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Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2017
Regina Bernhaupt, Girish Dalvi, Anirudha Joshi, Devanuj K. Balkrishan, Jacki O'Neill, Marco Winckler
Front Matter

Adaptive Design and Mobile Applications

A Minimalist Approach for Identifying Affective States for Mobile Interaction Design
Subrata Tikadar, Sharath Kazipeta, Chandrakanth Ganji, Samit Bhattacharya
Automatic Generation of User Interface Layouts for Alternative Screen Orientations
Clemens Zeidler, Gerald Weber, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Christof Lutteroth
Defining Gestural Interactions for Large Vertical Touch Displays
Robin Andersson, Jonas Berglund, Aykut Coşkun, Morten Fjeld, Mohammad Obaid
MyCarMobile: A Travel Assistance Emergency Mobile App for Deaf People
Tânia Rocha, Hugo Paredes, Diogo Soares, Benjamim Fonseca, João Barroso
Touch Shadow Interaction and Continuous Directional User Interface for Smartphone
Sanjay Ghosh, Joy Bose, Rajkumar Darbar, Punyashlok Dash

Aging and Disabilities

Age-Related Effects of Task Difficulty on the Semantic Relevance of Query Reformulations
Saraschandra Karanam, Herre Oostendorp
Could People with Stereo-Deficiencies Have a Rich 3D Experience Using HMDs?
Sonia Cárdenas-Delgado, M.-Carmen Juan, Magdalena Méndez-López, Elena Pérez-Hernández
How Older People Who Have Never Used Touchscreen Technology Interact with a Tablet
Roberto Menghi, Silvia Ceccacci, Francesca Gullà, Lorenzo Cavalieri, Michele Germani, Roberta Bevilacqua
MeViTa: Interactive Visualizations to Help Older Adults with Their Medication Intake Using a Camera-Projector System
Robin Croon, Bruno Cardoso, Joris Klerkx, Vero Abeele, Katrien Verbert

Assistive Technology for Blind Users

Blind FLM: An Enhanced Keystroke-Level Model for Visually Impaired Smartphone Interaction
Shiroq Al-Megren, Wejdan Altamimi, Hend Al-Khalifa
Comparing Two Approaches of Tactile Zooming on a Large Pin-Matrix Device
Denise Prescher, Gerhard Weber
Improve the Accessibility of Tactile Charts
Christin Engel, Gerhard Weber
Investigations on Laterotactile Braille Reading
Anupama Thomas, Elizabeth Rufus
Performance of Accessible Gesture-Based Indic Keyboard
Pabba Anu Bharath, Charudatta Jadhav, Shashank Ahire, Manjiri Joshi, Rini Ahirwar, Anirudha Joshi

Audience Engagement

Designing Collaborative Co-Located Interaction for an Artistic Installation
Oussama Mubarak, Pierre Cubaud, David Bihanic, Samuel Bianchini,
Designing Interactive Technologies for Interpretive Exhibitions: Enabling Teen Participation Through User-Driven Innovation
Vanessa Cesário, Sónia Matos, Marko Radeta, Valentina Nisi
Haunting Space, Social Interaction in a Large-Scale Media Environment
Jan Schacher, Daniel Bisig
In-the-moment and Beyond: Combining Post-hoc and Real-Time Data for the Study of Audience Perception of Electronic Music Performance
S. Astrid Bin, Fabio Morreale, Nick Bryan-Kinns, Andrew Mcpherson
Piano Staircase: Exploring Movement-Based Meaning Making in Interacting with Ambient Media
Liang Tan, Kenny Chow

Co-design Studies

A Co-design Study of Digital Service Ideas in the Bus Context
Elina Hildén, Jarno Ojala, Kaisa Väänänen
Designing for Financial Literacy: Co-design with Children in Rural Sri Lanka
Thilina Halloluwa, Dhaval Vyas, Hakim Usoof, Pradeepa Bandara, Margot Brereton, Priyantha Hewagamage
Everyday Creative Uses of Smartphone Images in Biomedical Engineering Laboratories
Dhaval Vyas, Hinal Vyas, Maria Woodruff
Towards Participatory Prototyping with Older Adults with and Without Cognitive Impairment: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Luã Muriana, Heiko Hornung
Using Critical Incidents in Workshops to Inform eHealth Design
Christiane Grünloh, Jean Hallewell Haslwanter, Bridget Kane, Eunji Lee, Thomas Lind, Jonas Moll, Hanife Rexhepi, Isabella Scandurra

Cultural Differences and Communication Technology

A Confucian Look at Internet Censorship in China
Yubo Kou, Bryan Semaan, Bonnie Nardi
A Cross-Cultural Noticeboard for a Remote Community: Design, Deployment, and Evaluation
Alessandro Soro, Margot Brereton, Jennyfer Taylor, Anita Lee Hong, Paul Roe
Culturally Informed Notions of Mobile Context Awareness - Lessons Learned from User-Centred Exploration of Concepts of Context and Context Awareness
Xiangang Qin, Chee-Wee Tan, Mads Bødker, Wei Sun, Torkil Clemmensen
How Do You Want Your Chatbot? An Exploratory Wizard-of-Oz Study with Young, Urban Indians
Indrani Medhi Thies, Nandita Menon, Sneha Magapu, Manisha Subramony, Jacki O’neill

Design Rationale and Camera-Control

Capturing Design Decision Rationale with Decision Cards
Marisela Gutierrez Lopez, Gustavo Rovelo, Mieke Haesen, Kris Luyten, Karin Coninx
Coping with Design Complexity: A Conceptual Framework for Design Alternatives and Variants
Judy Bowen, Anke Dittmar
Identifying the Interplay of Design Artifacts and Decisions in Practice: A Case Study
Judy Bowen, Anke Dittmar
On the Effects of Progressive Reduction as Adaptation Strategy for a Camera-Based Cinematographic User Interface
Axel Hoesl, Mujo Alic, Andreas Butz
You’ve Got the Moves, We’ve Got the Motion – Understanding and Designing for Cinematographic Camera Motion Control
Axel Hoesl, Partrick Mörwald, Philipp Burgdorf, Elisabeth Dreßler, Andreas Butz



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