wijesekera


Portable Electronic Device Forensics

Forensic Analysis of Xbox Consoles.

Paul Burke, Philip Craiger


Super-Resolution Video Analysis for Forensic Investigations.

Ashish Gehani, John H. Reif


Evidence Analysis and Management

Specializing CRISP-DM for Evidence Mining.

Jacobus Venter, Alta de Waal, Cornelius Willers


Applying The Biba Integrity Model to Evidence Management.

Kweku Kwakye Arthur, Martin S. Olivier, Hein S. Venter


Formal Methods

Investigating Computer Attacks Using Attack Trees.

Nayot Poolsapassit, Indrajit Ray


Attack Patterns: A New Forensic and Design Tool.

Eduardo B. Fernández, Juan C. Pelaez, María M. Larrondo-Petrie