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Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2019
David Lamas, Fernando Loizides, Lennart Nacke, Helen Petrie, Marco Winckler, Panayiotis Zaphiris
Front Matter


Discovering the Unfindable: The Tension Between Findability and Discoverability in a Bookshop Designed for Serendipity
Stephann Makri, Yi-Chun Chen, Dana Mckay, George Buchanan, Melissa Ocepek
Does the Pop-Out Make an Effect in the Product Selection of Signage Vending Machine?
Mitsuki Hosoya, Hiroaki Yamaura, Satoshi Nakamura, Makoto Nakamura, Eiji Takamatsu, Yujiro Kitaide
Exploring Spatial Menu Representation and Apartment-Based Categorization for Online Shopping
Marco Speicher, Nadja Rutsch, Antonio Krüger, Markus Löchtefeld
How to Improve the Interaction Design of NFC Payment Terminals?
Poornigha Santhana Kumar, Michael Bechinie, Manfred Tscheligi
Places for News: A Situated Study of Context in News Consumption
Yuval Cohen, Marios Constantinides, Paul Marshall

Education and HCI Curriculum I

Balance Talking and Doing! Using Google Design Sprint to Enhance an Intensive UCD Course
Marta Larusdottir, Virpi Roto, Jan Stage, Andrés Lucero, Ilja Šmorgun
Evaluating WELI: A Wrist-Worn Application to Assist Young Adults with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Inclusive Classes
Hui Zheng, Vivian Motti, Kudirat Giwa-Lawal, Anna Evmenova, Heidi Graff
How Do Typically Developing Children and Children with ASD Play a Tangible Game?
Amani Soysa, Abdullah Al Mahmud
StatPlayground: A Sandbox for Learning Practical Statistics
Krishna Subramanian, Jeanine Bonot, Radu Coanda, Jan Borchers
Training Non-designers in Co-design Methods Through an Active Assisted Living Interactive Workshop
Paula Silva, Ana Daniel

Education and HCI Curriculum II

Embodied Interaction in Language Learning: Enhancing Students’ Collaboration and Emotional Engagement
Panagiotis Kosmas, Panayiotis Zaphiris
Evaluation of a Massive Online Course Forum: Design Issues and Their Impact on Learners’ Support
Anastasios Ntourmas, Nikolaos Avouris, Sophia Daskalaki, Yannis Dimitriadis
Kahaniyan - Designing for Acquisition of Urdu as a Second Language
Saad Hassan, Aiza Hasib, Suleman Shahid, Sana Asif, Arsalan Khan
On Making, Tinkering, Coding and Play for Learning: A Review of Current Research
Stella Timotheou, Andri Ioannou
Rexy, A Configurable Application for Building Virtual Teaching Assistants
Luca Benedetto, Paolo Cremonesi
Two-Way Gaze Sharing in Remote Teaching
Oleg Špakov, Diederick Niehorster, Howell Istance, Kari-Jouko Räihä, Harri Siirtola

Eye-Gaze Interaction

Designing Interactions with Intention-Aware Gaze-Enabled Artificial Agents
Joshua Newn, Ronal Singh, Fraser Allison, Prashan Madumal, Eduardo Velloso, Frank Vetere
GazeLens: Guiding Attention to Improve Gaze Interpretation in Hub-Satellite Collaboration
Khanh-Duy Le, Ignacio Avellino, Cédric Fleury, Morten Fjeld, Andreas Kunz
Influences of Mixed Reality and Human Cognition on Picture Passwords: An Eye Tracking Study
Christos Fidas, Marios Belk, George Hadjidemetriou, Andreas Pitsillides
ScaffoMapping: Assisting Concept Mapping for Video Learners
Shan Zhang, Xiaojun Meng, Can Liu, Shengdong Zhao, Vibhor Sehgal, Morten Fjeld
Shared Gaze While Driving: How Drivers Can Be Supported by an LED-Visualization of the Front-Seat Passenger’s Gaze
Sandra Trösterer, Benedikt Streitwieser, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi
TEXTile: Eyes-Free Text Input on Smart Glasses Using Touch Enabled Textile on the Forearm
Ilyasse Belkacem, Isabelle Pecci, Benoît Martin, Anthony Faiola

Games and Gamification

“I Don’t Fit into a Single Type”: A Trait Model and Scale of Game Playing Preferences
Gustavo Tondello, Karina Arrambide, Giovanni Ribeiro, Andrew Cen, Lennart Nacke
Comparing the Applicability of Pressure as a Game Metric to Self-assessment and Physiological Metrics
Ea Ustrup, Mads Mathiesen, Joakim Poulsen, Jesper Christensen, Markus Löchtefeld
Fall-Prevention Exergames Using Balance Board Systems
Miguel Brito, Rui Nóbrega, João Jacob, Rui Rodrigues, António Coelho
Mobile Mapmaking: A Field Study of Gamification and Cartographic Editing
Manousos Kamilakis, Konstantinos Chorianopoulos
Play and Learn with an Intelligent Robot: Enhancing the Therapy of Hearing-Impaired Children
Andri Ioannou, Anna Andreva
Understanding the Digital and Non-digital Participation by the Gaming Youth
Iikka Pietilä, Jari Varsaluoma, Kaisa Väänänen

Human-Robot Interaction and 3D Interaction

DupRobo: Interactive Robotic Autocompletion of Physical Block-Based Repetitive Structure
Taizhou Chen, Yi-Shiun Wu, Kening Zhu
Esquisse: Using 3D Models Staging to Facilitate the Creation of Vector-based Trace Figures
Axel Antoine, Sylvain Malacria, Nicolai Marquardt, Géry Casiez
Examining the Effects of Height, Velocity and Emotional Representation of a Social Transport Robot and Human Factors in Human-Robot Collaboration
Jana Jost, Thomas Kirks, Stuart Chapman, Gerhard Rinkenauer
Towards Participatory Design of Social Robots
Aduén Darriba Frederiks, Johanna Octavia, Cesar Vandevelde, Jelle Saldien
User Needs in Smart Homes: Changing Needs According to Life Cycles and the Impact on Designing Smart Home Solutions
Olivia Ruyck, Peter Conradie, Lieven Marez, Jelle Saldien

Information Visualization

A Formative Study of Interactive Bias Metrics in Visual Analytics Using Anchoring Bias
Emily Wall, Leslie Blaha, Celeste Paul, Alex Endert
Benefits and Trade-Offs of Different Model Representations in Decision Support Systems for Non-expert Users
Francisco Gutiérrez, Xavier Ochoa, Karsten Seipp, Tom Broos, Katrien Verbert
Customizing Websites Through Automatic Web Search
Iñigo Aldalur, Alain Perez, Felix Larrinaga
Influence of Color and Size of Particles on Their Perceived Speed in Node-Link Diagrams
Hugo Romat, Dylan Lebout, Emmanuel Pietriga, Caroline Appert

Information Visualization and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Technology for Displaying Close-Proximity Sub-Surface Positions
Kasper Hald, Matthias Rehm, Thomas Moeslund
Bubble Margin: Motion Sickness Prevention While Reading on Smartphones in Vehicles
Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Sebastian Strumegger, Sandra Trösterer
CyclAir: A Bike Mounted Prototype for Real-Time Visualization of CO$_2$2 Levels While Cycling
Eike Schneiders, Mikael Skov
Dissecting Pie Charts
Harri Siirtola, Kari-Jouko Räihä, Howell Istance, Oleg Špakov
Same Same but Different: Exploring the Effects of the Stroop Color Word Test in Virtual Reality
Romina Poguntke, Markus Wirth, Stefan Gradl

Interaction Design for Culture and Development I

“Why Would You Buy from a Stranger?” Understanding Saudi Citizens’ Motivations and Challenges in Social Commerce
Aisha Alarfaj, Ellis Solaiman, Lindsay Marshall
Denouncing Sexual Violence: A Cross-Language and Cross-Cultural Analysis of #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc
Irene Lopez, Robin Quillivic, Hayley Evans, Rosa Arriaga
Dhana Labha: A Financial Management Application to Underbanked Communities in Rural Sri Lanka
Thilina Halloluwa, Dhaval Vyas
Fostering Interaction Between Locals and Visitors by Designing a Community-Based Tourism Platform on a Touristic Island
Mara Dionisio, Cláudia Silva, Valentina Nisi
Ustaad: A Mobile Platform for Teaching Illiterates
Syed Tirmizi, Yashfa Iftikhar, Sarah Ali, Ahmed Ehsan, Ali Ehsan, Suleman Shahid


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