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12. DSOM 2001: Nancy, France

Operations & Management, 12th International Workshop on Distributed Systems, DSOM 2001, Nancy, France, October 15-17, 2001. Proceedings

Olivier Festor, Aiko Pras

INRIA, Rocquencourt, France, ISBN: 2-7261-1190-4


Performance Management

A Business-Oriented Approach to the Design of Feedback Loops for Performance Management.

Yixin Diao, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Sujay S. Parekh


A Methodology for Performance Analysis of Real-Time Continuous Media Applications.

José Luiz A. da Fonseca, Michael A. Stanton


Service Provisioning

Dynamic Service Provisioning: A User-Centric Approach.

Gabi Dreo Rodosek, Lundy Lewis


Provisioning Voice Over Packet Networks: A Metadata Driven, Service Object Based Approach.

Jung Tjong, Prakash Bettadapur, Alexander Clemm


IP Network Configurator: An Infrastructure For IP Network And Services Provisioning.

Tejas Naik, George K. Swanson, Subrata Mazumdar, Parthiphan Krishnan, Roshan Sequeira, Ganesan Ramu


Fault Management

Rule Induction of Computer Events.

Ricardo Vilalta, Sheng Ma, Joseph L. Hellerstein


Optimizing Probe Selection for Fault Localization.

Mark Brodie, Irina Rish, Sheng Ma


Agents & Active Technologies

A Mobile Agent-based Model for Service Management in Virtual Active Networks.

Fábio Luciano Verdi, Edmundo R. M. Madeira


Distributed Service Deployment over Programmable Networks.

Robert Haas, Patrick Droz, Burkhard Stiller


Call Management using Software Agents.

Rita Marques, Bruno Marques, Raúl Teixeira de Oliveira


Service Depedencies

Managing Dynamic Service Dependencies.

Peer Hasselmeyer


Dependency Analysis in Distributed Systems using Fault Injection: Application to Problem Determination in an e-commerce Environment.

Saurabh Bagchi, Gautam Kar, Joseph L. Hellerstein


QoS Management

An Approach for Integrated Management of Networks with Quality of Service Support Using QAME.

Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Márcio Bartz Ceccon, Liane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco, Maria Janilce Bosquiroli Almeida, Alexandre da Silva Carissimi


Quality of Service Management for the Virtual Home Environment.

Alvin Yew, Christos Bohoris, Antonio Liotta, George Pavlou


SLS to DiffServ configuration mappings.

Alberto Gonzalez Prieto, Marcus Brunner


Application Management & Customer Care

An End-User's Perspective on Application Management.

Pankaj K. Garg


Towards a CIM Schema for RunTime Application Management.

Alexander Keller, Heather Kreger, Karl Schopmeyer


Architecture for an Automated Management Instrumentation of Component Based Applications.

Rainer Hauck


Automated Ticketing of Email for ISP Customer Care.

John Buford, David Bowie, Xiaolan Huanga, Mary Madya


Policies languages and IP applications

A Logic-based Policy Definition Language for Network Management.

Yongxin Li, Ming Chen 0003, Xuping Jiang, Lihua Song


Distributed Policy-based Management Enabling Policy Adaptation on Monitoring using Active Network Technology.

Kiyohito Yoshihara, Manabu Isomura, Hiroki Horiuchi


Automatic Generation of IPSec/VPN Security Policies In an Intra-Domain Environment.

Zhi Fu, Shyhtsun Felix Wu


Management Engineering

Predictable configuration management in a randomized scheduling framework.

Mark Burgess, Frode Eika Sandnes


A Study of the Behaviour of the Simple Network Management Protocol.

Colin Pattinson


Supporting views in network management systems.

Carlos Palma, Luís Rodrigues


Delegation of Tasks and Rights.

Gerald Vogt