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Table of Contents
Open Source Systems
Davide Taibi, Valentina Lenarduzzi, Terhi Kilamo, Stefano Zacchiroli
Front Matter
Comparing Static Analysis and Code Smells as Defect Predictors: An Empirical Study
Luigi Lavazza, Sandro Morasca, Davide Tosi
Enabling OSS Usage Through Procurement Projects: How Can Lock-in Effects Be Avoided?
Björn Lundell, Jonas Gamalielsson, Simon Butler, Christoffer Brax, Tomas Persson, Anders Mattsson, Tomas Gustavsson, Jonas Feist, Jonas Öberg
Finding Code-Clone Snippets in Large Source-Code Collection by ccgrep
Katsuro Inoue, Yuya Miyamoto, Daniel German, Takashi Ishio
OSS Scripting System for Game Development in Rust
Pablo Silva, Rodrigo Campos, Carla Rocha
Open Source Communities and Forks: A Rereading in the Light of Albert Hirschman's Writings
Robert Viseur, Amel Charleux
Software Change Prediction with Homogeneous Ensemble Learners on Large Scale Open-Source Systems
Megha Khanna, Srishti Priya, Diksha Mehra


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