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CD-ARES 2013: Regensburg, Germany

Availability, Reliability, and Security in Information Systems and HCI - IFIP WG 8.4, 8.9, TC 5 International Cross-Domain Conference, CD-ARES 2013, Regensburg, Germany, September 2-6, 2013. Proceedings

Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Christian Kittl, Dimitris E. Simos, Edgar Weippl, Lida Xu

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8127, ISBN: 978-3-642-40510-5


Cross-Domain Conference and Workshop on Multidisciplinary Research and Practice for Information Systems (CD-ARES 2013)

Sensor Data Meets Social Networks Reflecting on Benefits in the Case of a Patient Room.

Fabienne Kuhn, Andreas Spichiger, Reinhard Riedl


Older Users' Wish List for Technology Attributes - A Comparison of Household and Medical Technologies.

Simon Himmel, Martina Ziefle, Chantal Lidynia, Andreas Holzinger


Evaluating the Energy Efficiency of OLTP Operations - A Case Study on PostgreSQL.

Raik Niemann, Nikolaos Korfiatis, Roberto Zicari, Richard Göbel


Chaining Data and Visualization Web Services for Decision Making in Information Systems.

Ahmet Sayar, Marlon E. Pierce


A Fully Reversible Data Transform Technique Enhancing Data Compression of SMILES Data.

Shagufta Scanlon, Mick J. Ridley


Personalized Web Search Using Emotional Features.

Jianwei Zhang 0002, Katsutoshi Minami, Yukiko Kawai, Yuhki Shiraishi, Tadahiko Kumamoto


MetaExtractor: A System for Metadata Extraction from Structured Data Sources.

Alexandra Pomares Quimbaya, Miguel Eduardo Torres Moreno, Fabián Roldán


Proxy Service for Multi-tenant Database Access.

Haitham Yaish, Madhu Goyal, George Feuerlicht


Extracting Correlated Patterns on Multicore Architectures.

Alain Casali, Christian Ernst


Index Data Structure for Fast Subset and Superset Queries.

Iztok Savnik


Opinion Mining in Conversational Content within Web Discussions and Commentaries.

Kristína Machova, Lukás Marhefka


Diagnosis of Higher-Order Discrete-Event Systems.

Gianfranco Lamperti, Xiangfu Zhao


Combining Goal-Oriented and Problem-Oriented Requirements Engineering Methods.

Kristian Beckers, Stephan Faßbender, Maritta Heisel, Federica Paci


GPRS Security for Smart Meters.

Martin Gilje Jaatun, Inger Anne Tøndel, Geir M. Køien


Cloud-Based Privacy Aware Preference Aggregation Service.

Sourya Joyee De, Asim K. Pal


A Method for Re-using Existing ITIL Processes for Creating an ISO 27001 ISMS Process Applied to a High Availability Video Conferencing Cloud Scenario.

Kristian Beckers, Stefan Hofbauer, Gerald Quirchmayr, Christopher C. Wills


Towards Improved Understanding and Holistic Management of the Cyber Security Challenges in Power Transmission Systems.

Inger Anne Tøndel, Bodil Aamnes Mostue, Martin Gilje Jaatun, Gerd H. Kjølle


Seeking Risks: Towards a Quantitative Risk Perception Measure.

Åsmund Ahlmann Nyre, Martin Gilje Jaatun


A Framework for Combining Problem Frames and Goal Models to Support Context Analysis during Requirements Engineering.

Nazila Gol Mohammadi, Azadeh Alebrahim, Thorsten Weyer, Maritta Heisel, Klaus Pohl


Towards a Pervasive Access Control within Video Surveillance Systems.

Dana Al Kukhun, Dana Codreanu, Ana-Maria Manzat, Florence Sedes


Analyzing Travel Patterns for Scheduling in a Dynamic Environment.

Sonia Khetarpaul, S. K. Gupta, L. Venkata Subramaniam


Human-Computer Interaction and Knowledge Discovery (HCI-KDD): What Is the Benefit of Bringing Those Two Fields to Work Together?

Andreas Holzinger


Making Sense of Open Data Statistics with Information from Wikipedia.

Daniel Hienert, Dennis Wegener, Siegfried Schomisch


Active Learning Enhanced Document Annotation for Sentiment Analysis.

Peter Koncz, Jan Paralic


On Graph Entropy Measures for Knowledge Discovery from Publication Network Data.

Andreas Holzinger, Bernhard Ofner, Christof Stocker, André Calero Valdez, Anne Kathrin Schaar, Martina Ziefle, Matthias Dehmer


Visualization Support for Multi-criteria Decision Making in Geographic Information Retrieval.

Chandan Kumar, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll


Immersive Interactive Information Mining with Application to Earth Observation Data Retrieval.

Mohammadreza Babaee, Gerhard Rigoll, Mihai Datcu


Transfer Learning for Content-Based Recommender Systems Using Tree Matching.

Naseem Biadsy, Lior Rokach, Armin Shmilovici


Mobile Movie Recommendations with Linked Data.

Vito Claudio Ostuni, Giosia Gentile, Tommaso Di Noia, Roberto Mirizzi, Davide Romito, Eugenio Di Sciascio


ChEA2: Gene-Set Libraries from ChIP-X Experiments to Decode the Transcription Regulome.

Yan Kou, Edward Y. Chen, Neil R. Clark, Qiaonan Duan, Christopher M. Tan, Avi Ma'ayan


On the Prediction of Clusters for Adverse Reactions and Allergies on Antibiotics for Children to Improve Biomedical Decision Making.

Pinar Yildirim, Ljiljana Majnaric, Ilyas Ozgur Ekmekci, Andreas Holzinger


A Study on the Influence of Semantics on the Analysis of Micro-blog Tags in the Medical Domain.

Carlos Vicient, Antonio Moreno


Graphic-Based Concept Retrieval.

Massimo Ferri


On Interactive Data Visualization of Physiological Low-Cost-Sensor Data with Focus on Mental Stress.

Andreas Holzinger, Manuel Bruschi, Wolfgang Eder


Marking Menus for Eyes-Free Interaction Using Smart Phones and Tablets.

Jens Bauer, Achim Ebert, Oliver Kreylos, Bernd Hamann


On Visual Analytics and Evaluation in Cell Physiology: A Case Study.

Fleur Jeanquartier, Andreas Holzinger