IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

9. WWIC 2011: Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain

Wired/Wireless Internet Communications - 9th IFIP TC 6 International Conference, WWIC 2011, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain, June 15-17, 2011. Proceedings

Xavier Masip-Bruin, Dominique Verchère, Vassilis Tsaoussidis, Marcelo Yannuzzi

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6649, ISBN: 978-3-642-21559-9


Mobility and LTE Networks

TRAWL - A Traffic Route Adapted Weighted Learning Algorithm.

Enda Fallon, Liam Murphy, John Murphy, Chi Ma


Adaptive Packet Scheduling for the Support of QoS over DVB-S2 Satellite Systems.

Elizabeth Rendon-Morales, Jorge Mata-Díaz, Juanjo Alins, Jose L. Muñoz, Oscar Esparza


Presence-Based Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Publish/Subscribe Paradigm.

Ernesto García Davis, Anna Calveras Augé


Dynamic Spectrum Trade and Game-Theory Based Network Selection in LTE Virtualization Using Uniform Auctioning.

Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Yasir Zaki


Combining MBSFN and PTM Transmission Schemes for Resource Efficiency in LTE Networks.

Antonios G. Alexiou, Konstantinos Asimakis, Christos Bouras, Vasileios Kokkinos, Andreas Papazois


A Comparative Study of Network Mobility Paradigms.

Pedro Vale Pinheiro, Shivam Jain, Fernando Boavida


Performance and Simulation Analysis

Comparison of Wireless Network Simulators with Multihop Wireless Network Testbed in Corridor Environment.

Rabiullah Khattak, Anna Chaltseva, Laurynas Riliskis, Ulf Bodin, Evgeny Osipov


UEF: Ubiquity Evaluation Framework.

Bruno Sousa, Kostas Pentikousis, Marilia Curado


Traffic Engineering Approaches Using Multicriteria Optimization Techniques.

Pedro Nuno Miranda de Sousa, Paulo Cortez, Miguel Rio, Miguel Rocha


Storage-Enabled Access Points for Improved Mobile Performance: An Evaluation Study.

Efthymios Koutsogiannis, Lefteris Mamatas, Ioannis Psaras


A Model to Improve the Accuracy of WSN Simulations.

Óscar Gama, Paulo Carvalho, Paulo Mateus Mendes


Adaptive Approaches to Guarantee E2E Network Services

Terminal-Side QoE Estimations for Cross-Layer Network Control - Towards a User-Centric Approach to Network Management.

Martín Varela, Jukka-Pekka Laulajainen


First Step in Cross-Layers Measurement in Wireless Networks How to Adapt to Resource Constraints for Optimizing End-to-End Services?

Philippe Owezarski, Rasha Ghassan Hasan, Guillaume Kremer, Pascal Berthou


A Quality of Experience Based Approach for Wireless Mesh Networks.

Anderson Nunes Paiva Morais, Ana R. Cavalli


Knowledge Base for an Autonomic Transport Layer.

Ernesto Exposito, Christophe Chassot, Michel Diaz


Traffic Monitoring for Assuring Quality of Advanced Services in Future Internet.

A. Cuadra, Felipe Mata, José Luis García-Dorado, Javier Aracil, Jorge E. López de Vergara, Francisco Cortés, Pablo Beltrán Pellicer, E. de Mingo, A. Ferreiro


End-to-End Adaptive Framework for Multimedia Information Retrieval.

Maria Sokhn, Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou Khaled, Ahmed Serhrouchni


Energy Efficiency and Cooperation in Wireless Networks

Optimizing the Delivery Chain in Heterogenous Networks.

Xavier Sanchez-Loro, Josep Paradells, Jordi Casademont, José Lluis Ferrer


Energy-Efficient Internetworking with DTN.

Dimitris Vardalis, Vassilis Tsaoussidis


DESC: Distributed Energy Efficient Scheme to Cluster Wireless Sensor Networks.

Peyman Neamatollahi, Hoda Taheri, Mahmoud Naghibzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Yaghmaee


Analysis of Client Relay Network with Opportunistic Cooperation.

Sergey D. Andreev, Olga Galinina, Alexandra Lokhanova, Yevgeni Koucheryavy


Energy Efficiency and Cooperation in Wireless Networks

Enhanced OFDM Distributed Antenna Systems through Power Redistribution.

Wei-Peng Chen, Chenxi Zhu, Takao Naito


NeuroCast: Adaptive Multi-source P2P Video Streaming Application for Wireless Networks.

Carlos Gañán, Juan Caubet, Sergi Rene, Jorge Mata-Díaz, Juan J. Alins-Delgado, Oscar Esparza


Scheduler-Dependent Inter-cell Interference and Its Impact on LTE Uplink Performance at Flow Level.

Desislava C. Dimitrova, Geert J. Heijenk, J. L. van den Berg, S. Yankov


Quality through Routing, Naming and Control

Transport over Heterogeneous Networks Using the RINA Architecture.

Eleni Trouva, Eduard Grasa, John Day, Ibrahim Matta, Lubomir T. Chitkushev, Steve Bunch, Miguel Ponce de Leon, Patrick Phelan, Xavier Hesselbach-Serra


An Adaptive Resource Control Mechanism in Multi-hop Ad-Hoc Networks.

Yimeng Yang, Geert J. Heijenk, Boudewijn R. Haverkort


Utility-Based Analytical Model for Representing User QoE.

Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Jie Lu, Muhammad Amir Mehmood


An Approach to a Fault Tolerance LISP Architecture.

Anny Martínez, Wilson Ramírez, M. Germán, René Serral-Gracià, Eva Marín-Tordera, Marcelo Yannuzzi, Xavier Masip-Bruin


Quality of Experience Adaptation Controllers for Voice and Video in Wireless Networks.

David Rodrigues, Eduardo Cerqueira, Edmundo Monteiro


User to User QoE Routing System.

Hai Anh Tran, Abdelhamid Mellouk


Wireless Multi-hop Communications Challenges in the Future Internet

Link-Layer Based Anycast Routing for a Dynamic and Distributed Portal Selection in Wireless Mesh Networks.

A. Ariza-Quintana, Alicia Triviño-Cabrera, Eduardo Casilari


Using Buffer Space Advertisements to Avoid Congestion in Mobile Opportunistic DTNs.

Jani Lakkakorpi, Mikko Pitkänen, Jörg Ott


Urban-X: A Self-organizing Cognitive Wireless Mesh Network for Dense City Environments.

Wooseong Kim, Andreas J. Kassler, Marco Di Felice, Mario Gerla, Luciano Bononi


Always Best (dis-)Connected: Challenges to Interconnect Highly Heterogeneous Networks.

Daniel Rodríguez-Fernández, Isaías Martinez-Yelmo, Ellen Munthe-Kaas, Thomas Plagemann


Channel Assignment Based on the End-to-End Throughput in Multi-hop Wireless Networks.

Vasilios A. Siris, George Stamatakis, Elias Z. Tragos


HRAN - A Scalable Routing Protocol for Multihop Wireless Networks Using Bloom Filters.

João Trindade, Teresa Vazão


Emerging Contributions

Fairness and Satisfaction Model for DTN Applications Using Various Transportation Means.

Mohammed Al-Siyabi, Haitham S. Cruickshank, Zhili Sun, Godwin Ansa


Fuzzy Redundancy Adaptation and Joint Source - Network Coding for VANET Video Streaming.

Alberto J. Gonzalez, Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor, Ramon Piney, Andre Rios, Jesus Alcober, Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar


Queue-Management Architecture for Delay Tolerant Networking.

Sotirios-Angelos Lenas, Stylianos Dimitriou, Fani Tsapeli, Vassilis Tsaoussidis


Cognitive Radio Access Optimization Using Multi-parameter Match Ability Estimation.

Kunqi Guo, Lixin Sun, Xiaoqun Zhao, Shilou Jia


Preemptive Performance Monitoring of a Large Network of Wi-Fi Hotspots: An Artificial Immune System.

Pheeha Machaka, Antoine B. Bagula