IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

10. DAIS 2010: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems, 10th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, DAIS 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 7-9, 2010. Proceedings

Frank Eliassen, Rüdiger Kapitza

ISBN: 978-3-642-13644-3


Ubiquitous Services and Applications

RESTful Integration of Heterogeneous Devices in Pervasive Environments.

Daniel Romero 0002, Gabriel Hermosillo, Amirhosein Taherkordi, Russel Nzekwa, Romain Rouvoy, Frank Eliassen


Hosting and Using Services with QoS Guarantee in Self-adaptive Service Systems.

Shanshan Jiang, Svein O. Hallsteinsen, Paolo Barone, Alessandro Mamelli, Stephan Mehlhase, Ulrich Scholz


Grid Computing

Validating Evolutionary Algorithms on Volunteer Computing Grids.

Travis J. Desell, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Boleslaw K. Szymanski, Carlos A. Varela, Heidi Jo Newberg, David P. Anderson


A Reconfiguration Language for Virtualized Grid Infrastructures.

Rémy Pottier, Marc Léger, Jean-Marc Menaud


Sensor Networks

Distributed Object-Oriented Programming with RFID Technology.

Andoni Lombide Carreton, Kevin Pinte, Wolfgang De Meuter


WISeMid: Middleware for Integrating Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet.

Jeisa P. O. Domingues, Antonio Vicente Lourenço Damaso, Nelson S. Rosa


Context Awareness

Structured Context Prediction: A Generic Approach.

Matthias Meiners, Sonja Zaplata, Winfried Lamersdorf


Service Orientation

Experiments in Model Driven Composition of User Interfaces.

Audrey Occello, Cédric Joffroy, Anne-Marie Pinna-Dery


Service Discovery in Ubiquitous Feedback Control Loops.

Daniel Romero 0002, Romain Rouvoy, Lionel Seinturier, Pierre Carton


Distributed Fault Tolerant Controllers

QoS Self-configuring Failure Detectors for Distributed Systems.

Alirio Santos de Sá, Raimundo José de Araújo Macêdo


Distributed Fault Tolerant Controllers.

Leonardo Mostarda, Rudi Ball, Naranker Dulay


Cloud and Cluster Computing

Automatic Software Deployment in the Azure Cloud.

Jacek Cala, Paul Watson


G2CL: A Generic Group Communication Layer for Clustered Applications.

Leandro Sales, Henrique Teofilo, Nabor C. Mendonça


Adaptive and (Re)configurable Systems

Dynamic Composition of Cross-Organizational Features in Distributed Software Systems.

Stefan Walraven, Bert Lagaisse, Eddy Truyen, Wouter Joosen


Co-ordinated Utility-Based Adaptation of Multiple Applications on Resource-Constrained Mobile Devices.

Ulrich Scholz, Stephan Mehlhase


Collaborative Systems

gradienTv: Market-Based P2P Live Media Streaming on the Gradient Overlay.

Amir H. Payberah, Jim Dowling, Fatemeh Rahimian, Seif Haridi


Collaborative Ranking and Profiling: Exploiting the Wisdom of Crowds in Tailored Web Search.

Pascal Felber, Peter Kropf, Lorenzo Leonini, Toan Luu, Martin Rajman, Etienne Riviere