IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

7. CARDIS 2006: Tarragona, Spain

Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications, 7th IFIP WG 8.8/11.2 International Conference, CARDIS 2006, Tarragona, Spain, April 19-21, 2006, Proceedings

Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Joachim Posegga, Daniel Schreckling

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3928, ISBN: 3-540-33311-8


Smart Card Applications

Design, Installation and Execution of a Security Agent for Mobile Stations.

William G. Sirett, John A. MacDonald, Keith Mayes, Constantinos Markantonakis


Towards a Secure and Practical Multifunctional Smart Card.

Idir Bakdi


Implementing Cryptography on TFT Technology for Secure Display Applications.

Petros Oikonomakos, Jacques J. A. Fournier, Simon W. Moore


A Smart Card-Based Mental Poker System.

Jordi Castellà-Roca, Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Francesc Sebé


A Smart Card Solution for Access Control and Trust Management for Nomadic Users.

Daniel Díaz Sánchez, Andrés Marín López, Florina Almenárez Mendoza


Smart Cards and Residential Gateways: Improving OSGi Services with Java Cards.

Juan Jesús Sánchez Sánchez, Daniel Díaz Sánchez, José Alberto Vigo Segura, Natividad Martínez Madrid, Ralf Seepold


Zero Footprint Secure Internet Authentication Using Network Smart Card.

Asad M. Ali


An Optimistic NBAC-Based Fair Exchange Method for Arbitrary Items.

Masayuki Terada, Kensaku Mori, Sadayuki Hongo


Side Channel Attacks

Generic Cryptanalysis of Combined Countermeasures with Randomized BSD Representations.

Tae Hyun Kim 0003, Dong-Guk Han, Katsuyuki Okeya, Jongin Lim


Amplifying Side-Channel Attacks with Techniques from Block Cipher Cryptanalysis.

Raphael C.-W. Phan, Sung-Ming Yen


Power Analysis to ECC Using Differential Power Between Multiplication and Squaring.

Toru Akishita, Tsuyoshi Takagi


Smart Card Networking

Designing Smartcards for Emerging Wireless Networks.

Pascal Urien, Mesmin Dandjinou


Smartcard Firewalls Revisited.

Henrich Christopher Pöhls, Joachim Posegga


Multi-stage Packet Filtering in Network Smart Cards.

HongQian Karen Lu


Cryptographic Protocols

Anonymous Authentication with Optional Shared Anonymity Revocation and Linkability.

Martin Schaffer, Peter Schartner


SEA: A Scalable Encryption Algorithm for Small Embedded Applications.

François-Xavier Standaert, Gilles Piret, Neil Gershenfeld, Jean-Jacques Quisquater


Low-Cost Cryptography for Privacy in RFID Systems.

Benoît Calmels, Sébastien Canard, Marc Girault, Hervé Sibert


Optimal Use of Montgomery Multiplication on Smart Cards.

Arnaud Boscher, Robert Naciri


Off-Line Group Signatures with Smart Cards.

Jean-Bernard Fischer, Emmanuel Prouff


RFID Security

Analysis of Power Constraints for Cryptographic Algorithms in Mid-Cost RFID Tags.

Tobias Lohmann, Matthias Schneider, Christoph Ruland


Noisy Tags: A Pretty Good Key Exchange Protocol for RFID Tags.

Claude Castelluccia, Gildas Avoine


MARP: Mobile Agent for RFID Privacy Protection.

Soo-Cheol Kim, Sang-Soo Yeo, Sung Kwon Kim


Formal Methods

Certifying Native Java API by Formal Refinement.

Quang Huy Nguyen 0002, Boutheina Chetali


A Low-Footprint Java-to-Native Compilation Scheme Using Formal Methods.

Alexandre Courbot, Mariela Pavlova, Gilles Grimaud, Jean-Jacques Vandewalle


Automatic Test Generation on a (U)SIM Smart Card.

Céline Bigot, Alain Faivre, Christophe Gaston, Julien Simon