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Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2021
Carmelo Ardito, Rosa Lanzilotti, Alessio Malizia, Helen Petrie, Antonio Piccinno, Giuseppe Desolda, Kori Inkpen
Front Matter

Interaction Techniques

Auditory-Centered Vocal Feedback System Using Solmization for Training Absolute Pitch Without GUI
Nozomu Yoshida, Kosaku Namikawa, Yusuke Koroyasu, Yoshiki Nagatani, Yoichi Ochiai
Dealing with Input Mode Confusion During Dual-Language Keyboard Use
Paraskevas Petsanas, Christos Sintoris, Nikolaos Avouris
Empirical Evaluation of Moving Target Selection in Virtual Reality Using Egocentric Metaphors
Yuan Chen, Junwei Sun, Qiang Xu, Edward Lank, Pourang Irani, Wei Li
HyperBrush: Exploring the Influence of Flexural Stiffness on the Performance and Preference for Bendable Stylus Interfaces
Alfrancis Guerrero, Thomas Pietrzak, Audrey Girouard
Leveraging CD Gain for Precise Barehand Video Timeline Browsing on Smart Displays
Futian Zhang, Sachi Mizobuchi, Wei Zhou, Taslim Arefin Khan, Wei Li, Edward Lank
Seasons: Exploring the Dynamic Thermochromic Smart Textile Applications for Intangible Cultural Heritage Revitalization
Qi Wang, Ying Ye, Martijn Ten Bhömer, Mengqi Jiang, Xiaohua Sun
Time-Penalty Impact on Effective Index of Difficulty and Throughputs in Pointing Tasks
Shota Yamanaka, Keisuke Yokota, Takanori Komatsu
Towards Multi-device Digital Self-control Tools
Alberto Monge Roffarello, Luigi de Russis
Typing on Midair Virtual Keyboards: Exploring Visual Designs and Interaction Styles
Jiban Adhikary, Keith Vertanen

Interaction with Conversational Agents

“Please Connect Me to a Specialist”: Scrutinising ‘Recipient Design’ in Interaction with an Artificial Conversational Agent
Iuliia Avgustis, Aleksandr Shirokov, Netta Iivari
An Interactive Paradigm for the End-User Development of Chatbots for Data Exploration
Ludovica Piro, Giuseppe Desolda, Maristella Matera, Rosa Lanzilotti, Sara Mosca, Emanuele Pucci
ReflectPal: Exploring Self-Reflection on Collaborative Activities Using Voice Assistants
Eleftherios Papachristos, Dorte P. Meldgaard, Iben R. Thomsen, Mikael B. Skov

Interaction with Mobile Devices

Exploring How a Digitized Program Can Support Parents to Improve Their Children’s Nutritional Habits
Diogo Branco, Ana C. Pires, Hugo Simão, Ana Gomes, Ana Pereira, Joana Sousa, Luísa Barros, Tiago Guerreiro
MAWA: A Browser Extension for Mobile Web Augmentation
Iñigo Aldalur, Alain Perez, Felix Larrinaga
NotificationManager: Personal Boundary Management on Mobile Devices
Tom Gross, Anna-Lena Mueller
The Role of Mobile and Virtual Reality Applications to Support Well-Being: An Expert View and Systematic App Review
Nadine Wagener, Tu Dinh Duong, Johannes Schöning, Yvonne Rogers, Jasmin Niess

Methods for User Studies

BRIDGE: Administering Small Anonymous Longitudinal HCI Studies with Snowball-Type Sampling
Frode Eika Sandnes
Detecting and Explaining Usability Issues of Consumer Electronic Products
Dario Benvenuti, Emanuele Buda, Francesca Fraioli, Andrea Marrella, Tiziana Catarci
Introducing Asynchronous Remote Usability Testing in Practice: An Action Research Project
Jonna Pedersen, Malene Sørensen, Jan Stage, Rune Thaarup Høegh
Investigating User Perceptions Towards Wearable Mobile Electromyography
Sarah Prange, Sven Mayer, Maria-Lena Bittl, Mariam Hassib, Florian Alt
Words, Worlds and Freedom – Insights from School Students in Indonesia and UK
Janet C. Read, Eunice Sari, I. Scott Scott Mackenzie, Josh Tedjasaputra

Personalization and Recommender Systems

Automated Adaptations for Improving the Accessibility of Public E-Services Based on Annotations
J. Eduardo Pérez, Sandra M. Espín-Tello, Aritz Sala, Myriam Arrue
Identifying Group-Specific Mental Models of Recommender Systems: A Novel Quantitative Approach
Johannes Kunkel, Thao Ngo, Jurgen Ziegler, Nicole Krämer
Should I add Recommendations to my Warning System? The RCRAFT Framework can Answer This and Other Questions about Supporting the Assessment of Automation Designs
Elodie Bouzekri, Célia Martinie, Phil Palanque, Katrina Atwood, Christine Gris

Social Networks and Social Media

Improving the Debate: Interface Elements that Enhance Civility and Relevance in Online News Comments
Emilie Bossens, Elias Storms, David Geerts
Quantifying the Effects of Age-Related Stereotypes on Online Social Conformity
Senuri Wijenayake, Jolan Hu, Vassilis Kostakos, Jorge Goncalves
Us Vs. Them – Understanding the Impact of Homophily in Political Discussions on Twitter
Danula Hettiachchi, Tanay Arora, Jorge Goncalves

Tangible Interaction

A Lens-Based Extension of Raycasting for Accurate Selection in Dense 3D Environments
Carole Plasson, Dominique Cunin, Yann Laurillau, Laurence Nigay
Designing a Tangible Device for Re-Framing Unproductivity
Judith Sirera, Eduardo Velloso
Designing for Inaccessible People and Places
Judy Bowen, Annika Hinze
Effect of Attention Saturating and Cognitive Load on Tactile Texture Recognition for Mobile Surface
Adnane Guettaf, Yosra Rekik, Laurent Grisoni
Endless Knob with Programmable Resistive Force Feedback
Yuri de Pra, Federico Fontana, Stefano Papetti
GrouPen: A Tangible User Interface to Support Remote Collaborative Learning
Yanhong Li, Yu Sun, Tianyang Lu, Thomas Weber, Heinrich Hußmann
TactCube: Designing Mobile Interactions with Ambient Intelligence
Pietro Battistoni, Marianna Di Gregorio, Marco Romano, Monica Sebillo, Giuliana Vitiello
The Hubs: Design Insights for Walking Meeting Technology
Ida Damen, Steven Vos, Carine Lallemand
Touch, See and Talk: Tangibles for Engaging Learners into Graph Algorithmic Thinking
Andrea Bonani, Andreas Bollin, Rosella Gennari

Usable Security

An Empirical Study of Picture Password Composition on Smartwatches
Marios Belk, Christos Fidas, Eleni Katsi, Argyris Constantinides, Andreas Pitsillides
Communicating Privacy: User Priorities for Privacy Requirements in Home Energy Applications
Lisa Diamond, Peter Fröhlich
Designing Parental Monitoring and Control Technology: A Systematic Review
Zainab Iftikhar, Qutaiba Haq, Osama Younus, Taha Sardar, Hammad Arif, Mobin Javed, Suleman Shahid
Integrating Dark Patterns into the 4Cs of Online Risk in the Context of Young People and Mobile Gaming Apps
Dan Fitton, Beth T. Bell, Janet C. Read
Passphrases Beat Thermal Attacks: Evaluating Text Input Characteristics Against Thermal Attacks on Laptops and Smartphones
Yasmeen Abdrabou, Reem Hatem, Yomna Abdelrahman, Amr Elmougy, Mohamed Khamis
Understanding Insider Attacks in Personalized Picture Password Schemes
Argyris Constantinides, Marios Belk, Christos Fidas, Andreas Pitsillides
Visuals Triumph in a Curious Case of Privacy Policy
Shree Nivas, C. J. Gokul, Vijayanand Banahatti, Sachin Lodha


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