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The Practice of Enterprise Modeling
Jaap Gordijn, Wided Guédria, Henderik Proper
Front Matter


Evaluating the Impact of User Stories Quality on the Ability to Understand and Structure Requirements
Yves Wautelet, Dries Gielis, Stephan Poelmans, Samedi Heng
Requirements for Observing, Deciding, and Delivering Capability Change
Georgios Koutsopoulos, Martin Henkel, Janis Stirna
Towards Architecting a Knowledge Management System: Requirements for an ISO Compliant Framework
Dmitry Kudryavtsev, Dinara Sadykova

Modeling and Ontologies

The OntoREA© Accounting and Finance Model: Inclusion of Future Uncertainty
Walter Schwaiger, Aqif Nasufi, Natalia Kryvinska, Christian Fischer-Pauzenberger, Ömer Dural
A Role-Based Capability Modeling Approach for Adaptive Information Systems
Hendrik Schön, Jelena Zdravkovic, Janis Stirna, Susanne Strahringer
A Financial Reporting Ontology for Market, Exchange, and Enterprise Shared Information Systems
Ivars Blums, Hans Weigand

Reference Architectures and Patterns

Towards a Cross-Border Reference Architecture for the Once-Only Principle in Europe: An Enterprise Modelling Approach
Jaak Tepandi, Eric Grandry, Sander Fieten, Carmen Rotuna, Giovanni Sellitto, Dimitris Zeginis, Dirk Draheim, Gunnar Piho, Efthimios Tambouris, Konstantinos Tarabanis
Identifying HCI Patterns for the Support of Participatory Enterprise Modeling on Multi-touch Tables
Anne Gutschmidt, Valentina Sauer, Kurt Sandkuhl, Alexey Kashevnik
Assessing the Adoption Level of Agile Development Within Software Product Lines: The AgiPL-AM Model
Hassan Haidar, Manuel Kolp, Yves Wautelet

Methods for Architectures and Models

Developing a Structured Approach to Converging Business Process Management and Customer Experience Management Initiatives
Dino Pavlić, Maja Ćukušić
A Modeling Approach for Bioinformatics Workflows
Laiz Heckmann Barbalho de Figueroa, Rema Salman, Jennifer Horkoff, Soni Chauhan, Marcela Davila, Francisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto, Alexander Schliep
Process Algebra to Control Nondeterministic Behavior of Enterprise Smart IoT Systems with Probability
Junsup Song, Moonkun Lee

Enterprise Architecture for Security, Privacy and Compliance

Using an enterprise architecture model for GDPR compliance principles
Gaëlle Blanco-Lainé, Jean-Sébastien Sottet, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa
Challenges for Risk and Security Modelling in Enterprise Architecture
Gudmund Grov, Federico Mancini, Elsie Mestl
Cybersecurity Evaluation of Enterprise Architectures: The e-SENS Case
Tanja Pavleska, Helder Aranha, Massimiliano Masi, Eric Grandry, Giovanni Sellitto


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