IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

BICC 2006: Santiago, Chile

Biologically Inspired Cooperative Computing, IFIP 19th World Computer Congress, TC 10: 1st IFIP International Conference on Biologically Inspired Computing, August 21-24, 2006, Santiago, Chile

Yi Pan, Franz J. Rammig, Hartmut Schmeck, Mauricio Solar

Springer, IFIP 216, ISBN: 978-0-387-34632-8


Biological Inspiration: Just a dream? (Invited papers)

An Immune System Paradigm for the Assurance of Dependability of Collaborative Self-organizing Systems.

Algirdas Avizienis


99% (Biological) Inspiration ....

Michael G. Hinchey, Roy Sterritt


Biologically-Inspired Design: Getting It Wrong and Getting It Right.

Steve R. White


Web Organization

On Building Maps of Web Pages with a Cellular Automaton.

Hanene Azzag, David Ratsimba, David Da Costa, Christiane Guinot, Gilles Venturini


Biological Inspiration 1

Completing and Adapting Models of Biological Processes.

Tiziana Margaria, Michael G. Hinchey, Harald Raffelt, James L. Rash, Christopher A. Rouff, Bernhard Steffen


The Utility of Pollination for Autonomic Computing.

Holger Kasinger, Bernhard Bauer


Towards Distributed Reasoning for Behavioral Optimization.

Michael Cebulla


Biological Inspiration 2

Ant Based Heuristic for OS Service Distribution on Ad Hoc Networks.

Tales Heimfarth, Peter Janacik


An Artificial Hormone System for Self-organization of Networked Nodes.

Wolfgang Trumler, Tobias Thiemann, Theo Ungerer


A Biologically Motivated Computational Architecture Inspired in the Human Immunological System to Quantify Abnormal Behaviors to Detect Presence of Intruders.

Omar U. Flórez-Choque, Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas



Error Detection Techniques Applicable in an Architecture Framework and Design Methodology for Autonomic SoCs.

Abdelmajid Bouajila, Andreas Bernauer, Andreas Herkersdorf, Wolfgang Rosenstiel, Oliver Bringmann, Walter Stechele



A Reconfigurable Ethernet Switch for Self-Optimizing Communication Systems.

Björn Griese, Mario Porrmann


Learning Useful Communication Structures for Groups of Agents.

Andreas Goebels


Maintaining Communication Between an Explorer and a Base Station.

Miroslaw Dynia, Jaroslaw Kutylowski, Pawel Lorek, Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide


Mechatronics and Computer Clusters

Active Patterns for Self-Optimization.

Andreas Schmidt


Acute Stress Response for Self-optimizing Mechatronic Systems.

Holger Giese, Norma Montealegre, Thomas Müller, Simon Oberthür, Bernd Schulz


The Self Distributing Virtual Machine (SDVM): Making Computer Clusters Adaptive.

Jan Haase, Andreas Hofmann, Klaus Waldschmidt


Robotics and Sensor Networks

Teleworkbench: An Analysis Tool for Multi-Robotic Experiments.

Andry Tanoto, Jia Lei Du, Ulf Witkowski, Ulrich Rückert


Trading off Impact and Mutation of Knowledge by Cooperatively Learning Robots.

Willi Richert, Bernd Kleinjohann, Lisa Kleinjohann


Emergent Distribution of Operating System Services in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Peter Janacik, Tales Heimfarth