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Information and Communication Technologies for Development. Strengthening Southern-Driven Cooperation as a Catalyst for ICT4D
Petter Nielsen, Honest Kimaro
Front Matter

Communities, ICT-Enabled Networks, and Development

The Ins and Outs of Participation in a Weather Information System
Bidisha Chaudhuri, Linus Kendall
eHealth in Zimbabwe, a Case of Techno-Social Development
Trymore Chawurura, Ronald Manhibi, Janneke Dijk, Gertjan Stam
ICT Use in the Context of Electricity Access in a Developing Country: A Choice Framework Analysis
Arlene Bailey, Aldrie Henry-Lee, Yhanore Johnson-Coke, Richard Leach, Anthony Clayton, Matt Gee, Oliver Browne
An Inquiry into IT Governance in Healthcare Organizations in Uganda
Michael Kizito
Exploring an Impact Sourcing Initiative for a Community of People with Disabilities: A Capability Analysis
Karsten Eskelund, Richard Heeks, Brian Nicholson
System Use and User Satisfaction in the Adoption of Electronic Medical Records Systems: A Case of DHIS2 Tracker Implementation in Tanzania
Immaculate Ayebazibwe, Honest Kimaro, Jens Kaasbøll
Contemporary Challenges in Street Trader-Customer Interaction Through Mobile Devices in Dodoma, Tanzania
Joel Rumanyika, Matti Tedre, Mikko Apiola, Solomon Oyelere, Nasibu Mramba
Value Co-creation in Design of mHealth Applications for Maternal Healthcare Service Delivery
Hawa Nyende
A Framework for Understanding the Empowerment Effects of Telecentres on Rural Communities in Developing Countries
Sellina Kapondera, Roberta Bernadi, Niki Panteli
Leveraging Digital Health Platforms in Developing Countries: The Role of Boundary Resources
Brown Msiska, Petter Nielsen, Jens Kaasboll
ICT Enabled Peace Network: Case Study of Conflict Early Warning System in Kenya
Arunima Mukherjee, Festus Mukoya
E-Commerce Institutionalisation in Mozambique: Enablers and Barriers
Fernanda Matsinhe, Salah Kabanda
The Influence of Telecentres on the Economic Empowerment of the Youth in Disadvantaged Communities of South Africa
Samkelo Booi, Wallace Chigona, Priscilla Maliwichi, Khaya Kunene
Peer Networking and Capacity Building for Child Protection Professionals – Lessons from “ChildHub”
Sendrine Constant, Balwant Godara, Thierry Agagliate, Nihaalini Kumar, Amara Amara
Investigating the Implementation of ICT Tool to Electoral Process in Nigeria
Aishatu Shuaibu, Salihu Dasuki, Muhammadou Kah

Digital Platforms for Development

A Multi-level Perspective on Digital Platform Implementation and Impact: The Case of EasyTaxi in Colombia
Juan Gomez-Morantes, Richard Heeks, Richard Duncombe
Exploring Tensions of Global Public Good Platforms for Development: The Case of DHIS2
Brian Nicholson, Petter Nielsen, Johan Saebo, Sundeep Sahay
Software Platforms for Inclusive Innovation
Terje Sanner, Petter Nielsen
The Role of Digital Platforms in Disrupting Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries
Bookie Ezeomah, Richard Duncombe
Sharing Economy Digital Platforms and Social Inclusion/Exclusion: A Research Study of Uber and Careem in Pakistan
Fareesa Malik, Zujaja Wahaj
Strategies for Standardizing Health Information Analysis
Olav Poppe, Johan Sæbø, Jørn Braa
An Institutional Perspective on the Adoption of Open Dashboard for Health Information Systems in Tanzania
Wilfred Senyoni, Honest Kimaro, Jørn Braa, Claud Kumalija
Tracing the Impact of the City of Cape Town’s Open Data Initiative on Communities and Development
Mbongeni Hlabano, Jean-Paul Belle
Exploring Hybridity in Digital Social Entrepreneurship
Silvia Masiero, M. Ravishankar
What Motivates ICT4D Champions?
Jaco Renken
Digital Platforms in the Global South: Foundations and Research Agenda
Kari Koskinen, Carla Bonina, Ben Eaton
Scaling Across Functional Domains: A Case of Implementing an Electronic HIV Patient Information System in Sierra Leone
Eric Adu-Gyamfi, Petter Nielsen, Johan Sæbø, Zeferino Saugene
Mobile Phone Use for Empowerment and Well-Being of the Physically Challenged in Nigeria
Abdulrashid Iliya, Chidi Ononiwu, Muhammadou Kah, Ago Quaye
Agile Software Development Practices in Egypt SMEs: A Grounded Theory Investigation
Amr Mohallel, Julian Bass
Experiences from a Development Project in Kenya – Baselines for Future Climate Information Systems
Jaakko Helminen, Balozi Kirongo, Silvia Gaiani, Ezra Misaki, Mikko Apiola, Erkki Sutinen
How South African University Information Systems Students Are Using Social Media
Yazeed Seedat, Sumarie Roodt, Samwel Mwapwele
Convergence of Technical and Policy Processes: A Study of Indonesia’s Health Information Systems
Taufiq Sitompul, Wilfred Senyoni, Jørn Braa, - Yudianto
IT and Government Corruption in Developing Countries: A Literature Review and Reframing
Atta Addo
The Contributions of WhatsApp to Social Inclusion: A Case of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria
Salihu Dasuki, Naima Abubakar
Ride Hailing Regulations in Cali, Colombia: Towards Autonomous and Decent Work
Katherine Reilly, Luis Lozano-Paredes
Ex-Ante Analysis of Adoption of Introduced Chicken Strains Among Smallholder Farmers in Selected Areas of Tanzania
Rogers Andrew, Jeremia Makindara, Said Mbaga, Roselyne Alphonce
Assessing User-Designed Dashboards: A Case for Developing Data Visualization Competency
Aprisa Chrysantina, Johan Sæbø
Is Inclusive Digital Innovation Inclusive? An Investigation of M-Shwari in Kenya
Wenxiu (vince) Nan, M. Markus
Sinking Under Its Own Weight: Case of Aadhaar Mediated Entitlements in India
Arunima Mukherjee, Sundeep Sahay
Design Science Research Strengthened: Integrating Co-creation and Co-design
Calkin Suero Montero, Alsen Kapinga
Institutional Shaping of Affordances: Implications on Information Use in Global Humanitarian Organizations
Marta Vila-Pozo, Sundeep Sahay
Towards Holistic Mobile Climate Services for Farmers in Tambuu, Tanzania
Ville Myllynpää, Ezra Misaki, Mikko Apiola, Jaakko Helminen, Moammar Dayoub, Tomi Westerlund, Erkki Sutinen
Anti-corruption Efforts in National ICT Policies
Cecilia Strand, Mathias Hatakka
Integrating Electronic Medical Records Data into National Health Reporting System to Enhance Health Data Reporting and Use at the Facility Level
Bigten Kikoba, Ellen Kalinga, Juma Lungo
Recommendations for M-Government Implementation in Developing Countries: Lessons Learned from the Practitioners
Tupokigwe Isagah, Maria Wimmer
Co-creating an ICT Artefact with Elderly Rural Women in Mafarafara: A Social Structuration Account
Ronel Smith, Marita Turpin, Marlien Herselman
A Critical Analysis of the Implementation of Health Information Systems for Public Healthcare Service Delivery in Resource-Constrained Environments: A South African Study
Mourine Achieng, Ephias Ruhode
Acceptability and Use of Mobile Health Applications in Health Information Systems: A Case of eIDSR and DHIS2 Touch Mobile Applications in Tanzania
Jimmy Mbelwa, Honest Kimaro, Bernard Mussa
The Experience of Chamwino Small-Scale Farmers on the Use of Smartphone in Farming Business, Tanzania
Ezra Misaki
Exploring the Effect of Mobile Apps on SMEs in Nigeria: A Critical Realist Study
Adedamola Tolani, Adebowale Owoseni, Hossana Twinomurinzi
Evaluating mHealth Apps Using Affordances: Case of CommCare Versus DHIS2 Tracker
Amrit Chhetri, Mari Iversen, Jens Kaasbøll, Chipo Kanjo
Investigating the Efficiency of ICT Infrastructure Utilization: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
‘yinka Oyerinde, Felix Bankole

ICT for Displaced Population and Refugees. How It Helps? How It Hurts

Mobile Technology for Record Keeping by Women Entrepreneurs in Tanzania: User Requirement Assessment
William Gomera, Jarkko Suhonen, Solomon Oyelere, Alsen Kapinga
Reimagining Refugee Identity Systems: A Sociological Approach
Shirin Madon, Emrys Schoemaker
‘When Will You Start Teaching the REAL Curriculum?’
Azmina Karim, Faheem Hussain
Refugees and ICTs: Identifying the Key Trends and Gaps in Peer-Reviewed Scholarship
Suzana Brown, Faheem Hussain, Ali Masoumifar

Local Technical Papers

Rate Adaptive Congestion Control Using Lookup Table Scheme to Enhance Quality of Experience
Jane Lissah, Mercy Mbise
Enhancing Faults Monitoring in Secondary Electrical Distribution Network
Yona Andegelile, Godfrey Chugulu, Ally Bitebo, Hadija Mbembati, Herald Kundaeli
Handover Management in Femtocell LTE Networks Under Fast Varying Channels
Catherine Protas, Kwame Ibwe
Trends and Opportunities for Traffic Engineering Paradigms Across Mobile Cellular Network Generations
Khadija Mkocha, Mussa Kissaka, Omar Hamad
Exploring the Impacts of Intrinsic Variables on Security Compliance Efficiency Using DEA and MARS
Charlette Donalds, Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson, Sergey Samoilenko
A Critical Review of Edge and Fog Computing for Smart Grid Applications
Gilbert Gilbert, Shililiandumi Naiman, Honest Kimaro, Burchard Bagile
Information Security Culture Assessment of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Tanzania
Zainab Ruhwanya, Jacques Ophoff


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