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Electronic Participation
Maria A.Wimmer, Efthimios Tambouris, Ann Macintosh (Eds.)
Front Matter

Research Directions

Mobile Participation: Exploring Mobile Tools in E-Participation
Maria Wimmer, Rüdiger Grimm, Nico Jahn, J. Hampe
Targeted Policy Making by Transforming Social Networks
Efthimios Tambouris
Crisis, Innovation and e-Participation: Towards a Framework for Comparative Research
Joachim Åström, Hille Hinsberg, Magnus Jonsson, Martin Karlsson
E-Participation among American Local Governments
Donald Norris, Christopher Reddick
Modeling the German Legal Latitude Principles
Stephan Neumann, Anna Kahlert, Maria Henning, Philipp Richter, Hugo Jonker, Melanie Volkamer

Social Media and E-Participation

Social Media Participation and Local Politics: A Case Study of the Enschede Council in the Netherlands
Robin Effing, Jos Hillegersberg, Theo Huibers
How, Why and with Whom Do Local Politicians Engage on Facebook?
Eirik Rustad, Øystein Sæbø
Let Us Talk to People, Not to Computers": Obstacles for Establishing Relationships and Trust in Social Workers’ Online Communities of Practice
Azi Lev-On, Odelia Adler
Analyzing the Centralised Use of Multiple Social Media by Government from Innovations Diffusion Theory Perspective
Enrico Ferro, Euripidis Loukis, Yannis Charalabidis, Michele Osella

Online Deliberation

Approaches to Assessing Public Concerns: Building Linked Data for Public Goals and Criteria Extracted from Textual Content
Shun Shiramatsu, Tadachika Ozono, Toramatsu Shintani
Online Political Debate: Motivating Factors and Impact on Political Engagement
Asbjørn Følstad, Marika Lüders
You Say "Yes", I Say “No”: Capturing and Measuring ‘Public Opinion’ through Citizens’ Conversation Online (on the Russian-Language LiveJornal Blogging Platform)
Yuri Misnikov
Experimenting LiquidFeedback for Online Deliberation in Civic Contexts
Fiorella Cindio, Stefano Stortone



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