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18. DSOM 2007: San José, CA, USA

Managing Virtualization of Networks and Services, 18th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management, DSOM 2007, San José, CA, USA, October 29-31, 2007, Proceedings

Alexander Clemm, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Rolf Stadler

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4785, ISBN: 978-3-540-75693-4


Decentralized and Peer-to-Peer Management

Botnets for Scalable Management.

Jérôme François, Radu State, Olivier Festor


Self-organizing Monitoring Agents for Hierarchical Event Correlation.

Bin Zhang 0007, Ehab Al-Shaer


Market-Based Hierarchical Resource Management Using Machine Learning.

Ramy Farha, Alberto Leon-Garcia


Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Probabilistic Fault Diagnosis Using Adaptive Probing.

Maitreya Natu, Adarshpal S. Sethi


Fault Representation in Case-Based Reasoning.

Ha Manh Tran, Jürgen Schönwälder


Fault Detection in Autonomic Networks Using the Concept of Promised Cooperation.

Remi Badonnel, Mark Burgess


Performance Tuning and Dimensioning

On Fully Distributed Adaptive Load Balancing.

David Breitgand, Rami Cohen, Amir Nahir, Danny Raz


Smart Dimensioning of IP Network Links.

Remco van de Meent, Michel Mandjes, Aiko Pras


Managing Performance of Aging Applications Via Synchronized Replica Rejuvenation.

Artur Andrzejak, Monika Moser, Luís Moura Silva


Problem Detection and Mitigation

Dependency Detection Using a Fuzzy Engine.

Dimitrios Dechouniotis, Xenofontas A. Dimitropoulos, Andreas Kind, Spyros G. Denazis


Bottleneck Detection Using Statistical Intervention Analysis.

Simon Malkowski, Markus Hedwig, Jason Parekh, Calton Pu, Akhil Sahai


Mitigating the Lying-Endpoint Problem in Virtualized Network Access Frameworks.

Ravi Sahita, Uday Savagaonkar, Prashant Dewan, David Durham


Operations and Tools

On the Risk Exposure and Priority Determination of Changes in IT Service Management.

Jacques Philippe Sauvé, Rodrigo A. Santos, Rodrigo R. Almeida, José Antão Beltrão Moura


Assessing Operational Impact in Enterprise Systems by Mining Usage Patterns.

Mark Moss, Calton Pu


Virtualization-Based Techniques for Enabling Multi-tenant Management Tools.

Chang-Hao Tsai, Yaoping Ruan, Sambit Sahu, Anees Shaikh, Kang G. Shin


Short Papers

Offloading IP Flows onto Lambda-Connections.

Tiago Fioreze, Mattijs Oude Wolbers, Remco van de Meent, Aiko Pras


Virtualized Interoperability Testing: Application to IPv6 Network Mobility.

Ariel Sabiguero, Anthony Baire, Antoine Boutet, César Viho


NADA - Network Anomaly Detection Algorithm.

Silvia Farraposo, Philippe Owezarski, Edmundo Monteiro


IT Service Management Automation - An Automation Centric Approach Leveraging Configuration Control, Audit Verification and Process Analytics.

Naga Ayachitula, Melissa J. Buco, Yixin Diao, Bradford Fisher, David Loewenstern, Christopher Ward


Proposal on Network-Wide Rollback Scheme for Fast Recovery from Operator Errors.

Kiyohito Yoshihara, Daisuke Arai, Akira Idoue, Hiroki Horiuchi


Service Accounting and Auditing

AURIC: A Scalable and Highly Reusable SLA Compliance Auditing Framework.

Hasan, Burkhard Stiller


Customer Service Management for Grid Monitoring and Accounting Data.

Timo Baur, Samah Bel Haj Saad


LINUBIA: A Linux-Supported User-Based IP Accounting.

Cristian Morariu, Manuel Feier, Burkhard Stiller


Web Services and Management

Efficient Web Services Event Reporting and Notifications by Task Delegation.

Aimilios Chourmouziadis, George Pavlou


Transactions for Distributed Wikis on Structured Overlays.

Stefan Plantikow, Alexander Reinefeld, Florian Schintke