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Table of Contents
Optical Network Design and Modeling
Anna Tzanakaki, Manos Varvarigos, Raul Muñoz, Reza Nejabati, Noboru Yoshikane, Markos Anastasopoulos, Johann Marquez-Barja
Front Matter

Regular Papers

Hybrid Backup Resource Optimization for VNF Placement Over Optical Transport Networks
João Pedro, António Eira
Software-Defined Reconfigurability, White Boxes, and Abstraction
Nicola Sambo, Alessio Giorgetti, Andrea Sgambelluri, Piero Castoldi, Luca Valcarenghi
Embedding Virtual Networks in Flexible Optical Networks with Sliceable Transponders
Juzi Zhao, Suresh Subramaniam
Virtualized Controller Placement for Multi-domain Optical Transport Networks
Sabidur Rahman, Tanjila Ahmed, Sifat Ferdousi, Partha Bhaumik, Pulak Chowdhury, Massimo Tornatore, Goutam Das, Biswanath Mukherjee
End-to-End Network Slicing in Support of Latency-Sensitive 5G Services
Rafael Montero, Fernando Agraz, Albert Pagès, Salvatore Spadaro
The Impact of the Optical Network on 5G – The Metro-Haul Project
Andrew Lord, Albert Rafel, Michael Parker, Adrian Farrel
Availability-Guaranteed Slice Provisioning in Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Networks Supporting Mobile Edge Computing
Ke Chen, Gangxiang Shen, Shuiping Jie, Boping Jiang, Sanjay Bose
DU/CU Placement for C-RAN over Optical Metro-Aggregation Networks
Hao Yu, Francesco Musumeci, Jiawei Zhang, Yuming Xiao, Massimo Tornatore, Yuefeng Ji
Adaptive Function Chaining for Efficient Design of 5G Xhaul
Bahare Khorsandi, Didier Colle, Wouter Tavernier, Carla Raffaelli
Dynamic Softwarised RAN Function Placement in Optical Data Centre Networks
Nikolaos Gkatzios, Markos Anastasopoulos, Anna Tzanakaki, Dimitra Simeonidou
Techno-Economic Aspects of 5G Transport Network Deployments
F. Setaki, K. Filis, A. Giglio, A. Percelsi, Anna Tzanakaki, I. Mesogiti, E. Theodoropoulou, George Lymperopoulos
RHODA Topology Configuration Using Bayesian Optimization
Maotong Xu, Min Tian, Eytan Modiano, Suresh Subramaniam
Dynamic Abstraction of Optical Networks with Machine Learning Technologies
Shuangyi Yan, Zhengguang Gao, Rui Wang, Alex Mavromatis, Reza Nejabati, Dimitra Simeonidou
Novel P-Cycle Selection Algorithms for Elastic Optical Networks
Rujia Zou, Suresh Subramaniam
How to Survive Targeted Fiber Cuts: A Game Theoretic Approach for Resilient SDON Control Plane Design
Jing Zhu, Marija Furdek, Carlos Natalino, Lena Wosinska, Zuqing Zhu
Joint Fronthaul Optimization and SDN Controller Placement in Dynamic 5G Networks
Victoria-Maria Alevizaki, Markos Anastasopoulos, Anna Tzanakaki, Dimitra Simeonidou
3-Stage Hierarchical Quality of Service for Multi-tenant Passive Optical Networks
Frank Slyne, Bruno Cornaglia, Marco Boselli, Marco Ruffini
Machine Learning Assisted Optical Network Resource Scheduling in Data Center Networks
Hongxiang Guo, Cen Wang, Yinan Tang, Yong Zhu, Jian Wu, Yong Zuo
Machine Learning Assisted Quality of Transmission Estimation and Planning with Reduced Margins
Konstantinos Christodoulopoulos, Ippokratis Sartzetakis, Polizois Soumplis, Emmanouel Varvarigos
Network Programmability and Automation in Optical Networks
Ricard Vilalta, Ramon Casellas, Ricardo Martínez, Raul Muñoz
Fragmentation Metrics in Spectrally-Spatially Flexible Optical Networks
Piotr Lechowicz, Massimo Tornatore, Adam Włodarczyk, Krzysztof Walkowiak
Intrinsically Resilient Optical Backbones: An Efficient Ring-Based Interconnection Paradigm
Marcia Paiva, Gilles Caporossi, Moises Ribeiro, Marcelo Segatto
Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Resource Orchestration in Multi-layer (Packet over Flexi-Grid Optical) Networks
Silvia Fichera, Barbara Martini, Ricardo Martínez, Ramon Casellas, Ricard Vilalta, Raul Muñoz, Piero Castoldi
Optics for Disaggregating Data Centers and Disintegrating Computing
Nikos Terzenidis, Miltiadis Moralis-Pegios, Stelios Pitris, Charoula Mitsolidou, George Mourgias-Alexandris, Apostolis Tsakyridis, Christos Vagionas, Konstantinos Vyrsokinos, Theoni Alexoudi, Nikos Pleros
Simplifying Optical DCN Fabrics with Blocking Space Switching and Wavelength-Constrained WDM
Konstantinos Kontodimas, Kostas Christodoulopoulos, Emmanouel Varvarigos
Dual-Layer Locality-Aware Optical Interconnection Architecture for Latency-Critical Resource Disaggregation Environments
Nikos Terzenidis, Miltiadis Moralis-Pegios, Theoni Alexoudi, Stelios Pitris, Konstantinos Vyrsokinos, Nikos Pleros
Network-Wide Localization of Optical-Layer Attacks
Marija Furdek, Vincent Chan, Carlos Natalino, Lena Wosinska
Analytical Modeling of Survivable Anycast Communication in Optical Networks
Yan Cui, Vinod Vokkarane
Network Coding for Security Against Eavesdropping Attacks in Elastic Optical Networks
Giannis Savva, Konstantinos Manousakis, Georgios Ellinas
Resilient Cloud-RANs Adopting Network Coding
Arash Beldachi, Markos Anastasopoulos, Alexandros Manolopoulos, Anna Tzanakaki, Reza Nejabati, Dimitra Simeondou
A Novel Carrier-Cooperation Scheme with an Incentive for Offering Emergency Lightpath Support in Disaster Recovery
Sugang Xu, Noboru Yoshikane, Naoki Miyata, Masaki Shiraiwa, Takehiro Tsuritani, Xiaocheng Zhang, Yoshinari Awaji, Naoya Wada
State-of-the-Art and Future of Submarine Cable System Technology
Hidenori Takahashi
Modeling Long-Haul Optical Networks with Quasi-single-mode Fibers
Ioannis Roudas, Xin Jiang, Luis Miranda
Crosstalk Mitigation in Long-Reach Multicore Fiber Communication Systems Using RKHS Based Nonlinear Equalization
Sandesh Jain, Anuj Agrawal, Vimal Bhatia, Shashi Prakash
Physical Layer Security in Optical Networks
Dimitris Syvridis, Evangelos Pikasis, Charidimos Chaintoutis
A Gated Service MAC Protocol for 5G Fiber-Wireless Cloud-Radio Access Networks
Agapi Mesodiakaki, Pavlos Maniotis, Georgios Kalfas, Christos Vagionas, John Vardakas, Elli Kartsakli, Angelos Antonopoulos, Eftychia Datsika, Christos Verikoukis, Nikos Pleros
12 Gb/s Multiband Fiber-Wireless Link Using Coherent IFoF and V-band mmWave Radio
Nikos Argyris, Giannis Giannoulis, Konstantina Kanta, Panagiotis Toumasis, Dimitrios Apostolopoulos, Hercules Avramopoulos
System Innovations in Inter Data Center Transport Networks
Loukas Paraschis, Harald Bock, Parthiban Kandappan, Bernd Sommerkorn-Krombholz, Joao Pedro, Abhinava Sadasivarao, Sharfuddin Syed, Jeff Rahn, Paul Doolan, Biao Lu
SDN Control of Disaggregated Optical Networks with OpenConfig and OpenROADM
Ramon Casellas, Ricard Vilalta, Ricardo Martínez, Raul Muñoz

Poster Papers

Self-learning Routing for Optical Networks
Yue-Cai Huang, Jie Zhang, Siyuan Yu
Deterministic Contention Management for Low Latency Cloud RAN over an Optical Ring
Dominique Barth, Maël Guiraud, Yann Strozecki
Resource Analysis and Cost Modeling for End-to-End 5G Mobile Networks
Hilary Frank, Rodrigo Tessinari, Yuqing Zhang, Zhengguang Gao, Carlos Meixner, Shuangyi Yan, Dimitra Simeonidou
Analog IFoF/mmWave 5G Optical Fronthaul Architecture for Hot-Spots Using Multi-channel OFDM-Based WDM Signals
Charoula Mitsolidou, Christos Vagionas, Agapi Mesodiakaki, Pavlos Maniotis, George Kalfas, Chris Roeloffzen, Paulus Dijk, Ruud Oldenbeuving, Amalia Miliou, Nikos Pleros
Hybrid and Optical Packet Switching Supporting Different Service Classes in Data Center Network
Artur Minakhmetov, Cédric Ware, Luigi Iannone
Reduction of Delay Overfulfillment in IP-over-DWDM Transport Networks
Uwe Bauknecht, Tobias Enderle, Arthur Witt
Design of a Real-Time DSP Engine on RF-SoC FPGA for 5G Networks
Vasileios Kitsakis, Konstantina Kanta, Ioannis Stratakos, Giannis Giannoulis, Dimitrios Apostolopoulos, George Lentaris, Hercules Avramopoulos, Dimitrios Soudris, Dionysios Reisis
Performance of Underwater Wireless Optical Link Under Weak Turbulence and Pointing Errors Using Heterodyne QAM Technique
Argyris Stassinakis, Hector Nistazakis, George Varotsos, George Tombras
MCF Skew Estimation at the Receiver for ARoF Antenna Beamforming
Thomas Nikas, Evangelos Pikasis, Sotiris Karabetsos, Dimitris Syvridis
Core Arrangement Based Spectrum-Efficient Path Selection in Core-Continuity Constrained SS-FONs
Anuj Agrawal, Vimal Bhatia, Shashi Prakash
Topology and Failure Modeling for Optical Network Resilience Analysis Against Earthquakes
Anuj Agrawal, Vimal Bhatia, Shashi Prakash
A Performance Analysis of Supervised Learning Classifiers for QoT Estimation in ROADM-Based Networks
Alan Díaz-Montiel, Marco Ruffini
Programmable Flex-E and X-Ethernet Networks for Traffic Isolation in Multi-tenant Environments
Kostas Katsalis, Rixin Li
Q-Learning Based Joint Allocation of Fronthaul and Radio Resources in Multiwavelength-Enabled C-RAN
Ahmed Mikaeil, Weisheng Hu
Advanced Interconnect Technologies
Christina Politi, Dimitris Alexandropoulos, Dimitra Simeonidou
Supporting Diverse Customers and Prioritized Traffic in Next-Generation Passive Optical Networks
Naureen Hoque, Byrav Ramamurthy


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