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17th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop
Luigi Paura, Sergio Palazzo
Front Matter

Session A: Smart Grid Applications

A Hybrid Energy Harvesting Framework for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks Based Smart Grid Applications
Huseyin Ugur Yildiz, Vehbi Cagri Gungor, Bulent Tavli
Load Balancing and Performance Optimization in wM-Bus Smart Meter Networks
Andrea Pimpinella, Alessandro E. C. Redondi, Matteo Cesana

Session B: Novel base station concepts

Self-Organizing Flying Drones with Massive MIMO Networking
Zhangyu Guan, Nan Cen, Tommaso Melodia, Scott Pudlewski
Adaptive densification of mobile networks: exploring correlations in vehicular and telecom traffic
Foroogh Mohammadnia, Marco Fiore, Marco Ajmone Marsan
Joint Path and Radio Resource Management for UAVs Supporting Mobile Radio Networks
Silvia Mignardi, Roberto Dei

Session C: Channels

Performance Study of LTE and mmWave in Vehicle-to-Network Communications
Marco Giordani, Andrea Zanella, Takamasa Higuchi, Onur Altintas, Michele Zorzi
Empirical Analysis and Modeling of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Advertisement Channels
Ali Nikoukar, Mansour Abboud, Borna Samadi, Mesut Güne¸sgüne¸s, Behnam Dezfouli
Pairing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC Addresses Through Passive Packet Capture
Edoardo Longo, Alessandro Redondi, Matteo Cesana

Session D: Access techniques

Towards Traffic-oriented Spreading Factor allocations in LoRaWAN systems
Francesca Cuomo, Julio César, Carrasquel Gámez, Antonio Maurizio, Laura Scipione, Manuel Campo, Alberto Caponi, Giuseppe Bianchi, Giampaolo Rossini, Patrizio Pisani


Dynamic Access Class Barring Parameter Tuning in LTE-A Networks with Massive M2M Traffic
Luis Tello-Oquendo, José-Ramón Vidal, Vicent Pla, Luis Guijarro


Initial Access Frameworks for 3GPP NR at mmWave Frequencies
Marco Giordani, Michele Polese, Arnab Roy, Douglas Castor, Michele Zorzi


Session E: Networks

Border Effects on Connectivity for Randomly Oriented Directional Antenna Networks
Amitabha Bagchi, Federico Corò, Cristina Pinotti, Vlady Ravelomanana


Confirmed Traffic in LoRaWAN: Pitfalls and Countermeasures
Martina Capuzzo, Davide Magrin, Andrea Zanella


A Hybrid Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks
Roberto Petroccia, João Alves


Session F: Service provision

Just-In-Time Proactive Caching For DASH Video Streaming
Rita Coutinho, Federico Chiariotti, Daniel Zucchetto, Andrea Zanella


SDN-Based Architecture for Providing Reliable Internet of Things Connectivity in 5G Systems
Luis Tello-Oquendo, Ian Akyildiz, Shih-Chun Lin, Vicent Pla


Enhanced 5G V2X Services using Sidelink Device-to-Device Communications
Nestor Bonjorn, Fotis Foukalas, Paul Pop




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