IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

13. Communications and Multimedia Security 2012: Canterbury, UK

Communications and Multimedia Security - 13th IFIP TC 6/TC 11 International Conference, CMS 2012, Canterbury, UK, September 3-5, 2012. Proceedings

Bart De Decker, David W. Chadwick

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7394, ISBN: 978-3-642-32804-6


Research Papers

Robust Resampling Detection in Digital Images.

Hieu Cuong Nguyen, Stefan Katzenbeisser


Feature Selection on Handwriting Biometrics: Security Aspects of Artificial Forgeries.

Karl Kümmel, Tobias Scheidat, Claus Vielhauer, Jana Dittmann


Security Analysis of Image-Based PUFs for Anti-counterfeiting.

Saloomeh Shariati, François Koeune, François-Xavier Standaert


Document Authentication Using 2D Codes: Maximizing the Decoding Performance Using Statistical Inference.

Mouhamadou L. Diong, Patrick Bas, Chloé Pelle, Wadih Sawaya


Data-Minimizing Authentication Goes Mobile.

Patrik Bichsel, Jan Camenisch, Bart De Decker, Jorn Lapon, Vincent Naessens, Dieter Sommer


No Tradeoff between Confidentiality and Performance: An Analysis on H.264/SVC Partial Encryption.

Zhuo Wei, Xuhua Ding, Robert Huijie Deng, Yongdong Wu


Work in Progress

Computer-Aided Contact-Less Localization of Latent Fingerprints in Low-Resolution CWL Scans.

Andrey Makrushin, Tobias Kiertscher, Robert Fischer, Stefan Gruhn, Claus Vielhauer, Jana Dittmann


A Method for Reducing the Risk of Errors in Digital Forensic Investigations.

Graeme Horsman, Christopher Laing, Paul Vickers


Short Term Template Aging Effects on Biometric Dynamic Handwriting Authentication Performance.

Tobias Scheidat, Karl Kümmel, Claus Vielhauer


A New Approach to Commutative Watermarking-Encryption.

Roland Schmitz, Shujun Li, Christos Grecos, Xinpeng Zhang


Systematic Engineering of Control Protocols for Covert Channels.

Steffen Wendzel, Jörg Keller


Efficiency of Secure Network Coding Schemes.

Elke Franz, Stefan Pfennig, André Fischer


A New Approach for Private Searches on Public-Key Encrypted Data.

Amar Siad


Multi-level Authentication Based Single Sign-On for IMS Services.

Mohamed Maachaoui, Anas Abou El Kalam, Christian Fraboul, Abdellah Ait Ouahman


Extended Abstracts

Are 128 Bits Long Keys Possible in Watermarking?

Patrick Bas, Teddy Furon


Predicate-Tree Based Pretty Good Privacy of Data.

William Perrizo, Arjun G. Roy


OOXML File Analysis of the July 22nd Terrorist Manual.

Hanno Langweg


Privacy-Preserving Scheduling Mechanism for eHealth Systems.

Milica Milutinovic, Vincent Naessens, Bart De Decker


Cuteforce Analyzer: Implementing a Heterogeneous Bruteforce Cluster with Specialized Coprocessors.

Jürgen Fuß, Wolfgang Kastl, Robert Kolmhofer, Georg Schönberger, Florian Wex


A Framework for Enforcing User-Based Authorization Policies on Packet Filter Firewalls.

André Zúquete, Pedro Correia, Miguel Rocha


From Biometrics to Forensics: A Feature Collection and First Feature Fusion Approaches for Latent Fingerprint Detection Using a Chromatic White Light (CWL) Sensor.

Robert Fischer, Tobias Kiertscher, Stefan Gruhn, Tobias Scheidat, Claus Vielhauer


Practical Revocable Anonymous Credentials.

Jan Hajny, Lukas Malina



Privacy Management in Global Organisations.

Siani Pearson


From Panopticon to Fresnel, Dispelling a False Sense of Security.

Jon Crowcroft, Ian Brown