IFIP Digital Library

Transition for dl.ifip.org

The URL dl.ifip.org is in transition. IFIP has implemented a new digital library, managed by Inria.
The previous digital library, implemented and managed through the generosity of IFIP TC6, that served as the IFIP digital library during implementation of the new digital library has a new URL.

The new URL for the digital library managed by IFIP TC6 has changed to https://opendl.ifip-tc6.org.
You can access the TC6 library directly using this URL.
Previous URLs into the TC6 DL will work directly as before.

For instructions on how to include papers from TC6 conferences in this library, please refer to the ones presented at https://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/about.html

You can access the new IFIP digital library managed by Inria by clicking here.

The URL dl.ifip.org will go directly to the new IFIP digital library managed by Inria after a transition period.
Saved URLs directly into the IFIP digital library will access directly without going through this page.