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9. HCC 2010: Brisbane, Australia

What Kind of Information Society? Governance, Virtuality, Surveillance, Sustainability, Resilience - 9th IFIP TC 9 International Conference, HCC9 2010 and 1st IFIP TC 11 International Conference, CIP 2010, Held as Part of WCC 2010, Brisbane, Australia, September 20-23, 2010. Proceedings

Jacques Berleur, Magda David Hercheui, Lorenz M. Hilty

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 328, ISBN: 978-3-642-15478-2


Human Choice and Computers International Conference (HCC9)

What Kind of Information Society? Introduction to the HCC9 Conference Proceedings.

Jacques Berleur, Magda David Hercheui, Lorenz M. Hilty


Ethics and ICT Governance

Ethics and ICT Governance.

Jacques Berleur, Diane Whitehouse, Philippe Goujon, Catherine Flick


The Demographic Factors Affecting University Students' Intention to Pirate Software.

Linda Spark


ICT Governance versus Community Empowerment: Grassroots Evidence from Bangladesh.

Mizanur Rahman


Exploring Digital Divide in the Maldives.

Mohamed Shareef, Adegboyega K. Ojo, Tomasz Janowski


Balancing Public and Private Interests in ICT Standardisation: The Case of AVS in China.

Junbin Su, Vladislav V. Fomin


The European VCD System: Facilitating Public Procurement through Criteria-to-Evidence Mapping.

Ansgar Mondorf, Maria Wimmer


Money Laundering and FATF Compliance by the International Community.

Ali Alkaabi, George M. Mohay, Adrian McCullagh, Nicholas Chantler


Ethical Governance for Emerging ICT: Opening Cognitive Framing and Achieving Reflexivity.

Philippe Goujon, Catherine Flick


Virtual Technologies and Social Shaping

Virtual Technologies and Social Shaping.

David Kreps


Making a Good (Virtual) First Impression: The Use of Visuals in Online Impression Management and Creating Identity Performances.

Erika Pearson


Virtuality Improves the Well Being of Seniors through Increasing Social Interaction.

Oliver K. Burmeister


The Tragedy of the Virtual Commons as Manifested in the Death of Blogs.

John Lenarcic, Pradipta Sarkar


How to Measure Public Opinion in the Networked Age: Working in a Googleocracy or a Googlearchy?

Sean J. Westwood


A Multidiscipline Approach to Governing Virtual Property Theft in Virtual Worlds.

Nicholas Charles Patterson, Michael Hobbs


Surveillance and Privacy

Surveillance and Privacy.

Yola Georgiadou, Simone Fischer-Hübner


Trends of Privacy and Surveillance in the Information Society - Extended Abstract.

Klaus Brunnstein


Civil Society Must Publish Standards Documents.

Roger Clarke


Citizen Surveillance of the State: A Mirror for eGovernment?

Jeroen Verplanke, Javier Martinez, Gianluca Miscione, Yola Georgiadou, David Coleman, Abdishakur Awil Hassan


Privacy Enhanced Fraud Resistant Road Pricing.

Jaap-Henk Hoepman, George B. Huitema


Privacy in Distributed Commercial Applications.

Nicolai Kuntze, Carsten Rudolph


ICT and Sustainable Development

ICT and Sustainable Development.

Lorenz M. Hilty, Magda David Hercheui


ICT and the Environment in Developing Countries: A Review of Opportunities and Developments.

John W. Houghton


A Model and Selected Instances of Green and Sustainable Software.

Markus Dick, Stefan Naumann, Norbert Kuhn


Managing Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Processes - Implementing Energy Performance in Production Information Technology Systems.

Katharina Bunse, Matthias Vodicka


A Reference Process to Design Information Systems for Sustainable Design Based on LCA, PSS, Social and Economic Aspects.

Fabiana Soares Santana, Claudio Barberato, Antonio Mauro Saraiva


IT Support for Sustainable Development in Organizations.

Andreas Möller, Arno Rolf


Utilising the Internet to Improve Peasant Artisan Incomes: Evidence from Mexico.

John Dobson, Richard Duncombe, Brian Nicholson


Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Conference (CIP 2010)

Society - Totally Dependent Upon ICT? Introduction to the CIP-2010 Conference Proceedings.

William J. Caelli


C-SAW: Critical Information Infrastructure Protection through Simplification.

Ian Ellefsen, Sebastiaan H. von Solms


On Planning of FTTH Access Networks with and without Redundancy.

Tahir M. Riaz, Gustav H. Haraldsson, Jose G. Lopaz, Jens Myrup Pedersen, Ole Brun Madsen


A Distributed Denial of Service Testbed.

Desmond Schmidt, Suriadi Suriadi, Alan Tickle, Andrew J. Clark, George M. Mohay, Ejaz Ahmed, James Mackie


Discrete Event Simulation of QoS of a SCADA System Interconnecting a Power Grid and a Telco Network.

Ester Ciancamerla, Chiara Foglietta, Davide Lefevre, Michele Minichino, Leonid Lev, Yosi Shneck


Critical Infrastructure Protection Risk Modelling with Games Technology.

Martin Masek, Adrian Boeing, William Bailey


Wireless Sensor Networks for the Protection of an Electrical Energy Distribution Infrastructure.

António Grilo, Augusto Casaca, Mário Serafim Nunes, Carlos Fortunato


Risk Modelling the Transition of SCADA System to IPv6.

Suriadi Suriadi, Alan Tickle, Ejaz Ahmed, Jason Smith, Hasmukh Morarji