IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

11. Communications and Multimedia Security 2010: Linz, Austria

Communications and Multimedia Security, 11th IFIP TC 6/TC 11 International Conference, CMS 2010, Linz, Austria, May 31 - June 2, 2010. Proceedings

Bart De Decker, Ingrid Schaumüller-Bichl

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6109, ISBN: 978-3-642-13240-7


WiFi and RF Security

A Scalable Wireless Routing Protocol Secure against Route Truncation Attacks.

Amitabh Saxena, Ben Soh


Probabilistic Vehicular Trace Reconstruction Based on RF-Visual Data Fusion.

Saif Al-Kuwari, Stephen D. Wolthusen


XML and Web Services Security

Throwing a MonkeyWrench into Web Attackers Plans.

Armin Büscher, Michael Meier 0001, Ralf Benzmüller


Security in OpenSocial-Instrumented Social Networking Services.

Matthias Häsel, Luigi Lo Iacono


Security for XML Data Binding.

Nils Gruschka, Luigi Lo Iacono


Watermarking and Multimedia Security

Watermark Detection for Video Bookmarking Using Mobile Phone Camera.

Peter Meerwald, Andreas Uhl


Watermark-Based Authentication and Key Exchange in Teleconferencing Systems.

Ulrich Rührmair, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Martin Steinebach, Sascha Zmudzinski


Efficient Format-Compliant Encryption of Regular Languages: Block-Based Cycle-Walking.

Thomas Stütz, Andreas Uhl


Analysis and Detection of Malicious Code and Risk Management

Statistical Detection of Malicious PE-Executables for Fast Offline Analysis.

Ronny Merkel, Tobias Hoppe, Christian Krätzer, Jana Dittmann


A Frame of Reference for Research of Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

Nicolas Racz, Edgar Weippl, Andreas Seufert


Business and IT Continuity Benchmarking.

Wolfgang Neudorfer, Louis Marinos, Ingrid Schaumüller-Bichl


VoIP Security

Peer-to-Peer VoIP Communications Using Anonymisation Overlay Networks.

Ge Zhang, Simone Fischer-Hübner


SIP Proxies: New Reflectors in the Internet.

Ge Zhang, Jordi Jaen Pallares, Yacine Rebahi, Simone Fischer-Hübner


Analysis of Token and Ticket Based Mechanisms for Current VoIP Security Issues and Enhancement Proposal.

Patrick Battistello, Cyril Delétré



Entropy of Graphical Passwords: Towards an Information-Theoretic Analysis of Face-Recognition Based Authentication.

Stefan Rass, David Schuller, Christian Kollmitzer


Handwriting Biometric Hash Attack: A Genetic Algorithm with User Interaction for Raw Data Reconstruction.

Karl Kümmel, Claus Vielhauer, Tobias Scheidat, Dirk Franke, Jana Dittmann


Privacy Preserving Key Generation for Iris Biometrics.

Christian Rathgeb, Andreas Uhl


Applied Cryptography

Generalizations and Extensions of Redactable Signatures with Applications to Electronic Healthcare.

Daniel Slamanig, Stefan Rass


Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Certificateless Proxy Re-Encryption.

Chul Sur, Chae Duk Jung, Youngho Park, Kyung Hyune Rhee


Detecting Hidden Encrypted Volumes.

Christopher Hargreaves, Howard Chivers


Secure Communications

Tor HTTP Usage and Information Leakage.

Markus Huber, Martin Mulazzani, Edgar Weippl


Secure Communication Using Identity Based Encryption.

Sebastian Roschke, Luan Ibraimi, Feng Cheng 0002, Christoph Meinel


Anonymous Client Authentication for Transport Layer Security.

Kurt Dietrich