IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

8. DAIS 2008: Oslo, Norway

Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems, 8th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, DAIS 2008, Oslo, Norway, June 4-6, 2008. Proceedings

René Meier, Sotirios Terzis

ISBN: 978-3-540-68639-2


Service Orientation

iSOAMM: An Independent SOA Maturity Model.

Christoph Rathfelder, Henning Groenda


Describing Component Collaboration Using Goal Sequences.

Cyril Carrez, Jacqueline Floch, Richard Torbjørn Sanders


Adaptive and Fault-Tolerant Service Composition in Peer-to-Peer Systems.

Vivian Prinz, Florian Fuchs, Peter Ruppel, Christoph Gerdes, Alan Southall


QoS Management and Composition

Decentralised QoS-Management in Service Oriented Architectures.

Markus Schmid, Reinhold Kröger


QoS-Based Service Provision Schemes and Plan Durability in Service Composition.

Koramit Pichanaharee, Twittie Senivongse


Dependability and Reliability

Towards Middleware for Fault-Tolerance in Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems.

Jaiganesh Balasubramanian, Aniruddha S. Gokhale, Douglas C. Schmidt, Nanbor Wang


Using Object Replication for Building a Dependable Version Control System.

Rüdiger Kapitza, Peter Baumann, Hans P. Reiser


Recovery Mechanisms for Semantic Web Services.

Kevin Wiesner, Roman Vaculín, Martin J. Kollingbaum, Katia P. Sycara


A Multi-stage Approach for Reliable Dynamic Reconfigurations of Component-Based Systems.

Pierre-Charles David, Marc Léger, Hervé Grall, Thomas Ledoux, Thierry Coupaye


Peer-to-Peer Overlays

Virtual Overlays: An Approach to the Management of Competing or Collaborating Overlay Structures.

Paul M. Okanda, Sebastian Steinhauer, Gordon S. Blair


Tree-Based Analysis of Mesh Overlays for Peer-to-Peer Streaming.

Bartosz Biskupski, Marc Schiely, Pascal Felber, René Meier


Managing Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming Applications.

Raymond Cunningham, Bartosz Biskupski, René Meier



Dynamic Adaptability for Smart Environments.

Daniel Retkowitz, Mark Stegelmann


Brokering Planning Metadata in a P2P Environment.

Johannes Oudenstad, Romain Rouvoy, Frank Eliassen, Eli Gjørven


Adaptive Web Service Migration.

Holger Schmidt, Rüdiger Kapitza, Franz J. Hauck, Hans P. Reiser


Model-Driven Development

A Model-Driven Approach for Developing Adaptive Software Systems.

Thomas Hamann, Gerald Hübsch, Thomas Springer


Model-Based Performance Instrumentation of Distributed Applications.

Jan Schaefer, Jeanne Stynes, Reinhold Kröger


Implementing a Data Distribution Variant with a Metamodel, Some Models and a Transformation.

Eveline Kaboré, Antoine Beugnard


Components, Protocols and Interactions

Facilitating Gossip Programming with the GossipKit Framework.

Shen Lin 0003, François Taïani, Gordon S. Blair


Cost-Efficient Deployment of Collaborating Components.

Máté J. Csorba, Poul E. Heegaard, Peter Herrmann


STUNT Enhanced Java RMI.

Oliver Haase, Wolfgang Reiser, Jürgen Wäsch


Facilitating Complex Web Service Interactions through a Tuplespace Binding.

Daniel Wutke, Daniel Martin, Frank Leymann


Perasive Computing

A Comprehensive Context Modeling Framework for Pervasive Computing Systems.

Roland Reichle, Michael Wagner 0001, Mohammad Ullah Khan, Kurt Geihs, Jorge Lorenzo, Massimo Valla, Cristina Fra, Nearchos Paspallis, George A. Papadopoulos


Rapid Prototyping of Routing Protocols with Evolving Tuples.

Drew Stovall, Christine Julien