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The 7th IFIP TC 5, WG 5.14 International Conference on Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture, CCTA 2013, held in Beijing, China, in September 2013. The papers cover a wide range of interesting theories and applications of information technology in agriculture, including Internet of things and cloud computing; simulation models and decision-support systems for agricultural production; smart sensor, monitoring, and control technology; traceability and e-commerce technology; computer vision, computer graphics, and virtual reality; the application of information and communication technology in agriculture; and universal information service technology and service systems development in rural areas.

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Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture VII (Part II)
Daoliang Li, Yingyi Chen (Eds.)
Front Matter
Maize Seed Embryo and Position Inspection Based on Image Processing
Yingbiao Wang, Liming Xu, Xueguan Zhao, Xingjie Hou
Greenhouse Irrigation Optimization Decision Support System
Dongmei Zhang, Ping Guo, Xiao Liu, Jinliang Chen, Chong Jiang
Study on Pear Diseases Query System Based on Ontology and SWRL
Qian Sun, Yong Liang
Applications and Implementation of Decomposition Storage Model (DSM) in Paas of Agricultural
Shuwen Jiang, Tian’en Chen, Jing Dong, Cong Wang
Estimation of Pig Weight by Machine Vision: A Review
Zhuo Li, Cheng Luo, Guanghui Teng, Tonghai Liu
Agricultural Field Environment High-Quality Image Remote Acquisition
Fu Junqian, Xiao Deqin, Deng Xiaohui
Study on Consultative Agricultural Knowledge Service System
Wang Xiguang
Stochastic Simulation and Application of Monthly Rainfall and Evaporation
Nana Han, Yang-Ren Wang
Elimination Method Study of Ambiguous Words in Chinese Automatic Indexing
Wang Dan, Yang Xiaorong, Zhang Jie
Analysis and Evaluation of Soil Fertility Status Based on Weighted K-means Clustering Algorithm
Guifen Chen, Lixia Cai, Hang Chen, Liying Cao, Chunan Li
Effect of Website Quality Factors on the Success of Agricultural Products B2C E-commerce
Ping Yu, Dongmei Zhao
Importance of Information Systems in the Evaluation and Research of Nutrition and Health of Key Groups in China’s Rural Areas
Liqun Guo, Bo Peng, Zhenxiang Huang
The Classification of Pavement Crack Image Based on Beamlet Algorithm
Aiguo Ouyang, Qin Dong, Yaping Wang, Yande Liu
Research on the Construction and Implementation of Soil Fertility Knowledge Based on Ontology
Li Ma, Helong Yu, Guifen Chen, Liying Cao, Yue Wang
Virtual Prototype Design of Double Disc Mower Drive Bracket Based on ANSYS Workbench
Ning Zhang, Manquan Zhao, Yanhua Shi, Yueqin Liu
Research on 3G Terminal-Based Agricultural Information Service
Nengfu Xie, Xuefu Zhang
Study on Semantic Heterogeneity Elimination of Agricultural Product Price Information in Multi-source Network
Jing Zhang, Guo-Min Zhou, Jian Wang, Jie Zhang, Fangli Xie
Study on the Application of Information Technologies on Suitability Evaluation Analysis in Agriculture
Ying Yu, Leigang Shi, Heju Huai, Cunjun Li
Research of the Early Warning Analysis of Crop Diseases and Insect Pests
Dengwei Wang, Tian’en Chen, Jing Dong
Study on the Way of Production, Life and Thinking of Farmers in Mobile Internet Era
Yang Yong, Wang Wensheng, Guo Leifeng, Sun Zhiguo, Li Xiufeng
Studies on Domestic and Overseas in Research Progress of Agricultural Information Technologies
Ying Yu, Cunjun Li, Leigang Shi, Heju Huai, Xiangyang Qin
Research and Design of Peanut Diseases Diagnosis and Prevention Expert System
Kun Zhang, Benjing Zhu, Fengzhen Liu, Yongshan Wan
Filling Holes in Triangular Meshes of Plant Organs
Zhihui Sun, Xinyu Guo, Shenglian Lu, Weiliang Wen, Youjia Chen
Semantic-Based Reasoning for Vegetable Supply Chain Knowledge Retrieval
Xinyu Liu, Lifen Hou, Yonghao Wang
Spectral Characteristics of Tobacco Cultivars with Different Nitrogen Efficiency and Its Relationship with Nitrogen Use
Taibo Liang, Jianwei Wang, Yanling Zhang, Jiaqin Xi, Hanping Zhou, Baolin Wang, Qisheng Yin
Research on Agricultural Products Cold-Chain Logistics of Mobile Services Application
Congcong Chen, Tian’en Chen, Chi Zhang, Guozhen Xie
The WSN Real-Time Monitoring System for Agricultural Products Cold-Chain Logistics
Chen Liu, Ruirui Zhang, Tian’en Chen, Tongchuan Yi
The Construction of Agricultural Products Traceability System Based on the Internet of Things—The Cases of Pollution-Free Vegetables in Leping of Jiangxi Province
Fang Yang
Key Technologies and Alogrithms’ Application in Agricultural Food Supply Chain Tracking System in E-commerce
Lijuan Huang, Pan Liu
Evaluation of EPIC Model of Soil NO3-N in Irrigated and Wheat-Maize Rotation Field on the Loess Plateau of China
Xuechun Wang, Shishun Tao, Jun Li, Yongjun Chen
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Characteristics Computation of Corn Ears Based on Machine Vision
Jianjun Du, Xinyu Guo, Chuanyu Wang, Sheng Wu, Boxiang Xiao
Application of RMAN Backup Technology in the Agricultural Products Wholesale Market System
Ping Yu, Nan Zhou
Effects of Water and Nutrition on Photoassimilates Partitioning Coefficient Variation
Jianhua Jin, Yang-Ren Wang
Effect of Water and Nitrogen Stresses on Correlation among Winter Wheat Organs
Zhou Xin-Yang, Wang Yang-Ren
Application of a Logical Reasoning Approach Based Petri Net in Agriculture Expert System
Xia Geng, Yong Liang, Qiulan Wu
Fermentation Condition Optimization for Endophytic Fungus BS002 Isolated from Sophora Flavescens by Response Surface Methodology
Na Yu, Lu He
Daily Sales Forecasting for Grapes by Support Vector Machine
Qian Wen, Weisong Mu, Li Sun, Su Hua, Zhijian Zhou
Research on Text Mining Based on Domain Ontology
Jiang Li-Hua, Xie Neng-Fu, Zhang Hong-Bin
Accuracy Loss Analysis in the Process of Cultivated Land Quality Data Gridding
Lingling Sang, Dehai Zhu, Chao Zhang, Wenju Yun
Research and Application of Variable Rate Fertilizer Applicator System Based on a DC Motor
Honglei Jia, Xianzhen Feng, Jiangtao Qi, Xinhui Liu, Chunxi Liu, Yongxi Yang, Yang Li
Brief Probe into the Key Factors that Influence Beijing Agricultural Drought Vulnerability
Lingmiao Huang, Peiling Yang, Shumei Ren
Chinese Web Content Extraction Based on Naïve Bayes Model
Wang Jinbo, Wang Lianzhi, Gao Wanlin, Yu Jian, Cui Yuntao
Research on the Vegetable Trade Current Situation and Its Trade Competitiveness in China
Shasha Li
A Fault Data Capture Method for Water Quality Monitoring Equipment Based on Structural Pattern Recognition
Hao Yang, Daoliang Li, Yong Liang
The Analysis of County Science and Technology Worker Internet Usage and Its Influence Factors
Chen Huiping, Tian Zhihong, Wang Yubin, Han Xue
A Smart Multi-parameter Sensor with Online Monitoring for the Aquaculture in China
Fa Peng, Jinxing Wang, Shuangxi Liu, Daoliang Li, Dan Xu, Yang Wang
An Intelligent Ammonia Sensor for Livestock Breeding Monitoring
Yang Wang, Zetian Fu, Lingxian Zhang, Xinxing Li, Dan Xu, Lihua Zeng, Juncheng Ma, Fa Peng
Research on the Knowledge Based Parameterized CAD System of Wheat and Rice Combine Chassis
Xingzhen Xu, Shuangxi Liu, Weishi Cao, Peng Fa, Xianxi Liu, Jinxing Wang
An Intelligent Search Engine for Agricultural Disease Prescription
Weijian Ni, Mei Liu, Qingtian Zeng, Tong Liu
Design of Animal Myocardial Contractile Force Detection System Based on Tissue Engineering
Guiqing Xi, Ke Han, Ming Zhao, Caojun Huang, Feng Tan
Analysis of Airflow Field of Toss Device of Yellow Corn Forage Harvester
Yan Huang, Manquan Zhao, Hantao Liu
A GPRS-Based Low Energy Consumption Remote Terminal Unit for Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring
Dan Xu, Daoliang Li, Biaoqing Fei, Yang Wang, Fa Peng
The Model for the Agricultural Informationalization Benefit Analysis
Lifeng Shen, Xiaoqing Yuan, Daoliang Li
Strategic Optimal Path and Developmental Environment on Photovoltaic Industry in China Based on an AHP-SWOT Hybrid Model
Yiding Zhang, Songyi Dian
Design of the Unmanned Area Fetching Trolley
Xuelun Hu, Licai Zhang, Yaoguang Wei, Yingyi Chen
Intelligent Ammonia-Nitrogen Sensor Which Based on Ammonia Electrode
Fan Zhang, Yaoguang Wei, Yingyi Chen, Chunhong Liu
Dissolved Oxygen Prediction Model Which Based on Fuzzy Neural Network
Liu Yalin, Wei Yaoguang, Chen Yingyi
Flexible Embedded Telemetry System for Agriculture and Aquaculture
André Weiskopf, Frank Weichert, Norbert Fränzel, Manuel Schneider


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