IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

Digital Forensics 2005: Orlando, Florida, USA

Advances in Digital Forensics, IFIP International Conference on Digital Forensics, National Center for Forensic Science, Orlando, Florida, February 13-16, 2005

Mark Pollitt, Sujeet Shenoi

Springer, IFIP 194, ISBN: 0-387-30012-0


Themes and Issues

Dealing with Terabyte Datasets in Digital Investigations.

Nicole Beebe, Jan Guynes Clark


Forensics and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies - Logging and Collecting Evidence in Flocks.

Martin S. Olivier


A Network-Based Architecture for Storing Digital Evidence.

Mark Davis, Gavin Manes, Sujeet Shenoi


Digital Forensics: Meeting the Challenges of Scientific Evidence.

Matthew Meyers, Marcus K. Rogers


Non-Technical Manipulation of Digital Data - Legal, Ethical and Social Issues.

Michael Losavio


Investigative Techniques

Detecting Social Engineering.

Michael D. Hoeschele, Marcus K. Rogers


A Framework for Email Investigation - Automated Information Extraction and Linkage Discovery.

Anthony G. Persaud, Yong Guan


The Mitnick Case: How Bayes Could Have Helped.

Thomas Duval, Bernard Jouga, Laurent Roger


Applying Computer Forensic Principles in Evidence Collection and Analysis for a Computer-Based Programming Assessment.

Rut Laubscher, Cobus Rabe, Martin S. Olivier, Jan H. P. Eloff, H. S. Venter


Exploring Forensic Data with Self-Organizing Maps.

Bennie Fei, Jan H. P. Eloff, H. S. Venter, Martin S. Olivier


Network Forensics

Integrating Digital Forensics in Network Infrastructures.

Kulesh Shanmugasundaram, Hervé Brönnimann, Nasir D. Memon


Using Peer-to-Peer Technology for Network Forensics.

Scott Redding


Forensic Profiling System.

Pallavi Kahai, Mannivannan Srinivasan, Kameswara Rao Namuduri


Global Internet Routing Forensics: Validation of BGP Paths Using ICMP Traceback.

Eunjong Kim, Daniel Massey, Indrajit Ray


Using Signaling Information in Telecom Network Forensics.

Tyler Moore, Anthony Meehan 0002, Gavin Manes, Sujeet Shenoi


Portable Electronic Device Forensics

Forensic Analysis of Mobile Phone Internal Memory.

Svein Yngvar Willassen


Imaging and Analysis of GSM SIM Cards.

Christopher Swenson, Gavin Manes, Sujeet Shenoi


Extracting Concealed Data from BIOS Chips.

Pavel Gershteyn, Mark Davis, Gavin Manes, Sujeet Shenoi


Linux and File System Forensics

Recovering Digital Evidence from Linux Systems.

Philip Craiger


Detecting Hidden Data in Ext2/Ext3 File Systems.

Scott Piper, Mark Davis, Gavin Manes, Sujeet Shenoi


Applications and Techniques

Forensic Analysis of Digital Image Tampering.

Gilbert L. Peterson


Content-Based Image Retrieval for Digital Forensics.

Yixin Chen, Vassil Roussev, Golden G. Richard III, Yun Gao


Making Decisions about Legal Responses to Cyber Attacks.

Leisheng Peng, Thomas C. Wingfield, Duminda Wijesekera, Emily Frye, Randall Jackson, James Bret Michael


Applying Filter Clusters to Reduce Search State Space.

Jill Slay, Kris Jorgensen


In-Kernel Cryptographic Executable Verification.

Yusuf Motara, Barry Irwin