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7. HCC 2006: Maribor, Slovenia

Social Informatics: An Information Society for all? In Remembrance of Rob Kling - Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Human Choice and Computers (HCC7), IFIP TC 9, Maribor, Slovenia, September 21-23, 2006

Jacques Berleur, Markku I. Nurminen, John Impagliazzo

Springer, IFIP 223, ISBN: 978-0-387-37875-6


As we may remember.

Alice Robbin, Roberta Lamb, John Leslie King, Jacques Berleur


On Rob Kling: The Theoretical, the Methodological, and the Critical.

Alice Robbin, Ron Day


Socio-Technical Interaction Networks: A Discussion of the Strengths, Weaknesses and Future of Kling's STIN Model.

Eric T. Meyer


Social Informatics: Principles, Theory, and Practice.

Steve Sawyer, Michael Tyworth


Teaching Social Informatics for Engineering Students.

László Z. Karvalics, Lilla Juhász


Social Informatics: An Emerging Discipline?

Vasja Vehovar


Social Informatics in the Future?

Per Flensburg, Arianit Kurti


The Ethics of e-Medicine.

Göran Collste


Digital Child Pornography: Reflections on the Need for a Critical IS Research Agenda.

Marie Eneman


An Empirical Study on Implementing Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) in Schools.

Yu-Wei Lin, Enrico Zini


Ubiquity and Pervasivity: On the Technological Mediation of (Mobile) Everyday Life.

Giuseppina Pellegrino


Firm Information Transparency: Ethical Questions in the Information Age.

Antonino Vaccaro, Peter Madsen


Databases, Biological Information and Collective Action.

Tom Dedeurwaerdere


Internet-Based Commons of Intellectual Resources: An Exploration of their Variety.

Paul B. de Laat


Virtual Censorship: Controlling the Public Sphere.

Mathias Klang


Communicating Information Society Related RTD and Deployment Results in Support of EU Public Policies.

Vasilios Laopodis


Consumer Models in the Encounter between Supply and Demand of Electronic Administration.

Françoise Massit-Folléa, Cécile Méadel


Sustainability and the Information Society.

Christian Fuchs


The Production of Service in the Digital City: A Social Informatics Inquiry.

Elisabeth Davenport, Keith S. Horton


The Social Informatics of the Internet: An Ecology of Games.

William H. Dutton


Enhancing Human Choice by Information Technologies.

Tanja Urbancic, Olga Stepánková, Nada Lavrac


User's Knights in Shining Armour?

Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund


Models of Democracy and the Design of Slovenian Political Party Web Sites.

Simon Delakorda


ICT in Medicine and Health Care: Assessing Social, Ethical and Legal Issues.

Göran Collste, Penny Duquenoy, Carlisle George, Karin Hedström, Kai Kimppa, Emilio Mordini


Internet in the Street Project: Helping the Extremely Poor to Enter the Information Society.

Corinne Chevrot, Emmanuelle Comtat, Gwenaël Navarette, Bruno Oudet, Jean-Pierre Pinet


ICT and Free Open Source Software in Developing Countries.

Pia Krakowski


Knowledge, Work and Subject in Informational Capitalism.

Rudi Schmiede


Designing the Accountability of Enterprise Architectures.

Gian Marco Campagnolo, Gianni Jacucci


Creating a Framework to Recognize Context-Originated Factors in IS in Organizations.

Tuija Tiihonen, Mikko Korpela, Anja Mursu


Social Informatics - From Theory to Actions for the Good ICT Society.

Gunilla Bradley


On Similarities and Differences between Social Informatics and Information Systems.

Pertti Järvinen


Work Informatics - An Operationalisation of Social Informatics.

Markku I. Nurminen


Philosophical Inquiry into Social Informatics - Methods and Uses of Language.

Rocío Riueda Ortiz, Henrik Herlau, Leif Bloch Rasmussen


Strategies for the Effective Integration of ICT into Social Organization - Organization of Information Processing and the Necessity of Social Informatics.

Klaus Fuchs-Kittowski


A User Centred Access Model.

Olof Nilsson


Computers and Internet Related Beliefs among Estonian Computer Users and Non-Users.

Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt


Understanding Socio-Technical Change: Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach.

Edouard J. Simon, Monique Janneck, Dorina Gumm


Priorities of Fair Globalization.

Leif Bloch Rasmussen, Viktoria Skarler