IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

11. CNSM 2015: Barcelona, Spain

11th International Conference on Network and Service Management, CNSM 2015, Barcelona, Spain, November 9-13, 2015

Mauro Tortonesi, Jürgen Schönwälder

IFIP Open Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, ISBN: 978-3-901882-77-7


MS1: Fault Management

LogCluster - a data clustering and pattern mining algorithm for event logs

Risto Vaarandi, Mauno Pihelgas


Proactive Failure Detection Learning Generation Patterns of Large-scale Network Logs

Tatsuaki Kimura, Akio Watanabe, Tsuyoshi Toyono, Keisuke Ishibashi


Recommending Ticket Resolution using Feature Adaptation

Wubai Zhou, Tao Li, Larisa Shwartz, Genady Grabarnik


MS2: Cloud Management

Design of a Hierarchical Software-Defined Storage System for Data-Intensive Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications

Pieter-Jan Maenhaut, Hendrik Moens, Bruno Volckaert, Veerle Ongenae, Filip De Turck


Forecasting Methods for Cloud Hosted Resources, a comparison

Manrich van Greunen, Herman Engelbrecht


ICC: An Incentive-Compatible Inter-Cloud Communication Traffic Management Mechanism

Manos Dramitinos, George Stamoulis


A Resource Allocation Mechanism for Video Mixing as a Cloud Computing Service in Multimedia Conferencing Applications

Abbas Soltanian, Mohammad Salahuddin, Halima Elbiaze, Roch Glitho


MS3: Network Function Virtualization and Security

On Orchestrating Virtual Network Functions

Md. Faizul Bari, Shihabur Rahman Chowdhury, Reaz Ahmed, Raouf Boutaba


Behavioral and Dynamic Security Functions Chaining For Android Devices

Gaëtan Hurel, Remi Badonnel, Abdelkader Lahmadi, Olivier Festor


VGuard: A Distributed Denial of Service Attack Mitigation Method using Network Function Virtualization

Carol Fung, Bill McCormick


A Research Process that Ensures Reproducible Network Security Research

Sebastian Abt, Harald Baier


MS4: Autonomic, QoS/QoE, and Mobile Management

A Framework for Autonomic, Ontology-based IT Management

Fabian Meyer, Reinhold Kroeger


Modeling the Impact of QoS Pricing on ISP Integrated Services and OTT Services

Wei Dai, Ji Won Baek, Scott Jordan


On the Limits of PCI Auto Configuration and Reuse in 4G/5G Ultra Dense Networks

Stephen Mwanje, Janne Ali-Tolppa, Henning Sanneck


TS1: Software-Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization

Abstract Model of SDN Architectures Enabling Comprehensive Performance Comparisons

Tatsuya Sato, Yasuhiro Sato, Shingo Ata, Ikuo Oka


Virtual Network Functions Orchestration in Wireless Networks

Roberto Riggio, Abbas Bradai, Tinku Rasheed, Julius Schulz-Zander, Slawomir Kuklinski, Toufik Ahmed


DynSDM: Dynamic and Flexible Software-Defined Multicast for ISP Environments

Julius Rückert, Jeremias Blendin, Rhaban Hark, David Hausheer


TS2: Management of Clouds

PRACTISE: Robust Prediction of Data Center Time Series

Ji Xue, Feng Yan, Robert Birke, Lydia Chen, Thomas Scherer, Evgenia Smirni


Predicting service metrics for cluster-based services using real-time analytics

Rerngvit Yanggratoke, Jawwad Ahmed, John Ardelius, Christofer Flinta, Andreas Johnsson, Daniel Gillblad, Rolf Stadler


Computing Resource Transformation, Consolidation and Decomposition in Hybrid Clouds

Jinho Hwang


PS1: Poster Session 1

Towards HSS as a Virtualized Service for 5G Networks

Hanieh Alipour, Fatna Belqasmi, Mohammad Abu-Lebdeh, Roch Glitho


State-of-the-Art Multihoming Solutions for Android: a Quantitative Evaluation and Experience Report

Paolo Bellavista, Luca Stornaiuolo


Impact of Revenue-Driven CDN on the Competition among Network Operators

Patrick Maillé, Gwendal Simon, Bruno Tuffin


Certifying Spoofing-Protection of Firewalls

Cornelius Diekmann, Lukas Schwaighofer, Georg Carle


Modelling of IP Geolocation by use of Latency Measurements

Peter Hillmann, Lars Stiemert, Gabi Dreo Rodosek, Oliver Rose


Traffic Flow Analysis of Tor Pluggable Transports

Khalid Shahbar, Nur Zincir-Heywood


Dynamically Adaptive Policies for Dynamically Adaptive Telecommunications Networks

Sven van der Meer, John Keeney, Liam Fallon


On Selective Compression of Primary Data

Gabriel Alatorre, Nagapramod Mandagere, Yang Song, Heiko Ludwig


TS3: Management of Clouds and Network Virtualization

Fault-tolerant application placement in heterogeneous cloud environments

Bart Spinnewyn, Bart Braem, Steven Latré


Experiments or Simulation? A Characterization of Evaluation Methods for In-Memory Databases

Karsten Molka, Giuliano Casale


SiMPLE: Survivability in Multi-Path Link Embedding

Md Mashrur Alam Khan, Nashid Shahriar, Reaz Ahmed, Raouf Boutaba


TS4: Flow and QoS/QOE Measurements

Dictyogram: A statistical approach for the definition and visualization of network flow categories

David Muelas, Miguel Gordo, José Luis García-Dorado, Jorge López de Vergara


Behind the NAT - A Measurement Based Evaluation of Cellular Service Quality

Fabian Kaup, Foivos Michelinakis, Nicola Bui, Joerg Widmer, Katarzyna Wac, David Hausheer


Taming QoE in Cellular Networks: from Subjective Lab Studies to Measurements in the Field

Pedro Casas, Bruno Gardlo, Michael Seufert, Florian Wamser, Raimund Schatz


PS2: Poster Session 2

Towards Composite Semantic Reasoning for Realtime Network Management Data Enrichment

John Keeney, Wei Tai, Liam Fallon, Declan O'Sullivan


A Fast Algorithm for Detecting Anomalous Changes in Network Traffic

Tingshan Huang, Harish Sethu, Nagarajan Kandasamy


Impact of Intermediate Layer on Quality of Experience of HTTP Adaptive Streaming

Michael Seufert, Tobias Hoßfeld, Christian Sieber


Just-in-time server procurement to private cloud for mobile thin-client service

Fumio Machida, Shunsuke Kohno, Kosuke Maebara, Masayuki Nakagawa


Modeling Service Variability in Complex Service Delivery Operations

Yixin Diao, Larisa Shwartz


Deterministic Flow Marking for IPv6 Traceback (DFM6)

Vahid Aghaei Foroushani, Nur Zincir-Heywood


Ant Colony Optimization for QoE-Centric Flow Routing in Software-Defined Networks

Ognjen Dobrijevic, Matija Santl, Maja Matijasevic


A Scalable Source Multipath Routing Architecture for Datacenter Networks

Wen-Kang Jia, Gen-Hen Liu, Yaw-Chung Chen


TS5: Management of Wireless and Mobile Networks

Real-Time Data Reduction at the Network Edge of Internet-of-Things Systems

Apostolos Papageorgiou, Bin Cheng, Ernö Kovacs


Exploiting Short-Range Cooperation for Energy Efficient Vertical Handover Operations

Xenofon Foukas, Kimon Kontovasilis, Mahesh Marina


Evaluating Device-to-Device Content Delivery Potential on a Mobile ISP's Dataset

Leonhard Nobach, Yannick Lelouedec, David Hausheer


TS6: Management of Multimedia Applications and Network Search

An Announcement-based Caching Approach for Video-on-Demand Streaming

Maxim Claeys, Niels Bouten, Danny De Vleeschauwer, Werner Van Leekwijck, Steven Latré, Filip De Turck


Design and Evaluation of Elastic Media Resource Allocation Algorithms using CloudSim Extensions

Rafael Xavier, Hendrik Moens, Bruno Volckaert, Filip De Turck


Spatial Search in Networked Systems

Misbah Uddin, Rolf Stadler, Alexander Clemm