IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

CNSM 2012: Las Vegas, NV, USA

8th International Conference on Network and Service Management, CNSM 2012, Las Vegas, NV, USA, October 22-26, 2012

IEEE, ISBN: 978-1-4673-3134-0


A novel Energy-Saving Management mechanism in cellular networks.

Peng Yu, Wenjing Li, Xuesong Qiu


Comfort-aware home energy management under market-based Demand-Response.

Jin Xiao, Jian Li, Raouf Boutaba, James Won-Ki Hong


TEStore: Exploiting thermal and energy storage to cut the electricity bill for datacenter cooling.

Yanwei Zhang, Yefu Wang, Xiaorui Wang


Network-aware impact determination algorithms for service workflow deployment in hybrid clouds.

Hendrik Moens, Eddy Truyen, Stefan Walraven, Wouter Joosen, Bart Dhoedt, Filip De Turck


Efficient and secure data storage operations for mobile cloud computing.

Zhibin Zhou, Dijiang Huang


Failure analysis of distributed scientific workflows executing in the cloud.

Taghrid Samak, Dan Gunter, Monte Goode, Ewa Deelman, Gideon Juve, Fabio Silva, Karan Vahi


Distributed oblivious load balancing using prioritized job replication.

Amir Nahir, Ariel Orda, Danny Raz


K-sparse approximation for traffic histogram dimensionality reduction.

Atef Abdelkefi, Yuming Jiang, Xenofontas Dimitropoulos


SLA-aware resource over-commit in an IaaS cloud.

David Breitgand, Zvi Dubitzky, Amir Epstein, Alex Glikson, Inbar Shapira


Hidden anomaly detection in telecommunication networks.

Anne Bouillard, Aurore Junier, Benoit Ronot


Fine-grain diagnosis of overlay performance anomalies using end-point network experiences.

Fida Gillani, Ehab Al-Shaer, Mostafa H. Ammar, Mehmet Demirci


Decentralized detection of SLA violations using P2P technology.

Jéferson Campos Nobre, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Alexander Clemm, Alberto Gonzalez Prieto


Planning in the large: Efficient generation of IT change plans on large infrastructures.

Sebastian Hagen, Weverton Luis da Costa Cordeiro, Luciano Paschoal Gaspary, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Michael Seibold, Alfons Kemper


Predicting response times for the Spotify backend.

Rerngvit Yanggratoke, Gunnar Kreitz, Mikael Goldmann, Rolf Stadler


An autonomous topology management framework for QoS enabled P2P video streaming systems.

Ihsan Ullah, Guillaume Doyen, Grégory Bonnet, Dominique Gaïti


Path inference in data center networks.

Kyriaki Levanti, Vijay Gopalakrishnan, Hyong S. Kim, Seungjoon Lee, Emmanuil Mavrogiorgis, Aman Shaikh


Adaptive data management for self-protecting objects in cloud computing systems.

Anna Cinzia Squicciarini, Giuseppe Petracca, Elisa Bertino


ACRA: A unified admission control and resource allocation framework for virtualized environments.

Dimitrios Dechouniotis, Nikolaos Leontiou, Nikolaos Athanasopoulos, George Bitsoris, Spyros G. Denazis


Load balancer discovery for the data center: A holistic approach.

Joel W. Branch, Michael Nidd, Riidiger Rissmann


A new approach to the design of flexible cloud management platforms.

Juliano Araujo Wickboldt, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Fabian Schneider


Decision model for provisioning virtual resources in Amazon EC2.

Cheng Tian, Ying Wang, Feng Qi, Bo Yin


MobiCloud: A geo-distributed mobile cloud computing platform.

Tianyi Xing, Dijiang Huang, Shingo Ata, Deep Medhi


CloudDT: Efficient tape resource management using deduplication in cloud backup and archival services.

Abdullah Gharaibeh, Cornel Constantinescu, Maohua Lu, Anurag Sharma, Ramani Routray, Prasenjit Sarkar, David Pease, Matei Ripeanu


VMPatrol: Dynamic and automated QoS for virtual machine migrations.

Vijay Mann, Anilkumar Vishnoi, Aakash Iyer, Parantapa Bhattacharya


Towards cloud services marketplaces.

Rahul P. Akolkar, Tom Chefalas, Jim Laredo, Chang-Shing Perng, Anca Sailer, Frank Schaffa, Ignacio Silva-Lepe, Tao Tao


A moving zone based architecture for message dissemination in VANETs.

Sashi Gurung, Anna Cinzia Squicciarini, Dan Lin, Ozan K. Tonguz


Divide and share: A new approach for optimizing backup resource allocation in LTE mobile networks backhaul.

Daniel Philip Venmani, Yvon Gourhant, Djamal Zeghlache


Hierarchical adaptive QoS control for voting-based data collection in hostile scenarios.

Mohammad Rabby, Kaliappa Ravindran, Kevin A. Kwiat


An effective cooperation mechanism among multi-devices in ubiquitous network.

Shao-yong Guo, Lanlan Rui, Xuesong Qiu, Luoming Meng


A radio resource management framework for TVWS exploitation under an auction-based approach.

Athina Bourdena, Evangelos Pallis, Georgios Kormentzas, George Mastorakis


Implementing an enterprise business context model for defining mobile broadband policy.

Rebecca Copeland, Noël Crespi


Multi-network packet scheduling based on vehicular ad hoc network applications.

Rodolfo Ipolito Meneguette, Edmundo R. M. Madeira, Luiz F. Bittencourt


Managing sensing and cooperation to analyze PUE attacks in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks.

Julio Soto, Saulo Queiroz, Michele Nogueira


Distributed state machines: A declarative framework for the management of distributed systems.

Jorge Lobo, David Wood, Dinesh C. Verma, Seraphin B. Calo


Self-service financial control and organizational governance in cloud.

Chunqiang Tang, Chang-Shing Perng, Salman Abdul Baset


Relay-aided failover in wireless networks using adaptive power and rate unicast scheduling.

Izhak Rubin, Choo-Chin Tan


New ILP formulations for multicast routing in sparse-splitting optical networks.

Ju-Won Park, Chan Kyou Hwang, Young-Woo Lee


Performance evaluation of a distributed and probabilistic network monitoring approach.

Rebecca Steinert, Daniel Gillblad


Towards an efficient verification approach on network configuration.

Khalid Elbadawi, Yongning Tang, James Yu


Service level management for iterative pre-copy live migration.

Thomas Treutner, Helmut Hlavacs


Effort instrumentation and management in service delivery environments.

Melissa J. Buco, Daniela Rosu, Dikran S. Meliksetian, Frederick Wu, Nikos Anerousis


A CIM-based framework to manage monitoring adaptability.

Audrey Moui, Thierry Desprats, Emmanuel Lavinal, Michelle Sibilla


User-driven design of ontology-based, context-aware and self-learning continuous care applications.

Femke Ongenae, Filip De Turck


A dynamic request dispatching system for IT service management.

David Loewenstern, Yixin Diao


Managing the upcoming ubiquitous computing.

Denis Carvin, Philippe Owezarski, Pascal Berthou


Towards a robust and green internet backbone network.

Xuezhou Ma, Khaled Harfoush


Energy-efficient virtual machine scheduling in performance-asymmetric multi-core architectures.

Yefu Wang, Xiaorui Wang, Yuan Chen


Scissors: Dealing with header redundancies in data centers through SDN.

Kalapriya Kannan, Subhasis Banerjee


Analysis of operational data to improve performance in service delivery systems.

Yixin Diao, Aliza Heching


Dynamic resource allocation with management objectives - Implementation for an OpenStack cloud.

Fetahi Wuhib, Rolf Stadler, Hans Lindgren


Provable configuration planning for wireless sensor networks.

Qi Duan, Saeed Al-Haj, Ehab Al-Shaer


A green framework for energy efficient management in TDMA-based Wireless Mesh Networks.

Ahmed Amokrane, Rami Langar, Raouf Boutaba, Guy Pujolle


Improving QoE of SIP-based automated voice interaction in mobile networks.

Jakub Dolezal, Lukas Kencl


QoE optimization through in-network quality adaptation for HTTP Adaptive Streaming.

Niels Bouten, Jeroen Famaey, Steven Latré, Rafael Huysegems, Bart De Vleeschauwer, Werner Van Leekwijck, Filip De Turck


Reliable operational services in MANETs by misbehavior-tolerant quorum systems.

Elisa Mannes, Michele Nogueira, Aldri Luiz dos Santos


Adaptive monitoring: A framework to adapt passive monitoring using probing.

Deepak Jeswani, Maitreya Natu, Ratan K. Ghosh


Collaborative remediation of configuration vulnerabilities in autonomic networks and systems.

Martín Barrère, Remi Badonnel, Olivier Festor


Empowering self-diagnosis with self-modeling.

Carole Hounkonnou, Eric Fabre


An architecture for overlaying private clouds on public providers.

Mark Shtern, Bradley Simmons, Michael Smit, Marin Litoiu


Security-aware optimal resource allocation for virtual network embedding.

Leonardo Richter Bays, Rodrigo Ruas Oliveira, Luciana Salete Buriol, Antônio Marinho Pilla Barcellos, Luciano Paschoal Gaspary


DCSim: A data centre simulation tool for evaluating dynamic virtualized resource management.

Michael Tighe, Gastón Keller, Michael Bauer, Hanan Lutfiyya


Network port profiles based provisioning and deployment models for virtual networking.

Hemal V. Shah, John Parchem, Shishir Pardikar, Lawrence Lamers


Managing OVF applications under SLA constraints on contrail virtual execution platform.

Yvon Jégou, Piyush Harsh, Roberto G. Cascella, Florian Dudouet, Christine Morin


An analysis of first fit heuristics for the virtual machine relocation problem.

Gastón Keller, Michael Tighe, Hanan Lutfiyya, Michael Bauer


Autoconfiguration of enterprise-class application deployment in virtualized infrastructure using OVF activation mechanisms.

Fermín Galán, Miguel Gómez, Fernando de la Iglesia, Ignacio Blasco, Daniel Morán


Genetic algorithms for energy efficient virtualized data centers.

Helmut Hlavacs, Thomas Treutner


Cloud service recommendation and selection for enterprises.

Shixing Yan, Chunqing Chen, Guopeng Zhao, Bu-Sung Lee


Using open standards for interoperability issues, solutions, and challenges facing cloud computing.

Piyush Harsh, Florian Dudouet, Roberto G. Cascella, Yvon Jégou, Christine Morin